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Why was S2 so inferior, lads? Was it because Yamada wasn't as involved? Or maybe it's fault of the source material for dropping the ball and centering in irrelevant secondary character drama?

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It was great, otherwise it wouldn't have been our objectively AOTY. Sup Forums is full of manchildren like you and quite can't understand human relationships, so you mediocre neckbeards end up calling it "forced drama".

>Some autistic girl literally about to vomit and have a panic attack just because she heard her friend play the flute
>Not forced drama

Too much het, Reina and Asuka become hyper bitches and their drama was shit too.

Kumiko is truly a goddess among us. I can't wait for the 2 Hibike movies coming out this year!

>Imagine being this fluff

S2 was better than S1.

I don't think S1 was all that good either, but it was definitely better than the melodramatic shitshow that was S2. They even have the nerve to try to make me sympathize with Asuka after she was a cunt during the whole fucking series, gimme a break.

>Imagine being this fluff and knowing it

this. even if we accept that you can have ptsd from seeing your best friend abandon your passion, developing a literal physiologic reaction to it is too much. there are other options in which you can portray the oboe-chan and flute-chan drama, especially given the fact it was a novel not a ln

The Mizore arc was bad but the Asuka arc made up for it. Plus more cute Kumiko is always good.

I didnt even watch s2

it was already obvious

wouldn't the neck just snap under the head's weight or does the fluff also have levitation benefits?

Because they dial down on the Kumiko x Reina pairing.

Asuka shit

She's a goddess, so she's not bound by the same limitations a mere mortal is.

It would've been better if the second season were longer. I wouldn't have really minded if KyoAni added some original scenes on their own to space things out - S2 basically turned into a "drama of the week" thing
>Oh boy, I wonder who is going to quarrel and set the band aback!
There are other ways of adding some character to your character, you know? I get that there is a domino effect which caused a lot of people to feel uneasy, but Jesus.

It's an octopus

the girl on the left have really weird hair..

S1 was good for the yuri and S2 dropped the yuri for the most part and made everyone realize it was yuribait all along.

If you liked the show for the music you were just a minority.

why are irc users so f*cking based


New character designs on official site

The skirts are too modest

These are great, I don't think I'll be able to go back to Ikeda's Eupho after this.

new character

I like what they did with Kumiko's fluff here. It looks a lot more natural.

i'm actually a fan of the longer skirts, now that i've seen all the characters

The girl on the right really resembles my daughter.

Longer, more modest skirts are the best and all anime should have them.

Cant wait to see my wife in this design

Who is your wife?


Nishiya's design is so much better than Ikeda's.

Holy shit that's goddamn perfect.

I don't know, I guess the source material was always shit but it specially showed in S2.

S1 hit all the high points this show could, like the band underdogs getting good, even the Hazuki ova. The new characters in S2 weren't interesting at all.

I'm really glad he recovered from how ugly the characters in Free were.

damn. shuichi is a lucky lad.

this is ... good

so plain and normal. like a side character.

Decent ladies wear long skirts

>Why was S2 so inferior, lads?
But it's not

How can a design that's already perfect still be improved?
Sasuga Nishiya

Asuka saved S2
Hopefully the Liz movie redeems the first arc

Absolute perfection. New PV when?

Delusion is a pretty sad thing.

S2 doesn't deliver on music either, literally nothing happens in it.

Asuka ruined the series as a whole, I really hated that bitch


Asuka, Kumiko, Taki and Reina were the only actual characters in the show.

>Was it because Yamada wasn't as involved?
If anything Ishihara showed who was the better director at Kyoani, since S2 was a lot better directed than S1. It is the script in the middle part that is subpar. And even then it wasn't that bad, it just felt worse when one watched it week to week since it didn't feel that significant overall.

what was her problem?

Agreed, fuck Asuka.

it made me so mad that all the girls in this show were 10/10s. that's not like a real school band at all.

What was better directed in S2?

For one thing Reina and Kumiko's relationship isn't as gay, since Yamada is such a closeted lesbian that she can't see the difference between adolesence, and sexual and romantic attraction.

Nothing. Ishithara basically ruined all the characters, especially Reina

>For one thing Reina and Kumiko's relationship isn't as gay
If anything the first episode of S2 and how it was directed pushed the yuribait the hardest with their date and hand holding while looking at the fireworks.

It was a lot less explicit and more easy to write of as friendship than S1 episode 11 were they have a litteral confession of love, and the mountain hike in episode 8, as well as small moments throughout the season. Since holding hands and looking at fireworks is a thing girls not in love could do and it only feels and looks gay because of the context of S1.

She's not my little wife yet.

There isn't enough of her staple food.

Good fucking God, I want the CΔLΔR CΔNE T-shirt.

>Kumiko becomes that girl who keeps accidentally running into other people's problems
>Reina becomes 100% comically obsessed with Taki-sensei
>The Brilliance of Mizore and Nozomi
>all that damaged characterization
S2 was Ishihara alright. I'll just pretend it wasn't canon.

So besides the perceived gayness, what's better directed in S2?



It's been over a year since I watched it and I didn't write down some sort of list of well directed scenes. I just found it more satisfactory.


I don't really undestand everyone hate Asuka so much. She's is kinda bitch, but thats only makes her more interesting and realistic.

It's not Asuka I hate, but how S2 made all these characters tell Kumiko their life stories and conflicts. I get that we need to know what Asuka is going through but having an episode of her sitting Kumiko down and telling her sob story is a bit on the nose for me. Kumiko was always a bystander kind of MC but S2 pushed that exponentially in my opinion. As much as I like Kumiko I feel her involvement made the way the side character arcs were told a bit sloppy.

She will be, Natsuki.

The Mizore arc honestly didn't need Kumiko at all, why couldn't we have side characters solve their own issues without Kumiko watching like a retard in the sidelines, like pic related?


Really great last scenes

>high school drama
>none of the girls are having sex and doing drugs or getting pregnant
You're not fooling anyone, Japan.

And they they dropped whole bait altogether, made Reina a craving dick bitch. And then it was suddenly Kimiko x Asuka, because whatever, need to start next arc.

S2 was good but the reason it was inferior to S1 is unironically that Reina and music drama were pushed aside in favor of Asuka and sister drama.

This stupid meme of S2 being bad needs to stop, and makes me think you only saw the first 3 episodes. Yes, the Mizore plotline was dumb drama but even that arc gave us that great moment of Yuko chewing her ass out, not noticing the great friendship that's beside her. Not only that but the culmination of Kumiko & Asuka's arcs were in the latter half of S2 which consisted out of excellent character development.