There's a new chapter.... Really anticlimactic, Miura seems rushing it.
Oh well, at least we'll get closure soon.



Have you been in cryosleep?

>rushing it

Lmfao I know right, he might be working slow but really wants to get it over with. This whole dream segment was really linear and predictable. I was expecting fucked up shit like the broken doll in the beginning.


Just marathoned 150 chapters, so never had to witness the waiting till now

>Miura seems rushing it.

At first I wanted to disagree and mention he just makes less hiatuses as of late but after thinking it through. That certainly could be several chapters longer looking at past arcs.

Feels rushed because Miura moved the plot forward in a matters of months while we've been stuck waiting for years for the plot to move.
The boat arc took too long, had the Golden Age taken that long, the Eclipse would have felt rushed as well.

God I hate you people so much.
The whole dream "arc" everyone was spamming the threads with "casca is back next chapter right?" and "miura is dragging this shit too much", and now that it's done the new shitpost is going to be "he's rushing". Fuck all of you.

It's only been what, a few decades? Geez, slow down Miura.

terrible art

Thank you, Sup Forums is the worst place for Berserk discussions, everyone just acts like a faggot. These same fools will go on a One Piece thread and praise Cup Cake island or whatever the fuck is going on in that trash series .

Good to see you onboard

If you want actually worthwhile discussions about berserk, visit

Is there a list of what brushes he uses?

Jesus Christ this made me laugh more than expected

i remember signing up for that site back in 2011 or something. fucking niggers didn't even accept my application so i stayed here waiting for the boat to burn

no u

What's going to be the catch to Casca's un-retardation?
Hard Mode: No Griffith forgiveness

Having to deal with the pain and trauma of remembering, like guts. Well, plus the rape.

Yea, could've fleshed out the whole eclipse memory, with Schierk and Farnese getting their minds btfo, with Guts cutting his arm off and shit. Instead, they didn't even include the memory of Griffith saving Casca from rape, pretty fucking important to gain an understanding how fucked up it was and what he meant to her.

Miura has softened up. I wonder if he's just going to give us a happy ending at this point just to please us. Guts and Casca a happy family and the Hawk jacking off in his kingdom to the demon fights and orgies

roasties don't care about the sacrifices men make for them, why would she remember?

Moonlight Boy and Farnese will have to bail her the fuck out and get her to pull her head out of her ass. She's probably going to fucked in the head like Guts is.

>Roasties don't care
>Literally dedicated her whole life to serving Griffith because of that
brainlet detected.

what sacrifice did Griffith ever make for Casca?

>memory of Griffith saving Casca from rape

damn i forgot about that...shits fucked up on a whole lot of levels

>Casca remembers Judeau's death
Does that mean she's pure?

>Well, plus the rape.

Appropriate. Nice

nah, one of the girls I am fucking makes fun of the orbiter who tried to kill himself because she wouldn't date him

a little offtopic, but what is the secret to being succesful with women? just stop caring about them or wwhat?

>just stop caring about them or wwhat?
basically yes just detach your emotions completely and view them as flesh puppets, keep your feelings for your waifu or your pet or something

Nice blog.

stay mad Judeau

that makes me a little sad, why do women have to be so heartless?

Did you forget which board you're on? Not /r9k/.

I mean, Guts's rape is not as fresh as hers will be, since it didn't happen during the eclipse and all.

In 2 volumes we've had Elfhelm, Flowerstorm King(Queen) and Casco being cured. Compare that to the slow ass Sea God arc

>Miura seems rushing it.
the anons who died waiting for years want to have a word with you


Sounds like you two deserve eachother

>Miura seems rushing it
Yeah better let the man take another break or something.

Casca was never raped.

Casca's a fucking shit, Guts survived the same and worse and didn't become a retarded wreck. I'm sure if Griffith raped him instead he'd just get up ready to fight like nothing happened.

anons have died waiting for guts to get off the boat. he better keep on rushing it so we can see the ending fast

Aww fuck. mangaseeonline is dead

great, now i cant read Dark Horse scans

Buy the volumes.

i dont have money

ah fuck it, dark horse doesnt even translate the latest chapters anyway

Get job.
Buy the volumes.

Caska looks at Guts. It is a tense moment. Bottled up emotions long forgotten are fighting to surface in both of them. Neither is sure how to act, or what to say. After a long moment of silence, guts opens his lips as if to speak. But he is quickly interrupted by Caska before he can utter a word.

"Sorry, I don't date amputees"


that would be just depressing

Well, it was still rape, but not that fucked up I mean, not to downplay it, but a single baldheaded nigger kinda pales in comparison to 300 otherworldly monsters.

also really loved how Guts killed him literally the next day or something.

Most sensible opinion on rape I've read on the internet

how many people have died not knowing how berserk will end? makes me sad to realize despite not being old i could still be one of them

>slow ass Sea God arc
see there's your problem...

Casca was never raped.


Guts will form the band of the Wolf, there will be a 20 year war between them and Griffith's guys, and then it ends with pic related. Screencap this.

I'm just glad she finally woke up

As you are a relative newblood, I have to ask: do the later arcs feel rushed to you compared to the older ones?

trips of truth
fags saying she enjoyed it are retarded and bitter incels

>22 years

You can rush and still be a slow fuck. If he stopped right now, then in 20 years released a chapter with Erica suddenly having a mini berserker armor and kicking apostle ass somehow, it's both rushing and being slow