Would you watch it?

Would you watch it?

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to masterbate.....yes

Shame on you

yeah probably, why is this pic using a 5cm/s background?

Yes, but unironically.

If this aired Sup Forums would burn.

In a good way?

Yes, but it's an adaptation so I wouldn't put ANY faith in it.

Quick rundown on this girl and her plight?

From a hentai called Henshin. Girl starts out nerdy, becomes a whore.

Its a bready good read desu

an even better tug

Hentai adaptations are godawful. Look at what they did to Z-ton doujins. So yes, but purely for the novelty of it being animated.

probably cuz i'm too lazy to read through manga

Emergence by ShindoL.

The girl was a plain Jane with no friends before she asked her mom if she could teach her to put on makeup, get her hair cut, etc.
She turns out to be a very beautiful young woman after the transformation, makes some friends, meets a bad buy that gives her drugs, and everything goes down hill from there.

wait, is it getting an adaptation?

Here's a good question.

Given time to adapt the entire story, from start to Sup Forums bitches for weeks finish, which would have a better chance of being being adapted 100% faithfully to the source material.

Emergence or his Yotsubato books was gonna go with the Cow story, but figured Yotsubato was the better bet


>from start to Sup Forums bitches for weeks finish

She needs protection

There were daily threads of Emergence for a good couple weeks once the ending was revealed.

>implying this is actually legitimately popular enough to get one
>implying elevens actually bought this (which, as it turns out, wasn't the case)
>implying that the only people that read it aren't Fakku shills that don't know what Fragile and Tough or Barrier-Free are
>implying Larry will ever exert any effort into putting genuine emotion into his work instead of riding off his fame via patreon

no some guy just did a recoloring of a panel for his twitter

Yes protect this smile

post the desk picture


I heard Henshin

Solely for the scene where she's getting railed over the desk while tweaking the fuck out on not heroin.

>The girl was a plain Jane with no friends before she asked her mom if she could teach her to put on makeup, get her hair cut, etc.
>She turns out to be a very beautiful young woman after the transformation
Actually she was a beautiful good girl before, then she started to look and behave like whore until she became one and died from drug addiction.

Oh yeah, a tweet or something came out, ShindoL is going to allow a fanwork of this girl. I imagine the dude is going to give her a happy ending. Stop ruining things you stupid vanillafags I fucking hate you FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

colorizing the original background was probably too much work

Girl is a whore deep down but suppresses her inner whore urges due to lack of self-confidence.

Then when she realizes she's hot she goes full-whore and gets pregnant/homeless/drug-addicted.

fucking this. disgusting

No. Gods, no.
Mostly because it wouldn't really work as a anime.
Very downhill.
It is, suprisingly, great story. Reminded me of Eva Re:Take, thou that one went downhill with it's ending.

Was she already in college when she started getting strung along by the playboy? Cause if she was, man Sacchi you dumb.

Brown guary sluts are great!
2-4 hentai OVAs maybe?

It's just some random guy writing a patreon fanfic


I was always baffled by tremendous meme status of this book.
There is absolutely nothing special about it's contents as far as bad end mindbreak genre goes. It doesn't seem like Japanese ever gave a shit about it either since I never see anyone discussing it on message boards and it was his worst selling book when it came to placing on the yearly ratings (his first one was 11th, TSF was about 5th and Emergence couldn't even break top 20).

And yet I can't browse Sup Forums for a week without seeing someone sperging out about it. And it's always the exact same fucking posts too with almost nothing to discuss.

If I didn't know better I'd assume that it's either an incredibly forced meme propagated by a small bunch of people or just outright Fakku astroturfing.

With ShindoL's permission, which means we're gonna have a million autists going "hurr this is the canon she lived", and the even bigger idiots that will reply. I swesr, can't hahale sad shit, don't read it.