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Gumamela Blast!

>Kokoro pushes you down gently
>Her hair covers your face as she leans forward to kiss you on the cheek as you feel her hand reach between your legs
>Her thighs feel hot on top of you, almost burning
>Her face is still close to yours, arms wrapped around your neck, you can feel her hot lavender breath as her hips start moving up and down and swirling around from different angles
>Her back is bending and twisting side to side as she manages to ride you like that all the while hugging your neck
>Her chest slides on top of you as she pushes your neck and then your face between her breasts
>You can't take it anymore as you whimper into her tits
>"Ara-ara" she murmurs as she finishes you off
>You drift to sleep kissing and sucking her swollen breasts as she holds you close

>you start to feel a tingly feeling deep inside
>you know exactly what it is
>the power of love

>forward to kiss you on the cheek
She doesnt even knows whats that you fuck

>We'll always be together right
>Black screen "...Always"

So which one of them dies and/or ascends to a higher plane of existence?



>implying I didn't work teach her

Manga does a lot of things differently.

Since the other thread is dying and all that, a question:

Is the number 6 significant in Japanese culture? All of the boys have six in their numbers, even that one guy with 214 equals six if you multiply and then add the three numbers.

Mitsuru, Futoshi, Zorome

>there will be doujins of ichigo where she gets cucked non-stop to a mindbroken state, and she spirals into a deep state of depression, finally resorting to cling to any superficial sense of belonging, where people start to take advantage of her and she willingly becomes the plantation bike, but she imagines every single dick as hiro's
>during one of her orgies hiro and oni accidentally stumbles upon her, and her delusions are shattered when she sees oni's baby belly, hiro's palpable disappointment towards her, and oni's smirk
>realizing that the pleasure she had will never even measure, she finally commits suicide which happens to be at the exact same time oni gave birth to hiro jr.

The most beautiful girl on the planet.

Will Kokoro be the first to experience the wonders and pleasures of childbirth?


>sexiest one doesn't appear in beach episode
I'm mad.

That's not even her name, retard.


Best gif


I swear if they try to pull any NTRshit with these two then I'am DONE.

Love has absolutely no power, and no amount of fantasy love in anime is going to change that.

>Ichigo is much smaller than 02
>Still stuns her, leaves a mark, and breaks her headband

I'm calling it now, the kids have enhanced strength. Might even all have oni blood


I am on onehand hating ichigo more and more as episodes go on, but also kinda liking her.
Probably because after being bullied so hard for so long, she might really appreciate someone wanting to cuddle and impregnating her.

>getting hit off guard is stunning
wow brilliant analysis

We know 02 is strong af because she threw a grown man across the room with ease

Either 02 is fucking with her(unlikely) or Ichigo is strong as well

Oh, you're right. My bad.

>Ichigo is strong
>tries to stop 02 by grabbing her arm
>just drags her along

I didnt say she was stronger than 002, just that she was strong

They will be a cute couple.
Ikuono won't even care
and Futoshi isn't capable of understand anything that isn't related to food, so he won't notice.

What if the magma energy is an incidental thing and what they're really after is something in the center of the earth?

>ywn comfort this strawberry while she cries in your arms from being so severely bullied


What if Ichigo ends up with Futoshi?



That would be true happiness

has anyone done a chaika edit yet?

I thought this was cute as shit. Great way to build on Ichigo's character through visuals, and it's generally just a really memorable image.
A+ direction.

doki doki

Wow she's such a huge cuck.

>following in his footsteps
>not standing beside him
>not jian

Vegan cabal at it again


She's a big autistic dorky midget trying to steal somebody's boyfriend.

Oh, i'm sure that is going to happend so get ready.

are those legs rotoscoped?

Would you hold hands with this innocent strawberry?

Who hurt you user?

With passion

it's already begun

Fuck no, dude.

>I swear if they try to pull any NTRshit with these two then I'am DONE.
You mean with Futoshi? We used to just call that not getting the girl. Everything is NTR these days on Sup Forums.

>user single-handedly tries to awaken a new fetish in me and its actuall-

yes because at least I'd have a shot with her

>uses edits to make their terrible waifu look cute
Sasuga Ichigofags

Kidchigo a cute

I want to be that bunny.


How much do you wanna bet she still has it?

Imagine ichigo trying to birth a child with those slender hips and then trying to produce milk from the flattest fucking chest in existence

God damn I love smol Hiro

Ichigo is totes adorbs

>mfw I make niggers like (You) foam at the mouth just by existing

Imagine a doujin of Hiro going harem route.
He has 02 and Ichigo both filled up to bear his children.

10 years later, 02 Jr. is bullying Ichigo Jr. for being a loser and trying to get Dad's attention.

Based Ichigo

Man, even back then she was dumb as a brick.

>ichigo is WAY cuter than 002!
>and she looks even cuter when we make her look like 002!
Is this cognitive dissonance?

Thanks for infoming me user.


Why do we call her a strawberry, anyway?

Because she turns white with fear.

In Japan the word for Cuckold and Strawberry sound the same.



You can have a harem of any 3 girls from this anime, pick which ones and why.


Kokoro, Nana, and Ichigo


Is the English dub any good?


Kamille Bidan, Daizaburo "Eddie" Ban, and Mechazawa. We rent a Jeep and charge-back the deposit.

You fucking NTRfags make me sick

02 is so lucky to be cucking such a cute girl

it only counts as NTR if the other guy cares, which is not the case here, so don't worry

You mean when.

she's going to fucking win

Hiro, Goro, Nine Alpha

>not watching any dub with Christine Cabanos


>tfw "wow have you put on some weight Kokoro?" happens

Honey, Kaworu, Milkman.

that actually sounds like a lot of fun

You only want her to win because you like her. You don't want what's best for her. Her oneitis is keeping her from growing.

Why is best boy padding?

>Zero Tsu is an Oni
>Zero is often referred to as the letter "O"
>2 in japanese is spelled "ni"
>Zero Two = O-ni
They can't keep getting away with this

She wants to impress Hiro

Why people protect Ichigo? She is just a slice of strawberry.