Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu

The adventures of fun skeleton Bro

Like Overlord, but without all the evil and with a cute animal sidekick.

Read it boys

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Is the MC lord Sothlike?

I have no idea what you just said, so I'm going to say "Probably not"

>He doesnt based Lord Soth

>lord Sothlike
Nah, not really. I haven't read the LN yet but I'm caught up with the Manga. He's mostly just a generic good-guy protagonist who happens to be skeletonized.

Sorry I'm not into Dragonlance?

Series is fun.

Skelebro robs the fuck out of the evil slavers (and manages to convince the elf girl he's with that it's a good move), then gets his ass kicked by the Elven girl's mom.

>Read it boys

I've read it. I'm starting to hate it now. The fun at first was that he was a skeleton. People should fear him even he doesn't want people to. If he manage to change back to human, I'm dropping this.

I hear he doesn't stay a skelly for very long

>back to human
He manages to change back to a dark elf.

This is nothing like overlord except for a skeleton protagonist.

Still a skeleton. He's just able to turn human temporarily for short spans of time.


>He manages to change back to a dark elf
Picked up again.


Can they really be called dark elfs when they are so fair skinned?

>Great Canada Forest

There's a cute animal sidekick.

It's just that it's a little fox thing and not the weird-ass hamster that was in Overlord.

But mostly yeah, skeleton protagonist.

>isekai thats not a stupid power fantasy and is more roleplaying and having fun
feels good man

What is the LoTR of isekai?

Well I mean it IS a power fantasy, the main character is pretty OP, but at the same time he got his ass handed to him by the elf lady's mom because he has all the skills and teleports and power but doesn't really know how to use them and how to fight properly.

But yeah, it's just about having fun and playing with cute fox and apparently there will be a catgirl ninja in the party eventually which is all good.

best part is that he's not an autist.
he's just a roleplayer, shits fun

He's an actual dark skinned dark elf. he just reverts to his default (normal) darkelf character before the skeleton costume. Doing so actually almost kills him the first time too.[/spoiler]

>not an autist

He kind of is, and kind of isn't. When he isn't fleshy most of his emotions are locked. When he is fleshy he's pretty normal.

>>Mc's growths make him feel as if he were really fucking high and autistic
So, did you like mr.lyle?


Chill dude its just me

Can we just nuke the anime Twitter crowd please? Do fascist isekai even exist?

>He's just able to turn human temporarily for short spans of time.

Solid goblin would be that one honored rival character to GS if he was still alive that is

>using (((Twitter)))

He's not a skeleton. It's also shit.

maybe he got isekaid to gs world

Would he help GS purge the gobs?

he would help him to improve the situation on both sides and aim for peace, maybe geneticly engineering the gobs so they wont produce a million offsprings

>Temp dick restoration
Repicked up.

>not using a bone to bone

The classic ur-example of the genre that everyone rips off in a shallow and uninspired manner?
Unironically LoTR. Despite it not being an isekai. Because most isekai are just pulp fantasy with a mechanic to introduce a particularly self inserty protagonist. The vast majority of their contents just rips off LoTR like every other shitty fantasy. Except for the cat girls I guess, western fantasy doesn't have many of those.

Last I heard, he is only able to maintain human form for a few seconds; he can cast Anti-Curse on himself to grow flesh again, but it disappears almost immediately. When he finds a curse removing spring, he tries to bathe in it, but he turns back into a skeleton as soon as he exits the spring. I guess he could indulge in some lewd water sports in the magic spring?

When he drinks the water he stays for a few hours an elf

Nobody rips off Tolkien, stop talking about shit you have no idea about. Japanese fantasy would be much better if they even tried to rip off Tolkien.

He's no longer in FOX.

Even worse. He is nigger elf.
Not a dark elf, just elf with dark skin

>Not a dark elf, just elf with dark skin
So, a japanese dark elf.

What's the difference between a dark elf and an elf who is dark?

Twitter needs to be nuked as a whole.

>what's the LotR of isekai
>LotR, despite not being an isekai
Do you have any idea how this works you little shit?

I was pretty skeptical of it being gookshit and all, but the scholar's reincarnation has a pretty sweet mood.

>ripping off tokien
no you tard they rip off games that were ripping off him

rip my butt

The same like a nigger and black man

Dark Elves are lilac there unless Arianne is a albino, meanwhile Arc is actually brown.

>like Overlord, but without all the evil and with a cute animal sidekick.
Thanks, but i'll pass on another generic slice of isekai romcom

>the porcs already knew about crop rotation in Tsuki-Ga
Fucking amazing.

no wonder overlordfags are the snk equivalent of isekai fandoms

As opposed to another overpowered edgemaster but actually sometimes he's not edgemaster except when he is generic powerfantasy?

Worst part about Overlord is easily all the edgy stuff, purely because of the kind of fanbase it attracts

And the MC doesn't even have a token excuse to be an edgelord, he simply is because that's what his minions expects him to be and blames his lack of morals on being undead, as if being unfeeling instantaneously gives you free card to be a cunt.

>Like Overlord

No, for once the skelly is the MC of its own series.

Protty fun, frog bro is best bro.

On chapter 9,thanks for telling me about this

>Comic artist known mostly for drawing dick girl romance

Its like pottery.

I wonder if the dragon kings are going to push the cardinal's shit in

>other world mangas: fascism

>no levels
>no status screens
>no XP
>humans cant do magic

Its shit

it's just another one of those nutters who thinks any form of hierarchy is "fascism"
>ranks? Fascist!
>titles? Fascist!
>nobility? Fascist!
>qualifications? Fascist!
>talent? Fascist!
>competition? Fascist!
>money? Fascist!
>work? Fascist!

I don't think patriotic nationalism was even a major ideology in Europe during the medieval era in which all these isekai are set, until the French Revolution came around and kicked it all off, in which case it was also often at odds with monarchism because of situations like all the different ethnicities in the Austrian Empire not wanting to be ruled by the Austrian emperor but instead wanting to become independent republics of nation-states. I'm not sure the author knows the first bit of what he's talking about.

>skeleton Bro
>without all the evil
Then what is the point, user? It's just another generic isekai shit where the mainchar is a overpowered moralfag who goes around helping people and they worship him like Jesus. It's too embarrassing to read.

>a cunt.
He's literally working to create a utopia for all races. Try to name a more noble goal.

>and they worship him like Jesus
Thats overlord

How would you make Naofumi happy?

He'll let me take Firo if I become his best bro right?

You don't get to pretend to have shame if you're consuming anime and anime related stuff.

it's nothing like overlord
it's a generic isekai with the mc looking like a skeleton
he still acts the exact same way as your everyday isekai protagonist

The Eradication of all goblins

>Try to name a more noble goal
Getting revenge on those have wronged you and the world that fucked you.

get him a real bro

Destroying the world and making a new

>Implying I wouldn't be a true bro to Naofumi
Father in law is a cool guy.

Any of you fucks reading the isekai where MC is and adventurer that is raising a little girl that is literally Yotsuba?

and the little girl happens to be a succubus?

Well, since this is the isekai thread.


>and the little girl happens to be a succubus?

I will, once you kindly provide the name of the series user.

kek communistic ants

The translations die in chapter 3 but the manga raws go over 30 IIRC

Please tell me she doesn't evolve

It was fun, because MC manages to get control of the colony in a way that resembles the Russian revolution, except he spares the queen and isn't a murdering bastard like Lenin.

29-sai Dokushin Chuuken Boukensha no Nichijou

The MC just wants more money, and rallying them up is his way to exploit them.

She doesn't change much.

Hasn't happened yet in translated novel but she met someone who had evolved and apparently evolution is required for breaking her rather low level cap so she probably does evolve at some point.

That doesn't refute the point

Working to create a utopia for humanity alone.

>The MC just wants more money, and rallying them up is his way to exploit them.
So its really communism kek

>Father In Law
Nice try, spear guy.

more like judaism but we being in this place you will probably say that they are one and the same

Yes, she becomes a busty onee-sama.

Motoyasu? What about him? I heard he's a cool guy. He even BTFO the pig.

that's a cute Fran you got there