Seven Deadly Sins

Chapter 256: The Piercing Holy Sword

Dumping Korean scans:


Didnt mean to spoiler the previous pic










Chandler´s indura form looks a little too silly.






And that's the chapter.

This face means everything

What was even the point? Thanks for the dump.


Nakaba shouldn't have made Arthur stabbing himself so dramatic when everyone knows that a goddess with hax healing abilities is standing right next to him.

How many years do you think it'll take for Ban to steal Mel's emotions? How long was Merlin's dad in there again for a single minute?

It's dramatic because nobody will be able to pull the sword out of Arthur and he'll have to be frozen for 40 years until Merlin figures out how to save him. Thus leading to the Arthur manga sequel

What a lucky bastard Arthur is.

This, no one else can unstab Arthur except Arthur and he's too busy dying.

>It's dramatic because nobody will be able to pull the sword out of Arthur
Didn't think of that for some reason.

6 Deadly Sins and Merlin Ex Machina

So Arthur will have to prove his worth by being the only one who can pull Excalibur from his frozen body?

>escanor getting legitimately jealous over a kid
My sides. What a pathetic little cuck.

Dont understand this. How come the demons now wipe the floor with Arthur?
Wasnt he supposed to be OP?
The fuck is happening?

BTW, why is arthur even suprised the demons still live? he should know of the bullshit-level regeneration of the demons already.

So Arthur and Merlin are now protagonists?

Merlin is going to get forever owned anyway when Arthur gets betrayed by Lancelot and killed by his own son and his dumb sword gets broken.

Yeah, a single minute, iirc he looked like he aged 50 years or so.
Given that Ban is there for at least 24 hours (and lets lowball the timedifference to 10 years), that would mean 60*60*24 = 86400 seconds * 10 = 864k years.

So....Ban is now 288 times older than Meliodas.

You get this wrong user. Lord Escanor isnt jealous. He is sad that Merlin is not following the only right path of praising the sun \[T]/.
Lord Escanor just wants what is best for her.

Ban when he gets back from purgatory.

All Arthur has is just a special sword. I believe he hasn't even awakened his magic or some shit. He will be OP when he gets his shit together but for now he's just a child with a sword

They got caught off guard for a bit with Arthur's sudden mastery of a sword techniques but Arthur was never in their power range. He just can't tank as much as demons.

Wasn't it stated that a minute in the real world was a year in purgatory. Merlin's dad looked worn down because the conditions there are extremely inhospitable.
Still, seeing as Ban will likely be there until the last second, he'll be around the same age as Meliodas when he comes out. He better get the mother of all power ups from this shit.

Maybe this Arthur isn't the real one and another guy named Arthur will show up in the sequel to pull the sword from the body of this shitter

Because of a pact with an ancient demon, the end of every chapter of every shounen must be a cliffhanger.
His hands are tied.

Escanor is too old for Merlin
Arthur is in her age range

Isn't merlin a 3000 thousand year old loli?

and Arthur is a shota. Your point?

How could this happen to meeeeeee!

She is actually closer to escanor's age if anything.

If its a minute = a year than with 24 hours Ban has been in Purgotory for 1440 years. Just one more day and he will be on Meliodas's age which is actually kind of fitting given that Elizabeth now only has 2 more days to live.

Escanor is like a child to her age wise as well. He's 40 while she' s in her 1000's.

Arthur is not a shota, he looks 15 at the youngest

A want a Merlin mommy gf too

>be immune to commandments
>get owned by pantomime

ArthurxEscanor confirmed. Leave that roastie whore Merlin for the gutter

I am not denying the massive age gap between the two, but between Arthur and Escanor, Escanor us closer to Merlin's age even if utbis like only less than a percent closer.

So why is Escanor making that face? At this point it shouldn't be a surprise to him that Merlin cares so much a bout Arthur. The kid is practically her son.

3000 vs 40. Thats a difference of 75 times. Its like a 1 year old loving a 75 year old granny.

Not always. Pretty sure some there are some shounenshit manga where they don't always end chapters with cliffhangers.

Yeah episodic ones like gintama can have conclusive chapters at the ends of arcs, but cliffhangers really are a staple of serialised manga.

I see, the guy drawing the fake spoilers had time to draw a whole fake chapter and koreans ate it all up. I won't belive Arthur didn't destroy the demons till the ofical CR chapters rolls out.

Is this manga even dominated by multiple significiant age gap romances or something? That's quite a feat.

Nakaba, the author is known for his /ss/ fetish

Merlin will clone Arthur. Or take his sperm and give birth to Mordred so he can pull the sword out of his father's body.

>but cliffhangers really are a staple of serialised manga.
Only if they have linear plots (which many shounenshit usually are), which is probably what you meant.

Kind of. Meliodas/Elizabeth, Ban/Elaine and King/Diane all have some wacky age stuff going on. Merlin and Arthur have a mother son relationship otherwise they'd be the biggest age gap couple in the story. Ironically, the oldest looking one in the group is the youngest being a mere 40 years old compared to the other who are hundreds and thousands of years old.

After that, every sin will be at least around 1000 years old.
Except for Escanor. What if Escanor is Mael's reincarnation, that's why he has the grace? But he can't awaken fully, because Estarossa has part of Mael's soul (and some of his memories). Maybe after the Escanor vs Estarossa rematch, they will fuse and Mael returns, like how Godizabeth returned. That way, the sins really will be one of a kind: Mel for demon, Diane for giant, King for fairy, Escanor/Mael for goddess, Ban for undead, Gowther for doll and Merlin for human.

I don't think Escanor is Mael's reincarnation. If he was then surely one of the Archangels would have noticed it? I'm sure this all ties in with pic related. I hope we get some explanation to who she is soon.

> manlet with 2'-2.5' arms impales himself with 4' longsword


It's a magic sword.

>He doesn't know the secret human technique that old kings used to kill themselves
Do you even apex of humanity?

This is funny to me, for some reason.

But it's also kind of dumb.

I'm glad Cath managed to save himself. Something tells me Merlin wouldn't have bothered doing anything that might have risked exfiltrating Arthur.

> Go Go Gadget Arms

who says I don't?

Arthur's magic is actually just stretchy arms.

That would literally make the Escanorfags explode in rage, and the Arthurfags jizz into their pants out of joy.

Good. Also at the same time, when Ban comes back, make his power up useless, make Diane forget her memories again, make King quit the sins to cry in a corner, have Gowther's heart stolen by the demons, have Merlin lose her immunities and petrified again and then make peak Mel actually lose to awakaned Arthur.
Please Nakaba, I want to see the fanbase burn.

Why is Merlin freaking out?

We don't know the extent of Cusack's power yet. Maybe no one but him can pull off the sword.

>Cusack uses his powers to stab Arthur everytime Elizabeth heals him
>Elizabeth can't heal him because ''Excalibur too OP'' or some shit like that
>Meliodas appears and snatches Elizabeth away again
>Elizabeth just heals the would like it's nothing
Choose your scenario

>implying it just can be healed

Why is Cusack making that face?

Arthur cut his mustache

implying escanor cant just overpower the pleb human one for all sword thingy.

I dont see why it can't. I mean, those demons just insta-regenerated.

If anything, they'll say that nobody can pull the sword of manlet's body, so he'll keep dying if they try to heal him.

Rosa must be a goddess, but I can´t imagine why Escanor ended having the grace.

Who knows, maybe Mael faked his death and ran away from the battle years ago.

Rosa probably recovered the grace from Mael's dead body, but barely escaped the sealing before she could give it back to the archangels. Then she had pity on poor bullied kid Escanor and gave him the grace so he can defend himself.

Perhaps Rosa’s true name is Rhitte, a ‘Maiden who loved the sun’?

That makes sense until the last part, giving a kid one of the most powerfull graces to stop a bully seems overkill. Maybe Escanor´s life depends of the grace, even if it will eventually kill him.

>have the strongest blessing
>Being chased and going to die
>See a whimpy kid
>decides to give him the blessing and not use it on yourself to save yourself
I would laugh if this were really the case but it seems to fanfic to actually happen

I don´t know, unlike comandments, blessings seem like powers that could destroy its own user if that person is too weak to have it or there isn´t a good chemistry.

Could be that the grace choose Escanor and went to him, and Rosa got intrested in Escanor after he got the grace.

Incompetent demon can't even aim properly at the heart.

I would also want to make a brat that messed up my chinese moustache suffer as much time as possible.

Please, it's fucking Escanor, Nakaba will cooks up some explanation about how Sunshine was only holding his true power back or something.

Watch as Arthur comes back alive with all of the skills of the Heroes on the sword passed onto him without the need of the sword. Little do they know that the way to inherit those skills at 100% is to stab himself with the sword.


With Arthur's arms so much shorter than the sword it is even physically impossible for him to stab himself. Guess that one slipped off the author's mind.

About Escanor, Nakaba confirmed that his original kingdom doesn´t longer exists, I wonder why is that.

Maybe Escanor´s sin is that after seeing something like Rosa being killed he threw away all his pride and turned the whole place to ashes, all people included, then he blocked that memory (Nakaba would do that, he loves memory problem thingies) Also Denzel´s power would have been great to corfirm that in a dramatic way.


Arthur's magic is called Gomu Gomu no Mi.

Arthur may have lost the fight but he sure won over Escanor, just look at how he savors those Merlin tits.