I'm seriously questioning my sexuality here. Why am I attracted to a man?

I'm seriously questioning my sexuality here. Why am I attracted to a man?

thats a girl are you fucking retarded

You're gay
Now go read some yaoi

That's no longer a man, you dumbass. Various religions all over the world that believe in reincarnation say you can be reincarnated as a man or woman. So your gender is whatever body you inhibit.

Because ur gay

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that's a girl user

she might've been a man once, but that's 100% an XX all natural body, it's only natural to be attracted by her.

It's alright if they look like a girl.

Because you're a faggot and there's nothing wrong with that.

Your gay user.

>Draw a girl
>Call her a guy
>Turn her into a girl
You're just attracted to a girl.

>best friend turns into a girl
>not becoming the best boyfriend in the world for him/her
Some friends you are.

What is this, the 4th thread this week?

I'd dick her.

>He is attracted to a girl without penis

>you can be reincarnated as a man or woman
Typically you're not literally the same person just in a different body. There's pretty much always a division between lives with each one having their own experiences that make them who they are.

You're attracted to secondary female characteristic, breast, widened hips, longer eye lashes, and narrow shoulders most men are attracted to these things by nature.

Which is why thinking a trap is hot isn't gay, it's cause they can recreate the female form, and it's perfectly natural for you to find that attractive.

That being said, fucking a trap is indeed gay.

Have you for a second thought that OP meant attraction to that black-haired dot-eyed champ in lower left corner of the picture?

Shut up Mizuki and fuck him already.

That's as much of a girl as a tomboy

Why all these characters have cute and ambvivalent names? Is there a manga when a genderbent character named Daizaburou or something?

>>Draw a girl
Basically this, most gender bent characters were androgynous from the beginning so all that really changed was getting an a cup.

it's better than when someone was spamming threads about onani master for a solid month.

>gets turned into a real girl with magic

That's cheating though, not the same thing as traps or trans monsters.

>tfw you will never be this cute

So I have a question for everyone here. What would you do if your sex was swapped?


first of all then I'd watch anime all day, shitpost on Sup Forums and do nothing with my life

Live life in easy mode.

Yea because that was obviously the focus of the pic, moron

Porn. Go to Church.

>Draw a girl
>Call it a guy
>"Am I gay guys!?"
I never understood how this even started. You're literally attracted to the female/feminine physical/emotional characteristics of the character.

There is nothing masculine about the character and you are not attracted to their masculinity.

Wear cute frilly clothes
Become a slut and suck a hundred dicks or something

perpetual pregnancy

you forgot
>draw a girl
>give it a girly attitude
>call it a boy
>now every weeb tranny thinks it can become a girl or even remotely cute
the difference is japan knows how to differentiate 2D from 3D. But amerigoblins can't

Because it's presented like a girl.

If it showed you a hairy sweaty, slightly chubby man with sausage fingers you would feel differently.