Darker than black

Why the fuck didn’t Misaki and Hei get it on. Why didn’t this show feel fulfilling to watch. Fuck me.

I think You've lost it OP

Just one more reason, right!? That's all we need!

>Why the fuck didn’t Misaki and Hei get it on
he likes em' petite & platinum blonde

>Why didn’t this show feel fulfilling to watch
because when you're a wanted, superpowered spy/assassin who has murdered hundreds/thousands, and likely has knowledge of a boat load of top secret shit, in a world that's kinda showing the end times from a supernatural phenomenon 10 years ago that also resulted in all astrological bodies disappearing in one instance, a happy ending is something of a far cry, and would feel kinda forced otherwise.

I watched this anime for the action and girls getting wet for Hei, I cared little about the story until they went full retard on Ryuusei no Gemini

At least OVA was top notch

What happened in the ending again? I remember it was fucking retarded but I can't for the life of me remember a thing about it

The cat died

>Why the fuck didn’t Misaki and Hei get it on

Because unlike Ichigo and Rukia, they weren't even friends.

Hei already has Yin

Godspeed, Chinese Electric Batman.

May we get a second season at some point.

Now I've lost it

I know I can kill

The truth exists beyond the gate

It's kind of weird how people aways go "watch OVA ignore S2". Gaiden is basically premise for Ryuusei no Gemini. Yeah, S2 is shit in first half, but later it ties most of the plot threads pretty well. At least much better than S1 ending mess or OVA cliffhanger if you stop at that.
I agree that OVA is top notch. Though on rewatch i'd just stick to first half of S1, that was real god-tier.

*guitar riff*

Fusagareta mabuta kara nagaredashita namida

Hei is a lolicon. That's that.

second season had a better ost

You mean a better OP

I meant untz untz untz untz

Now I can KILL!

>a better OP
You better fucking take that back right now.


Don't tell me I didn't warn you, user.

This is true
>yfw GALAXY TRAIN kicks in

Bring it bitch, Stereopony was better than Abingdon Boy's School and An Cafe.

It'd probably be able to put a fight against The Hero Without A Name despite the fact it would still lose, but comparing Tsukiakari no Michishirube against Howling is a motherfucking crime. On another note, it's quite surprising seeing Gaiden's ED getting almost no recognition, it's a pretty amazing song.


RIP best girl

When I started watching S2 I thought the gun loli Hei escorted was this chick