Kimetsu 99

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99: Someone's dream
[side] The reminiscing swordsman moves...


Sleepy, you say?

thanks for doing this user

[side] Upper moon three (Akaza) delivered a blow to Upper moon two (Douma), but... [The parenthesized parts are alternates. Be free to pick whichever you like]



He should just train until he can TL in his sleep better than he can awake

Thanks in advance.. I am Hyped just by watching the cover


The problem is that he is a cat. Cats love napping.

Here we go boys

Sounds like a problem that can be solved by training harder. I'll get the cane

Gookscans thread:

>500+ replies


"I'm not saying this for your benefit..."
"I'm troubled over the fact..."
"He's not only disrupting the hierarchy, but he's also putting cracks into our whole subordinate relationship."

"I see now"

"If he really bothers you, you should apply for a blood battle to swap places with him..."

Seems that Sup Forums knows something about mangas

"But like, Kokushibou-dono,"
"Even if Akaza-dono applied for one, there's no way he can beat us."

"On top of that, I became a demon way after Akaza-dono did."
"I reached success earlier than him, so he must be feeling extremely pissed inside! Understand the guy."

"Besides, I intentionally didn't dodge him. It was just a bit of fun"
"This is my way of getting along with him"

"Superior beings must give leeway to those lower than them and not scold them over minor..."

I can't believe I was around the day we finally managed to hit bump limit, it only took us 2 years!

"Did you understand..."
"What I... wanted to say...?"

"I did"

"I will kill you for sure"

"I see..."
"Good luck..."
"With that..."

"Farewell Kokushibou-dono"

DAMN!!!!!! He has the scars!!!

Seeing that our Go Toubun thread went to shit after it becamr popular, I’m not sure if I’d be happy about Kimetsu getting popular.

"Man, I feel like the guy just didn't wanna talk to us."
"But you're thinking too hard about this, Akaza-dono"

"Akaza-dono! [Come on,] we were having a conversation here!"

"Launch me and Hantengu to the same place[, if you don't mind]"

The same scar when Tanjirou used his all power to cut Gyuu’s head.

You'd have the "underground band going mainstream" dillema

I don’t really mind the series getting popular, but if you compared the previous chapter thread and the newly released chapter thread, the thread quality directly went into shit.

I think we'll probably be able to avoid that until we get an anime at least. Then all bets are off

I get a really strong Esidisi vibe from the jovial guy

More people = more opinions and haters and troll are looking for popular series...
I am 50/50 about the series getting huge outside japan..


"Hang on. I'll join you gu..."

"Heeeey biwa girl"
"If you want, how about you and I-"

"I refuse"

To be fair, most of that thread was stalling for spoiler translation. If it weren't for that, it'd die in 200.

First gotoubun thread was actually alright, it's because retards made a second one after the first one hit bump limit that everything went to shit.

I'm surprised that Kimetsu gook thread was actually pretty comfy up to the bump limit

>"Heeeey biwa girl"
>"If you want, how about you and I-"

>"I refuse"

LOL, pwned.

"You're all so cold"

All the other upper moons are faggots, I'd bro it the fuck up with Douma any day of the week

Does he have the eyes "inverted"? Like if you are seeing a reflection

wtf I like Biwa girl now

Why is she not revealing her name though

Some people just don't like motor-mouths and/or those with no sense of personal space.

"Gracious founder"
"Your followers have arrived"

"Oh you serious?"
"Sorry for making ya wait"

"Kay, lemme put this on real quick"

"Come on, come on"
"Bring 'em all in"

Founder??? So he is a cult leader

Yeah, looks like he's a guru, that might explain why he got so strong, he can consume a lot of humas efficiently without leaving his house

[bunch of clacks]

"I poured some tea"


"Woow, fast asleep"

"I'm so sorry. My wife also happened to fall asleep"

"I'm really really sorry"
"You're a visitor but I made you watch over my kid"

"Don't worry about it"
"She's probably tired"
"Birthing a kid and raising them is hard work"

"Once I drink this, I'll be on my way"
"I can't keep eating meals for free like this"

UM1’s wife is Nezuko lookalike?

don't post full pages during a dump idiot

>Let me send you to the afterlife

...huh? Is he asking him to get killed?

Is this Tanjirou's father???

He probably means sending the demons while praying for them? Tanjirou sympathize with every demon he killed

The coal burner told the sunbro "let me send you to the afterlife" that sounds like he's asking him if he lets him kill him

Hmmmmm. I made a mistake

"Oh no!"
"I owe you my life"
"If you weren't there, then I, much less my children, wouldn't be here"


"...alright then."
"At least let me tell your story for the future."

"No need"

"It must be hard since you have nobody to succeed your footsteps"

"It may be impossible for me since I am a humble coal burner,"
"But one day, someone will..."
"No need"

But it was Tomioka the one who taught Tanjirou to pray for the killed demons..

Uh no, tomioka only introduced Tanjiro to Urokodaki, next time they met Tomioka was telling Tanjiro to 'not feel pity towards demon' while stepping on rui's remains

"Masters of their craft will always find their way to the same place" [Emphasize 'always' and 'same place']

"Even if the times have changed, even if they have taken different paths to that point,"
"They will always go to the same place" [Emphasize 'always' and 'same place']

"You seem to see me as some kind of special human,"
"But that's not true"

Really? Tomioka was stepping on LM5’s clothes when he was killed and even said that demons are nothing but evil or something. I don’t think anyone taught Tanjirou to pray for the demons

"I couldn't protect a single thing that was precious to me"
"I couldn't achieve what I was supposed to achieve in life"

"I am a man of no worth"
Just don't.

Don't speak like that, please.
I'm begging you, don't think of yourself like that.

Just tragic...

"A... dream...?"
"Where... am I...?"


Ah yes yes. My bad, It was Urokodaki who taught him..

Damn, even on life support Tanjirou looks cool...

F5ing so hard

Missed you last week

Neither did, Urokodaki admonished Tanjirou for being too sentimental, it probably taught him to do so after the battle is over.

" okay?"
"After the fight ended, you didn't regain consciousness for two whole months"

"I... see..."

"I'm so glad"
"You're awake..."
[side] Who was the swordsman he saw in his dream!? Then a center color and a new arc begins!!

There it is

Thanks for the work m8

Uhhh, if you see anything that sounds wrong, let me know so I can fix it. Anyways, I'm gonna go nappy nap until TS user shows up.

He looks like someone who suffered from poverty


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Thank you!

I can’t wait for the next chapter unironically

Once again... Damn. Tanjirou now you got the succesor girl too!!! When I grow up I wanna be like you...
Kanao is cute..

Shinobu is cuter

looking uncomfortably similar to his father here

Tanjirou should get more calcium so he can unlock the powers of his skelly heritage

>tfw way too old to be tanjirou

Thanks Mr. Skeltal

Not at all. It goes like this:

Yo need the power of T E A S I N G in your life fellow tripfag

>tfw Love Pillar will never humiliate you with her lovely words

Shinobu is meant for Tomioka

Sorry user, but Tomioka is /r9k/

Is anyone bothered by the fact that there’s lots of people with silly names?

>Tomioka Giyuu

Is this some ancient Japanese wording thing?

Tomioka is stoic, /r9k/ is just plain beta

Rengoku name is pretty cool, it means purgatory

Still a weird name don’t you think
Imagine if you named your children after something based on afterlife

I'd be stocked if my last name was Purgatory, sounds like a sick name to have

So, I figured I'd tally all the timeskips that have happened after the final selection exam:

waiting for the sword to arrive (15 days)
recovering after the drum house (unspecified, but given that they were all recovering from cracked ribs, so assume something like 6 weeks minimum)
functional recovery training at the butterfly estate (5 days of everyone losing to kanao + 10 days of tanjirou losing + 15 days of breath training + 10 days training after speaking with shinobu + 9 days of zenitsu and inosuke breath training = 49 days) (also, zenitsu says he has to take the medicine for 3 months, not sure if that's concurrent with the recovery training or prior to it)
between the train mission and red light district infiltration (4 months)
post red light district coma (2 months)

So, all told, it's probably been 10-12 months since they became demon hunters.

Didn't you hear, no one likes Tomioka

It has been 11 (or 12) months since Tanjiro completed his training with Urokodaki, this put our boys's ages on 16 (Tanjiro and Inosuke ) and 17 (Zenitsu)

I like Tomioka

Only 18 pages? I thought usually they're 19.

Huh, I never knew their ages. Did the author reveal their age?

The editor did some time ago, Shinobu is 18, Tomioka 21 and Nezuko 14-15 at this point

So it’s about time the boys should become pillars then

They're still too weak for that, they must be like 7 or 6 ranks away from Pillarhood

Maybe but they probably accelerated a few levels ahead. They killed an Upper Moon after all

I think they just skyrocketed in ranks, they've helped killing an upper moon and Daki is basically a lower moon by herself.

I can't wait until Tanjirou finds out Inosuke is a higher rank than him now and inosuke holds it over him for the rest of the series.

Tengen all of the hard work, and the only reason they won against the WEAKEST upper moon was because he let them do it, he could have ended the battle with killing Tanjirou when he had the oportunity instead of shit talking him

Speaking of ranks, shouldn’t Sup Forums translate this to its literal meaning?

甲 - A
乙 - B
丙 - C
丁 - D

Tengen did*