Darling in the FranXX

I’m starting to get tired and deeply disappointed with that anime.

While Hiro and Ichigo continue to get deep and beautiful scenes

Hiro and 02 continue get comedy scenes in the best style ”To Love-ru” and IS: Infinite Stratos.

it’s really hard to take this anime seriously.

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should tell you where this is going. its all subtext. 02 is the crush. the hot girl you wanna nail. strawberry is the soulmate who you want to spend your future with. this is so incredibly common its not even funny. happens all the fucking time, especially in mecha.

>Deep and beautiful scene
>"Oh, look! Shooting stars, what are you saying again?"
>"You are awful."
>comedy scenes in the best style ”To Love-ru” and IS: Infinite Stratos.
>The very first scene when he was pulled into the cockpit by 02 while Awakening played
>The scene where they traded their life viewpoints above the golden city in ep 3
>The whole chasing scene where Hiro defied orders of what essentially his life pillar organization to chase after 02
>The whole ending scene of ep 5
>Almost every scene between them in ep 6

Ichicucks are fucking hilarious

fuck tlrfag

People are obviously unhappy because their bullshit didn't panout. Now we are in the slippery slope of anime tropes that gives Ichigo the development she requires because she's stopped rushing shit with Hiro. 02 in the end is like CC though, always around and faithful, despite everyone misgivings of her.

I'm afraid 02 will die and ichifags have this one in the bag. It's so obvious.

From Zero Two HERO

>zero two is a shallow stacy succubus
>ichigo has deep meaningful relationship with the MC

this is wrong how?

All of Hiro's meaningful scenes have been with 02, not Ichigo.

You mean the walk on the beach. Or the group hug or the campfire that 02 was not a part of.

Not to mention 02 tried to bully ichigo.

>While Hiro and Ichigo continue to get deep and beautiful scenes
Tell me one more supposed beautiful scene between these two aside from pic related. There's literally nothing.

did you only watch the beach episode?

>taking anime seriously

The walk on the beach had no meaning for Hiro, though. If anything, it felt like he didn't care at all. It was build up for another joke of her getting interrupted again. Which so far is basically her entire character. For Hiro, the scene had no meaning. I would argue the other scenes didn't really have much meaning for him either except him seemingly beginning to doubt in PAPA. Other than that, it was just your generic feel good moment during downtime and that he's part of the crew, which we've already known.
Although happy, feel good moments without any real meaning is most of episode 7 in my opinion. At least the parts on the beach.

Well 002 is going to die, in the end. We need more memories with Ichigo

Have you like ever thought about that her not being there is meaningful in itself.

For someone who seem to have paid an awful lot of attention to that episode you did not grasp the meaning behind Hiro & Zero Two's interactions?

People like you remind me again and again why I directly assume the problem is with the viewer rather than the show itself.

>zero two went to swim
>hiro stayed behind with old friends and walked with ichigo

really makes you think

We have to admit defeat 02bros. I love 02 but we had a good run and it's time to accept that Ichigo is obviously going to win.

I'm scared, 02bros.

02 is ugly and boring, ichigo is winning this

Do I really need to spell it out for you? Cause it does not seem you're able to grasp anything beyond what the show throws at you on face value.

Now that Hiro survived the infamous 3rd ride, he has proven himself in Zero Two's eyes. Noticed how she calls him her "wing?" This refers to the Jian motif and if you think back to Episode 1, she described their way of life as profoundly beautiful. The wing in the context describes her other half, her soulmate pretty much on which she can rely on and never part from. This is supported by her words that they'll stay together forever.

Then this whole thing with the kiss & love happens. She clearly teases Hiro with the kiss that was clearly special to him even though he can't understand why. What does that mean? She wants him to do the first step and kiss her or to be more general, she wants him to find out about this level of emotional intimacy that these kids are completely unfamiliar with.

She also distances herself from the group because firstly she is well aware that they are all disposable units in Ape's eyes and will die sooner or later anyway, secondly from her discrimination she has never learned how to properly socialize within a group and lastly she knows that if she stays around him he'll only have harder to find his way back into the group.

She told him that she would go swim, part of her wanted him to join her without her outright saying it like "Oh? I'll tag along" but another part of her wanted to give him space to integrate himself again.

yfw ichigo wins da hiro bowl

I think this is the problem with 002 and why she feels a little shallow. We know the inner thought of Ichigo but not 002

>this is what 02 fags aactually think

holy shit LMAO

Let's be real here, they wouldn't spend so much time on Ichigo's feelings for Hiro just for a couple of "joke" moments. The only possible explanation is that they're gonna kill off 02 and have Ichigo replace her.

Yes definitely. I do not know if 002 will prove to be evil but for sure she will sacrifice herself so that Hiro and Ichigo can end together.100%

Stampede mode is the trick card and exists for a reason.

Ichigo is gonna get cucked and have a mental breakdown.

>being this delusional

02 went swimming because she does not give a crap about anyone else, which matches perfectly with the selfish behavior she's had since the very beginning. Even towards Hiro.

She's officially a member of Plantation 13 squad, she's gonna spend most of her time with them, and up until now she has done zero effort to interact with anyone but Hiro (except bullying Ichigo). The beach was a perfect occasion to strengthen the bonds between the team (chances are they were sent for that reason), and she has done nothing to try to fit in.

Granted, muh discrimination muh I am a monster muh some flashback will try to justify her behaviour, but she's still a selfish cunt, both in the battlefield (Plantation 26 guys and Mitsuru clearly saying that she doesn't care at all about the well being of stamens or other pilots in general, herself being ok with her "darling" dying if he could not stand the dinoaids) and in daily life.

Also, why the fuck would Hiro need some space to integrate himself. They are all childhood friends. If anything, 02 should try to integrate with the team.

But keep reading too hard to justify a shitty character.

>hur dur why my ship wont sail

When will Mitsuru impregnate Kokoro?
My guess is episode 11.

>M-muh waifu is getting sh-shafted!
fuck off, the entire plot revolving around Ichigo has been rehashed and done a thousand times, and a thousand times better than this. 02 is a breath of fresh air

Are you forgetting Hiro and Oni haven't even known each other for that long, while Ichigo and Hiro are childhood friends? Give the OTP time.

This is why Ichigo shouldn't get shit from Hiro. As soon as she gets one nice moment Ichigofags start talking shit.
We know for sure 02 wanted either Hiro to come with her, or to be part of the group because of the shot of her looking at them longingly.

>deep and meaningful moments
Ichigo and Hiro's interactions are always the same: Ichigo initiates conversation, Ichigo tries to push for something more than small talk between friends, and Hiro (sometimes 02) diffuses or terminates it before she ever reaches her goal. Every. Single. Time.

This episode. Hiro was ready to go on his own before Ichigo got herself in his way, they spoke about stars before Ichigo tried to push the conversation into a more sentimental vibe, but Hiro, intentionally or not, interrupted her.
Beginning of episode 6. Ichigo started the interaction, set up by Goro, fumbled for their interaction to continue and once she's ready to make something more of it, Hiro was sidetracked by 02 just passing by. Then she got sisterzoned by a Hiro who didn't perceive the conversation to be nothing special.
Ep 5. Ichigo approaches Hiro trying to fix his uniform, they share a bit of friendly banter that goes nowhere, but are quickly interrupted by 02 stealing Hiro's attention.
Ep 2. It's Ichigo -again- who pushes Hiro to pilot with her, it's Ichigo -again- who insists on searching for a solution and making something more of their failure and it's Hiro -again- who shots down any possibility of there been anything else than friendship between them by disparaging the kiss.
Hell, the very first scene of the first episode focused on Hiro starts with Hiro receiving an email from Ichigo he promptly ignores.

Their relationship's painfully one-sided. Ichigo is always the active force, with Hiro only ever going along with her and only to an extent. He never initiates anything. The depth of those scenes only falls on Ichigo, not Hiro or their relationship. Meanwhile, Hiro and 02 are more even; sure, 02's the more active of the two, but Hiro willingly approaches her which was the point of ep 4.

>this thread


There were some bits for Hiro too, the most clear is the fact that 02 wants him to initiate and to kiss her, but he still doesn't quite understand what love and kissing are.

02 is just using Hiro. It's pretty clear from her inner monologue at the end of episode 06.

Ichigofags are delusional cancer. This thread is terrible.


[gay silence]

What is he planning to do?

There is absolutely NO WAY for Ichigo/Hiro to happen. Even if 02 died. Hiro even blushed more at Nine alpha than he ever did with Ichigo.


He blushed more when fricking Zerome went to kiss him.

Very gay Piano duet.


put an end to this 02/Ichigo war, obviously


>Darling in the Fucks
>take this anime seriously
In epsiode 2 Hiro was driving a training robot that had a fucking RUBBER ARSE for a dashboard. I think you might be watching this cartoon wrong.

Goro is too good for her.

oh god, I didn't notice that, this shit is too good

There were plenty of good Oni/Hiro scenes in the previous episodes. Besides this is 24 episodes. The heavy hitting parts are still coming. Zero Two opening up, telling her backstory.

>lower numbers are better parasites
>dat gookspeak translation

what could it mean

>this. Everytime something serious happens in this show I remember this and I can't

Idiots, this anime is going to follow the Guilty Crown route. For everyone saying that 02 will die think about this.

If this is really going the Guilty Crown way this means that Ichigo will also die. Remember that girl (I think its Hare) who died trying to save Shuu? That will happen to Ichigo. And if you aren't a speedwatcher then you should know that Hiro and 02 will merge they souls to become a single one like Shuu and Inori.

This will be the new headcanon.

If we throw out ntr-bullshit, will these two continue piloting together?

Ikuno and Fat are too shit, they should have been partners since the start

I don't think anyone actually believes Ichigo has a shot. I don't think Ichigo herself thinks she has a shot, it's exactly because she knows it that she grasps for fake reasons to make herself remain close to Hiro:
>I'm your sister, Hiro, we have to be close
>don't give 02 all your attention, give me some too because I'm your leader
>now that I heard from 02 that kissing is special, when I kissed you was so special to me!
>forget that I cried after
>forget that I wiped my mouth after
>forget that I called you awful
She is lying to Hiro, probably because she is lying to herself by not accepting that Hiro doesn't share the kind of feelings she has for him and by pushing forward in desperation. She knows it's not about being his sister or his leader but she says it anyway because she has to grasp at something. She brings up their terrible kiss because she heard how special it's supposed to be and if it's supposed to be special, it might be something she can convince Hiro with.

Ichigo is a good character because apparently they put actual thought into how she behaves and what could cause her to behave this way, but the road she's heading down doesn't look pretty, for her especially.

Or maybe, I dunno, she understands she lost but she doesn't want Hiro to leave her entirely. She wants him around because she cares and he's important to her.
Which actually, would fit with what Doc was warning Hiro about. To not just abandon himself in favor of 02. Part of that would be maintaining his friendships and relationships that aren't the Oni, including Ichigo.

I dunno, I think if you rewatch it, the parts with her claiming the kiss was special might imply she's still trying to play the Hiro bowl, but that last scene isn't as clear cut as it might seem.

Yes. They might not be a couple but they are still partners and I doubt adults will allow them to switch just because they feel like that way. The Mitsuru/Kokoro subplot seems to be inevitable at this point, but I still believe that at the end Ikuno and Mitsuru will warm up to each other and have stable relationship.

Not that guy but how else do you even interpret it? That user is pretty spot on, and just like he said, does it even need to be spelled out?
The only real alternative interpretation would be to still insist that 02 is some kind of psychopathic monster that cares nothing about anyone or anything aside from herself. And the show keeps showing that is not the case.

A cute

is cuckold japan fetish or world fetish why Sup Forums support cuckold now

I mean, I agree with all you're saying. But my point was that their interactions are mostly superficial and any and all emotional investment is solely carried by Ichigo. Not Hiro, not their relationship as a potential romantic pair.

One cannot say that their relationship is "deep and meaningful" when one half of it doesn't give two shit about it beyond friendship. They're meaningful for Ichigo, although mostly with negative connotations, but they're not meaningful as a unit because Hiro doesn't care about her that way.

It's not NTR.


she put her ass in his face all the time and now gonna do that to another man isnt that NTR

She is not fucking nor dating fatass even if he the fucker is delusional about it, she can do whatever she wants.

I really enjoy Mitsuru. I feel like I can relate to him. Not many characters have my wicked sense of humour.

At least meme with a character who actually has a sense of humour.

You won't be able to take 02 and Hiro seriously until she starts using his actual name.

darling is getting cucked

chubby touched her with licked finger, so she is his wife now

are you one of that austic bobos, that call girl a slut just because she is nice to everyone?

Yeah he is my fave along with Goro and the manlet

How can you all care so much about which completely 1-dimensional animu girl the 0-dimensional protagonist is in a non-relationship with?

This show keeps flirting with being interesting what with the giant robots and post-apocalypse and clones and such but then it immediately veers off into pointless bullshit.


What happens if you take her out for enjo kousai 3 times?

Ne dahling, be sure to buy the special edition of Skyrim with all the dlc.

Delete this.

Soma Saito is the new top pick seiyuu for flaming faggots

I honestly think Ichigo is gonna win the Hiro-bowl unfortunately. There is no other reason why the writers would make her suffer so much.

When the MC would die to 'Get in' with another chick its time to give up


Yeah it's pretty damn shitty, I'm starting to actively hate it now



>02 went swimming because she does not give a crap about anyone else, which matches perfectly with the selfish behavior she's had since the very beginning. Even towards Hiro.
Do you honestly believe this? How could you even still think this?
>She's officially a member of Plantation 13 squad, she's gonna spend most of her time with them, and up until now she has done zero effort to interact with anyone but Hiro (except bullying Ichigo).
That goes both ways.

>and she has done nothing to try to fit in.
Why do you assume she has to take the first step? And why do you look down upon her as selfish for not doing so?
>Granted, muh discrimination muh I am a monster muh some flashback will try to justify her behaviour
So you realize the cause already? The group feels uncomfortable around 02. 02 realizes that. Likewise 02 feels uncomfortable in groups. And is aware of that.

>but she's still a selfish cunt, both in the battlefield (Plantation 26 guys and Mitsuru clearly saying that she doesn't care at all about the well being of stamens or other pilots in general, herself being ok with her "darling" dying if he could not stand the dinoaids) and in daily life.
Everyone who grows close to her dies. And just about everyone resents her for it. What do you expect? She does her best to rationalize life and death, which is understandable considering how closely tied to death her life is no matter how much she detests the fact. But yet at the same time we still see her fight hard for life and put effort into saving it in spite of how fragile and insignificant it supposedly is. Clearly she isn't all black or all white.

>Also, why the fuck would Hiro need some space to integrate himself. They are all childhood friends.
user. Have you forgotten about how Hiro had completely fallen out of the group? And how practically the entire group but with the reserved exceptions of Ichigo and Goro, they all regularly talked shit about him behind his back? He has needed/needs time and effort to get back into the group. Something that is more difficult with 02 right next to him what with how tense and on guard everyone tends to be around her.
>If anything, 02 should try to integrate with the team.
Arguably so. But as stated the group should also put an effort towards integrating 02 with the team. 02 is used to people hating her no matter what she does, and detesting her presence. No wonder she isn't putting much effort/initiative into becoming part of the group. Doubtful whether or not she even considers a group as accepting her as realistic or realizable in the first place.

I bet you people were the same shitposters talking about episode 3 being NTR, but now when it's Futoshi it's suddenly not.

Her name is 02 because she is second best girl

It seems that I fell in love with a dyke. What do I do about it?

I'm waiting for the episode where the first 3 pilot Franxx is made, and Ichigo/02 are fighting over who controls it

Nobody would deny this. Futoshi sucks. Who actually cares if he gets NTRed?

I get excited when I think Kokoro-chan is cuckold by Mitsuru.

>calm under pressure
>competent pilot
>takes care of Ichigo
>best bro to Hiro
>tries to be sincere to 02
>still can't understand his love for Ichigo
>all around good guy

I fear for Goro's safety

You need to become a little girl, user.
Do it for her.

It's so obvious from the writing that Ichigo will win Hiro. 02 has issues and just wants to kill dinos with her darling tool.
Sup Forums is a bunch of underage autists for not seeing this.