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Why wasn't "Deku" localized as "Special Man"?

It fits perfectly thematically, it's an insulting nickname that's positive in its literal meaning, it's so close to super man and as an autist Deku is literally special

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>Special Man
its sounds like he shits his pants

Post hot

that's the point. Deku was an insulting nickname that Bakugou gave him. though its literal meaning is "I can do it" its used sarcastically to mean someone who's completely fucking useless

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Because Deku sounds cooler

I want to marry Mirio.


>"special man"
Should've called him "Retard". Rolls off the tongue better like Deku.

But he's already married.



Deku is for ___!

Okay then.

That would be great if it was a one-off moment. I mean sure, it’s closer to the original nips wordplay that the western audience must have missed, but “Deku” is being used as his hero name and people are calling him that long after that “turn the meaninf around” event. So if they do localize his name as “Special”, we’d still call him Special and honestly that’s just terrible

Because it wouldn't make sense for Bakugo to call Midoriya "Special Man" even before he was old enough to manifest his abilities.






Can't you people post something new?

Bara growth spurt happening

Very rude.

Have some twitter search results because nips are crazy and a lot of good fanarts are posted there exclusively and sometimes deleted without no way of recovering them unless you’re the artist



I love Eri!

Sorry, here's a hot shirtless todo.


Inasa bullies Shouto in the same way his mom did.


Posting this here just because since ToC threads are still a fee days away and it’s shitpost central nowadays anyway
Digital manga sales surpassed paper manga sales for the first time in 2017.
Digital: 171.1 billion yen (17.2 % increase)
Paper: 166.6 billion yen (14.4% decrease)
Total: 337.7 billion yen (2.8% decrease)

Inasa = Shouto's bully. He's big and scary like Endeavor and tells him he looks like his abusive father like Icymom.

Ok, are there any actual numbers to look at for this series?

No, I don’t think we’ve seen any digital sales numbers specific to *any* series

The half page SHOTOOOO always makes me laugh

I was thinking, do you guys think Todoroki will adopt Endeavor's hero name as his own? A legacy thing of sorts.

I doubt it, I think he’s going to want to make his way.

Does somebody have a better version of this? I made this like, a year ago I think.

anyone get the smug mineta sitting at a desk reaction image?

Is that a Fucking LEAF?


I want Mei to fondle me and play it off as nothing



i wanted the one from the manga though. looks smug in a smooth way. here he just looks like a faggot

No he's Poland


nope, I still see that one posted every now and then. There's also this one, but considering we haven't had any new shipping moments between the two for awhile, I don't think anyone has the drive to make a more organized one.

What would happen if 1-A played 7 minutes in Heaven, and Shouto and Momo were picked to go in the closet? Would they do anything or just stand there in the dark for 7 minutes?

the head of immigration in William Lyon Mackenzie King's government, as a top official who opposed and limited Jewish immigration.
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The only one who would play is Mina, she would make out with everyone

If we're doing localizations, I'd rather go with "special kid," but Deku trying to reclaim that title would feel incredibly arrogant and you'd lose the "never give up vibe" of it imo.

it would be 7 minutes of them standing there with Momo freaking out wondering if he's gonna do something and Shoto thinking about how his feet hurt and he'd rather be doing something else.

>"You can't pass the UA entrance exam without a quirk" - Izuku
>Mirio had almost no control over a quirk that isn't especially useful for defeating robots and still passed
Explain this

The world wasn't ready for cold Inasa.


Todo would give her the run down of the "etiquette" of 7 minutes in Heaven and how it should be optimally done, while Momo would start dropping spaggetti.

UA may not have been using the robots in the exam 3 years ago

Maybe if she was dropping soba he'd be more interested.

I assumed his lack of control was in middle school.

Also, his quirk would let him destroy robots. Aside from ripping out wires his clipping errors allow him to propel himself at high speeds

Cause it doesnt work

I get what youre trying to say, but special man just doesnt work at all.

Deku is more like 'tries his best'

A more suitable (although i just prefer plain deku) would be a play on effort or something along those lines. I think that 'Try-hard' would be a better option, as it works both ways to be insulting (as in poser) and uplifitng (as in someone who tries their hardest)

That's probably the best translation of "Deku" I've seen.

This for 7 minutes straight.

I don't understand how something can mean 'tries his best' and 'useless'

This is really nice.

Do you think they'd be good dancers?

What if a drawfag did that here? I'm sure some here could just draw a pic for a thread once just to see if it fades from existence. No Tumblr, pixiv, Instagram, or DA

Bakugou would be a great dancer. Would Todoroki though?

From the watermark I think it's someone either on tumblr or discord. I've never come across that person in these threads.
Todoroki would do great in classical dances imo, and just for the sake of the joke I want Bakugou to suck at dancing.

It’s a shame we’ll never know

Bakugo is a natural pro and todoroki can't

Mineta won't get to dance with his crush either.

I swear to god if that faggot complains about it despite getting a literal harem part in the choreography I hope Todoroki murders him for real.

Self insert much?

this would be the perfect opportunity for some Deku/Ochako spaghetti, but we won't get any.

Mina is going to stick him behind Shouji and Satou for the whole show.

I hope you are wrong but in my heart I know you're right.

I am just going with how this manga is written

Never say never, my friend. Never say never. It would be a perfect opportunity for these two to talk, though.
>Six arms and one tail are a harem, Mineta-kun!
>Ojiro's tail blushes

My todomomo heart can't take this lack of contact for much longer.

Pretty sure this arc will focus on Jirou, so I don't think Ochako is going to appear much.

Luckily, fanfictions and fanart exist to quench your thirst.

The intern group has hardly had any focus in this arc. Even when Deku gets focus, it's normally outside of school.

Imagine if Eri goes to UA for the festival and gets kidnapped by Gentle, class A botches the rescue and she decides to rewind the world to before quirks happened

The brainlet is strong in this post

I'm guessing the exam wasn't robots.
The exam is probably different every year, otherwise Deku would've known about the robots because he would've done his research before taking the exam.
Maybe they were all just gathered together in a room and the proctor told them to beat the shit out of each other, and the last 40 standing would get into the hero course.
That's an exam that Mirio, and Aizawa for that matter, could conceivably pass, while still being heavily biased towards physical power based quirks.

>7 minutes in Heaven

He’d be too embarrassed
Too embarrassed
Highly autistic but a good kisser
See above
Polite bowing (kissing before marriage? don’t be silly)
Mouth rapist and notorious butt squeezer.
You don’t exactly what you just had your mouth up against, but it didn’t feel bad
Too shy
Horrible kisser but thinks he’s awesome
Seems like you’d spend more time just brushing lips and nibbling her lobes before she’s like “Hey, I offered you a snack! Not the whole damn kitchen!”
OK kisser. Smells like weed though.
Face rapist. Would probably hurt your teeth by accident going so rough. You’d be covering up hickies & bruises for a week.
Pretty sensual kisser. Like he’s trying to copy an Anne Rice novel or a classic Gothic Horror-Romance. If you can ignore the beaking.
“Waaait a minute...did you have...pineapple for lunch?”
Not many people can say they’ve had their stomach tickled during a French kiss.
Nigga lips make for soft kisses
Not invited
Manliest kiss of your life

Does hori ever stream? I want to do a master study of his works, and want to watch his stages

I feel like Ojiro would be the type to try really really hard to make it a good kiss, then be sort of embarrassed and ask if it was alright.

You can see how the author of this post gave up on Bakugou. Bakusperg isn't into sex, is it really that hard to accept?

No, but he’s drawn Deku on camera before

Bakugou would see it as s challenge to win

>Smells like weed though
Kek why did this made me laugh

>please accept my headcanon!

>yes, that's supposed to be aoyama

Only if Sero were to manipulate him.
>literally makes a somewhat elaborate post about his vision of how would characters kiss
The irony.