Made in Abyss

Anyone finds the similarities?

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They are both girls

the mangaka used to work in the gaming industry...

I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the information

It reminds me of your mother, go back to Sup Forums.

>only v browsers have played dark souls, one of the most popular games series to come from japan in recent years

what on earth are you fucking smoking

where is the above pic from?

ᶘ ◉ 人◉ᶅ

would be nice if the mangaka can explain who the fuck Rosaria is supossed to be

I want to do things to fapfap

On EP8.
I hope it gets good soon.

What game?

dark souls 3

9 is better and it's good from 10


Poor Mitty was slut in her human form and now she is slut again.

What that thing is sucking out of her btw? Inb4 fucking speedreader.

I think Belafu is simply sucking out her body mass as a form of sustenance, since mitty can regenerate her body she is a perpetual food source for the sage. Or at least was.

Looks neat. Have you played it?

>second guy
>third guy

he worked for Konami, game called elebits

How is anything riko/nanachi could offer better than immortal mitty?

Yea seems to me it's just a trap to lure in Riko and make her sell herself

Yes well he has some recurring motifs

I don't know what I was thinking with this

Dewy's adventure too. There is might be more, he used to work in game industry ~10 years.

In-game illustration.


Yeah, it’s obvious this was a Tsukushi work, not really a fan of the voice acting here, but is Tsukushi art everywhere

Yo nice

You shouldn't expect too much.

Would you play MiA game made by Naughty Dog?

if they NOT make it a fucking console exclusive again - i'd preorder it right away.

Just make a game with Crash Bandycoot artstyle and comedy, and then mix it with The Last of Us

naughty dog is owned by sony
it's also shit

I wouldnt call it a backbone, its more of a conservative relic from the past where capital punishment was rampant because punishment was supposed to prevent crimes by instilling fear and asian countries are not particulary known to adapt socially fast enough except rare examples like Hong-Kong and Singapore.

Now, i dont exactly agree with how lightly you can get away from petty crimes in EU but going to jail for stealing a phone is also fucked up. Something like a 10x cost of the phone fine or forced public service labor seems way more appropriate for a crime that does not intent to hurt the other side in any possible way.

She was reborn-Gertrude.
Also Aldrich is her firstborn.
That explain why the deacon keep her in the cathedral and one of archdeacons even converted to worshiping her. Also the man-grub use angelic sorcery usually associated with Gertrude.

I thought Mitty had been destroyed?
Where does that one come from? I'm confused.

The incinerator is actually a teleporter

Have you tried not speedreading?

the village created it with balancing.
It's from chapter 45

ctrl + C
shift + insert

There were multiple Meaties created by Bondrewd, by splitting the original's body + brain in perfect halfs. Stop speedreading, its in ch34.

I want to impregnate this criminal!

holy fuck please no, just imagine all the pandering and censoring the game would have in it. It also would be a fucking corridor """"cinematic experience""""" with an empty """"open world"""" instead of a beautifull exploring rewarding rpg. Fuck that.

>Accusing others of speedreading while pulling shit out of your ass

What the fuck was his problem?

I hope she rapes Reg. I want more ss on milf, since we won't see Mark and Ozen ever again.

I want to watch Nanachi play bass.

too much science.

>Being this fucking new

Am I not enough for you papa?

Prushka seems like someone who plays keytar.

>+13 hours
>38 posters
Just let it die man, we had a good run but now you just have to accept that it's basically dead

Well, we still have a thread up almost everyday

you're not the daughter

there was a parallel thread as the same time with this with 500+ replies

Prushka-kun is cute too!

Why does she look like a boy now ew gross

My dick is up too now.

Jackie Chan?

He had no problems, the real issue here is what the fuck was their problem?

Is it possible for Bonedruid use the village to create copy of Reg?

I dunno, does Reg have a soul?

>doesn't look like a hung shota
wasted potential.

abyssexuality is hell of a drug

I don't know do dogs have souls?

Anyone have some Bondrewd references? I'm working on a cosplay for him and I need to find a clearer front and back view

I want dogs to have souls

Best way would be to just go through the manga and find panels with him in good light. As far as im aware there really arent any references out there that would be of any use for cosplay purposes.

Can't wait for punished Riko

"Adventure together" panel has a good view on his back.

I will personally kill that rabbit if this happens

I wonder if she can trade something else for new eyes?

Holy fuck I am so god damned fucking excited for this shit oh my fuck. Tsukushi better not asspull this shit I want an entire chapter for the surgery. I want arm break times fucking ten and I want it to be a surprise to Nanachi. I really fucking hope she picks organs, it would be over way to quick otherwise. Fuck, how can one bunny cause me such pleasure? How is she so perfect anons? The only thing that makes me sad is ill never be able to be her Dadfu and reward her with so much good tasting food for doing everything right. I hope centipede mom atleast thanks her for helping her trade up in value.

Being best dad aint easy

PlatinumGames would be the best choice for a MiA game, though don't let them handle the story or it'd be turned into a campy mess.

That's kinda what I'm doing right now
Yeah I was looking for this

It seems I'm probably not gonna make his backpack or tail, primarily because it'd be overall too heavy and a hassle to make.
So the hardest part will probably be the sparagmos gloves and his helmet. I've never actually made a mask with no visible eyeholes so I have no idea how that's gonna work, may either just have to take the helmet off when walking around. Might just use the punished bondrewd damaged mask design

Tinted glass/plastic would work well enough. Thats what this guy seems to have used, but then again, considering the rest of his design choices maybe doing something different would be for the best.

previous one was better

also don't forget the giant shoes

The previous trade? I mean, i would rather have a Nanachi but I can understand that Value Village values non-blessed, 'normal' kids above most anything else so im not sure. I think Centipede mom is trading up from her perspective.

Aryan milf best milf

Is Riko a legend to the surface people at this point?

Her balloon is likely discarded, as she is a red whistle and thus not a reliable source.

I don't think Riko would fabricate lies though.

She hasnt done anything to warrant legend status. Making it to the 6th layer is kind of hard but if every single person in orth wanted it more then their own life im sure plenty could get there. The only reason its hard is because most people value their own lives, unlike Riko, who is a dumb potato on a mission to die.

It's not about lies, since the Abyss supposedly drives people nuts.

>Riko grows up and Reg stays the same
I never thought about that. That's kinda sad.

Is that a boss in DS3?

Side character that is head of a covenant.

Wow, so much stuff since I stopped reading, I guess it's time to pick back up

She's a white whistle now.

Only if Bondrewd certifies it, otherwise no one will give a shit

Not sure the government of Oerth knows that.

She wasnt when she sent it up in the anime. And as far as we know the sixth layer one in the manga didnt make it up right? How would they even confirm she is a WW if it did? No one reliable but Bondrewd would know at that point and how would they ask him?

>we trust nobody, but White Whistles, because Abyss drives people nuts
>meanwhile, White Whistles batshit insane too


I dont think any of the WW are insane. Odd and eccentric but not insane, and certainly not insane about the abyss. They might be madlads on the surface but they dont live on the surface.

>tinted glass
oh fuck I'm retarded that makes perfect sense
>those boots
oh jeez that doesn't look good

>Not insane about the Abyss
>All of Bondrewds incredibly fucked up research was explicitly about the abyss and ways to combat it's effects and studying

But I'll give you the fact that Ozen and Lyza are not crazy about it, though Riko is but isn't "insane". If any of them will he really hard at the idea of the abyss, it'll be Wakuna.