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>watching the newest dub episode
>Trunks sees how happy Gohan is with his family
>gets a renewed sense of purpose to preserve that in his own world
>it's all meaningless because the entire timeline just gets erased anyway
What were they even thinking with that shit?


Unironically better than Super.


thats put together better than the actual show


Considering what Fu will do in XV2 I bet the plot will be (in both versions)

>shit this guy must be evil!
>fight vs Fu
>lol no don't worry he's neutral and he'll help us for some reason
>filler missions with Fu
>Fu is defeated by the good guys with UI Goku help

The Goku Xeno and Super-Goku fight is probably because Super-Goku, Super-Vegeta and Mai want to help Super-Trunks (in jail for what happened at Black arc) but since he's a criminal the Time Patrol (Goku Xeno, Trunks Xeno, etc) wants to stop them, but we know they are finally teaming up and fighting Fu together.
Oh also I bet Cooler is just working for Fu because he needs Super-Trunks out of jail

Why does Gohan have the Not-Yamcha hair instead of the future hair?

Future Gohan is better in general desu

You now remember in an alternate universe Gohan was not a massive cucklet

how the fuck were they able to draw that?

but in that universe he's fucking dead because he was too weak

My n-words

But that's also a Yamcha cut.

He wasn't weak, he was just as strong as other pre-HTC Super Saiyans (Goku, Vegeta and Trunks).

It's just that the Androids were stronger than these SSJs. Just like how #18 fucked Vegeta and would fuck Goku too.

It's traced obviously.

what's his name

If Future Trunks died, and Gohan saw him and went SSJ2, would he be the one to have gone back in time? Would we have gotten some one armed Gohan killing the fuck out of Freeza?

still, being able to imitate the anime style to make it look like as if it was captured from a tv

el legendario

>gohan vs freeza


Future Gohan, my friend. different personality entirely.

Yeah it's pretty good stuff as far as these spic-edits go.


el redditor

still a jobber though

Freeza was job tier at that time though.

>Tier 1
Super Vegito
Super Buuhan
Super Buutenks
Super Buu
Ultimate Gohan
SSJ3 Gotenks
SSJ3 Goku
Kid Buu
Majin Buu

>Tier 2
SSJ2/Majin Vegeta
SSJ2 Goku
SSJ2 Gohan
SSJ Gotenks
Perfect Cell
Kibito Kai
Supreme Kai
Cell Jr.
USSJ Vegeta
USSJ Trunks

>Tier 3
Semi-Perfect Cell
Android #16
Android #17
Android #18
Piccolo (fused w/ Kami)
Imperfect Cell
SSJ Vegeta
SSJ Goku
SSJ Gohan
SSJ Trunks
SSJ Goten
SSJ Kid Trunks
Dr. Gero
Android #19
King Cold
Mecha Frieza
Frieza final form

>Tier 4
Frieza 3rd form
Frieza 2nd form
Goku Kaioken x10/20/etc
Enraged Kid Gohan
Vegeta after a bunch of zenkai boosts
Piccolo (fused w/ Nail)
Kid Trunks
Captain Ginyu
Kid Gohan

>Tier 5
Kid Goku
Master Roshi
Mercenary Tao
General Blue
Farmer with shotgun
Fighters from DB etc.

>Future Gohan tearing Frieza and King Cold to pieces à la Cell Jrs.
Maybe Future Gohan should have been the one to survive...

Actual tier list incoming.

Z TIER (Daishinkan)
>The Grand Priest

Y TIER (Angel)
>Vados (Y+)
>Whis (Y+ likely, Y minimum)
>The Other Angels (Y)

X TIER (God of Destruction)
>Jiren (X++ likely, X+ minimum)
>UI Goku (X+ likely, X minimum)
>Belmod (X+)
>Beerus (X+)
>Quitela (X+)
>SSB Vegetto (X)
>The Other Gods of Destruction (X)
>Champa (X-)

S TIER (Super Saiyan Blue)
>SSBKK Goku (S++, can temporarily be boosted to S+++)
>No. 17 (S++ likely, S+ minimum)
>Super Kefla (S+)
>Golden Freeza (S+)
>Toppo (S+)
>SSB Vegeta (S+)
>SSB Goku (S+)
>Hit (S, but technique is S+++)
>Ultimate Gohan (S-)
>Kefla (S-)

A TIER (Super Saiyan God)
>SSG Goku (A++)
>SSG Vegeta (A++)
>Dypso (A, but technique is S)
>Legendary Kale (A)
>SS3 Goku (A-)
>Kakunsa (A-)
>Berserk Kale (A-)
>Obuni (A-, but technique is S-)

B TIER (Super Saiyan 2)
>Super Saiyan Kale (B+)
>SS2 Goku (B+)
>SS2 Caulifla (B+)
>SS2 Vegeta (B+)
>SS2 Cabba (B)
>Final Form Freeza (B)
>Magetta (B)
>Ribrianne (B- on average. Inconsistent. Seemingly shifts between D- to A-)
>Monna (B-)

C TIER (Super Saiyan 1)
>SS1 Goku (C+)
>SS1 Vegeta (C+)
>SS1 Caulifla (C+)
>SS1 Cabba (C)
>Majora (C+ likely, C minimum)
>Saonel (C+ likely, C minimum)
>Piccolo (C)
>Pirina (C)
>No. 18 (C)
>Bergamo (C)
>Lavender (C-)
>Basil (C-)
>Frost (C-, but technique and strategy is B++)
>Rozie (C-)

D TIER (Base)
>Goku (D+)
>Vegeta (D+)
>Caulifla (D+)
>Borareta (D+)
>Jimeze (D, but technique is C+)
>Gohan (D, but C+ when assisting or fighting alongside Piccolo)
>Cabba (D)
>Botamo (D)
>Kale (D-)

E TIER (Human)
>Krillin (E+, but C- when assisting or fighting alongside No. 18)
>Tenshinhan (E, but his Shin Kikoho is around C+)
>Ganos (E, but gradually increases in power tier. Technique tier stays at E.)
>Dr. Rota (E-)
>Roshi (E-, but technique is B-)

F TIER (Monaka)
>Zeno (F-, but technique is Z+++)

Anyone not mentioned is irrelevant.

Left is not canon.

At least compare Future Gohan to Ultimate, Teen, Kid or Saiyaman.


Where does this guy fit into all this?

It's not redrawn retards, he's editing the colors in AE and making the altered head shape track jiren's head.

In a universe where Goku died of heart disease and they were unable to bring him back. He gets a pass desu

That's obviously El Hermano de Nappa

Broly would fit in Tier 2.

SSJ4 Goku, SSJ4 Vegeta and Gogeta fit in Tier 1.

SSJ4 Gogeta is S/0 Tier, leagues ahead of Vegito.

no one cares about super.

the power levels dont make any sense whatsoever.
>krillin and roshi are magically as strong as an ssj2

lol, into the trash

Should I be getting a "Gill and Urien" vibe from El Hermano and Jiren?


Toriyama's biggest mistakes:

>Not giving Yamcha any shining moments in DBZ
>Not sticking with the original "Gohan becomes MC" plan
>Repeating the "Goku arrives at the last second" cliché a million times
>Not letting Vegeta defeat a major villain for once
>Making DBSpicper

Don't mind me, just posting Best Girl in Best Ship

You got your memes mixed up kid, GT is the patricio anime for the spics

>Not giving Yamcha any shining moments in DBZ

He survived x300 earth's gravity.

That's amazing considering Goku struggled with 10x gravity on King Kai's planet, and trained in 100x on the way to Namek.

He also beat up the Ginyu Force.

>hurr filler
I know, most filler in Z is great.
Nobody cares about hipster Kaifags/Mangafags.

first one is the worst crime of them all desu.

tien held his own against cell, and krillin has a fuckton of screen time. yamcha doesn't get anything

the shitty internet memes make it even worse. he was clearly stronger than a saibaman. he was just caught off guard. no one knew saibamen could go allah akbar. the same shit could've happened to krillin or tien if they went first

>chi-chi's outift

I always liked how Future Gohan looked more like how kid Gohan would've grown up. Same sharp facial features, thicker eyebrows, same hair just shorter and artstyle before the anime went full Yamamuro. I miss him bros...

The reasoning behind Yamcha not fighting anymore is justified.

You gotta be joking.

Highschool and Mystic Gohan look better.

Future's hair is too short and looks off.

I mean I like those too and you're free to like what you want. I just wanted to point out the subtleties that make me appreciate F. Gohan's design. And I strongly disagree on the hair comment.

Jiren Dub: youtube.com/watch?v=QeGtKlFlHiM

I hate how Gohan stopped using the Masenko, which was his only signature move.

>hurr let's use the Kamehameha that 5+ other people already know as well

I know right.
>tfw Gohan will never learn Special Beam Canon either

Remember when Buu used that move and said it was super strong? Wasted potential.

I hope you guys remember El Hermano only came to be because a new mysterious fighter was teased a while back and we still don't know who he is so people started to speculating him to be Jiren's brother.

I don't know why they don't all use the solar flare. It's literally the most useful move aside from instant transmission.

Why's champa so low? He seemed to be on par with Beers when they fought

in Budokai 3 adult Gohan knows Soaring Dragon Strike, which is the most powerful damaging move in the game besides Bardock's Javelin

Not really surprised of this since you people are the same ones incapable of understanding a kid cartoon like DB.

what the fuck this is amazing

What would you rather her wear? Her birthday suit?

can we please ban all these caulifla autists?

Don't worry your boy Gohan is here to btfo them

Bug off, old man.





Cuteforce wins again, baby.

stop feeding the autists (You)s

just report & ignore

Are we going to get ascended gold, chrome Frieza next episode?

>No. 17 (S++ likely, S+ minimum)

But it's fun to bully him.

Yesterday the entire thread bullied him, was hilarious

Serious question, how the fuck did Jiren become stronger than a GoD without bumping into ultra instinct at some point

Get this spic on the next dragonball, better than 95% of super.

He trained until his hair fell out.

You do know the only thing he did was take scenes from Super and repaint Jiren, right?
Sup Forums can't possibly be stupid enough to think that's actually drawn by spics, right?

*blocks youre path*

>Vegito's face
Why did the guy go out of his way to make him look like a neanthertal?
I swear if anyone makes a reference to the saiyans being monkey like i'll report you.


Olympic Vegeta.

My sides are in orbit again

E-Esto es el fin Jiren de gray

Muy Muy estúpido

that is really nicely done


delete this before Toriyama decides to make this canon.

Reminder Kale appreciates Alpha Cabba. Will in manga too.

no one cares about your fan-fic characters

Keru is for love.

The "mysterious fighter for the climax of the arc" was Kefla.

They teased an action figure of her before her reveal, but the silhouette was modified into a completely smooth body with an elongated head Some people thought it might be a Jiren transformation even.

Anyway, it's due to that silhouette that El Hermano's head is long like that.

Most hilarious thing though is that the youtube video that started this whole El Hermano stuff only used it as clickbait. There was a picture of "El Hermano de Jiren?!" on the thumbnail, but then in the video itself it's just said that it looked kind of similar to Jiren with the smooth body, but immediately talked about how it could be a placeholder for something else and went on speculating about fusion or U4 invisible fighter.

Is there anyone that can beat SSJ4 Gogeta?

So this...
Is the power...
Of south america...

It's implied that SSG Goku was at his level.

New Heroes commercial shows UIM Goku and Prisoner Future Trunks gameplay.


Not canon.

Stick to DBZ and GT.

I was rewatching the Future Trunks arc and god it manages to be as trite and offensive as the other Super arcs.

was it ever implied Vegito could go SSJ2 or even SSJ3? if so, he might have a shot.

alternatively, Super Buu with everyone possible absorbed

Afaik, Vegettos base form is SS2. I'm going strictly by how his hair is stylized, though. It doesn't quite look like SS1