Pick one.

Both at full force.

I want both


I'll take right, looks less homo.

Right has literal fuckdolls, so no.

That one

Right, I want Carol to GENOCIDE AND GENOCIDE my dick.

Always right, I want to be her new papa.

Please be aware that Tomorrow is the best Symphogear song.

Right will genocide millions of my sperm

>Better voice
>Better body
>Better hair
>Better personality
>Better color scheme
>Better everything
>Can transform
>Is very smart

Carol's shitty backup body
>Meh voice
>Is lacking certain important functions
>Is always poorly dressed

I choose Yukine

Back up is good at things


Such as?

She can make coffee and do other useful things.

She would probably spill the coffee all over you.

One for what?

>took her forever to find a way to turn tomato juice green

New season when?

I will post this every thread until they dock.


Shut up Maria poster

Delete this

After the recap movie.


I pick beating up Chris.