Anime has evangelion references

>anime has evangelion references

>dumb frog poster makes useless thread

>male character has a secret garden

>Crossboarders think they can fit in without lurking

Based chadfrog

>ever wanting or needing to fit in
>on the fuckin internet

I fard a poop

Based frogposter
Virgin Sup Forumsutist

Was that supposed to be an insult?

>evangelion has fucking tom and jerry references

>le lurk moar xD


Dumb frog-poster. Check my dub's

Fuck off crossboarders

>AHAHAHA doode just stick yer peener in the 3DPD's snatch

Babbys first thread

Why are you redirecting someone on a porn board? What’s with Sup Forums? It’s not that shit anyway, you should have told him to go to

What dubs?

These ones

How does Sup Forums manage to do it?

wow this is a genuine masterpiece



This was just a ruse, check em now

Don't worry guys, I'll just banish this dumb frogposter into the shadow realm.

I-is this a raid?

>post a harmless frog
>Sup Forumsspies go crazy like barneyfag when he sees my little pony

Because it's worse then Sup Forums. At least that's self contained

nice, impressive


No. A raid would be multiple threads. This just a crossboarder.
>harmless frog