Komi san wa komyushou desu

Was it autism?

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Ass burgers probably

Chapter 128 korean scan should drop soon. Still no translations for 126 and 127 though.




Nah that's the other manga.

What other manga?



The aspie one.

Is this some extra chapter? It doesn't have a chapter number which is a first.

mangadex com/chapter/33954/2

Crossover. It's already translated

Well this is embarrassing. The date was 25/2 so thought it was something new.


In which chapter does Tadano give the cat keychain to Komi?

What does Komi smell like?

Nervous sweat and vaginal mucus

Tadano's semen.

Not even once.

Maybe a little

I want a doujin where Najimi takes everyone's virgnity.

I am fairly certain it's one year old.

God, Inaka is incredibly cute

>short hair
>cute accent
>does cute things for her friends
I think I'm in love, lads.

You will never be as cool as Komi-dad


>komi visits castlevania

Korean chapter today, right?

Please, please someone scan the doujin.

No Komi must remain pure.

One day, lads. They'll use their first names with each other.

What the fuck they're still not on first name basis?

Because japs have some weird fixation about being embarassed calling each other by first names.

My heart can't take it.

Fucking koreans, give us the chapter already.

even normal people call each other with the surname, imagine someone with social anxiety


How can you guys like this autistic rapist?

Maybe we are rape victims with Stockholm syndrome.

> draw a boy
> call him a girl

This shouldn't be allowed.

that's clearly a girl (with a vagina)

he stated to be a boy

So I was re-reading the chapters and what the fuck were the translators doing here? Look at what's written on Komi's book

That was fixed, use a non shit page to read it.

Also, look at what Najimi tells Tadano here
She's gonna be the secret winner of the Tadanobowl

Reminder that chapter 125 was the best chapter and it wasn't even about Komi

Komi grows so fast

how is komi even going to compete with this?

Sad, but true.

it was about komi-san mom, that is just komi with short and personality
why wouldn't it be better?
it also was a sakamoto crossover

short hair komi is best komi

Get the fuck out. What the fuck is going on lately with all these tumblrfaggots posting their shitty images and artblogs on Sup Forums?

They get the images from fucking google you retard and just copy paste the link into the file box. How fucking new are you?

This amuses me so much when they get so mad by "tumblr" in filename. And that's probably true because I often take some images from google.

He's Sakamoto and Seki-kun in one character.


They use Sup Forums x. Lurk more

fuck me, i am like that country bumpkin in awe of starbuck and subway. Truth to be told, i only went subway twice and on the first time, i have to observe and learn how to order

I was in Subway once. All those MC,KFC and the rest is the same for me.

Ah, so you're one of thoses assholes.

Just ask for the italian bread and meatballs. Literally cannot lose.

Wait what? What are you talking about? I am not any asshole.

Do you think she has flicked the bean while thinking of Tadano?

A cute creature.

He/she is whichever gender is most convenient for him/her at the moment.

She will be good at handling kid

>ear blushing
ready for baby making with Tadano!

Is there no chapter this week? The Korean scans should have been out like 12h ago

There is, but for some reason only Amano and Evans chapters are up

Almost everything is delayed for some reason. Nanatsu usually appears on Saturday and they released it a few hours ago.

do tumblards think it's fun to ruin the original character to make them fat/black/ugly/or a different character altogether?

i think its supposed to be "sexy"

>translations usually drops on Friday
>still no translations
>new chapters usually drop on Sundays
>still no new chapters

Where I can see 127 and 128?

This image makes me want to hug and console her after she looses at her gatcha games

127: wasabisyrup.com/archives/5DJs25qVClk

128 should be out any hour now

Kaede is cute.

Komi komi

They need a signed paper reviewed then notorized to do so, and those take forever

Najimi is definitely a notary. You should check out her stamp.

Calm the fuck down, user.
Sometimes it takes longer to release the korean scans, even up to wednesday

>even the dudes are blushing
Truly based.

I am calm?

Wednesday is when raws come out. No one will give a fuck about gooks if they release so late.

Yesterday someone dumped a text translation for last week's chapter and the Korean scans for this week's chapters, though

>Korean scans for this week's chapters
Except they haven't come out yet.

>and the Korean scans for this week's chapters
It was form last week too.

Being this impatient.
Are your free subs not quick enough for you?

Are you telling me all those shitty murica fanworks where all chatacters are inhumanly fat, with vore fetish or just gyaru shit to extreme comes from there?

It's been years since I last seen someone shit on a filename for tumblr. I wonder what stopped it for a while, at least this hasn't changed from my years of posting.


Last week had two chapters. 126 and 127. Yesterday 127 was being dumped but that one came out last wednesday.

>It's been years since I last seen someone shit on a filename for tumblr
You don't spend much time on Sup Forums, do you?

I see it almost everyday... Be it tumblr or facebook someone always have to say shit.

>You don't spend much time on Sup Forums, do you?
Not as much as I used to.

Easily noticeable.

Truly, one cannot beat the cock

Does komi san have autism?