ITT: Post blatant ripoffs,, clones and copies of other shows

ITT: Post blatant ripoffs,, clones and copies of other shows.

>when you dont know what a ripoff is
best guess is you havent even watched any of those shows.

Anime is incredibly derivative, who knew?

I never said that any of the ones I posted were ripoffs.

clone essentially means the exact same thing, genius. it claimed for something to be a 1:1 copy. unfortunate that none of the shows in your picture have similarities beyond surface level. but you wouldnt be aware of that since, as i stated before, you clearly havent watched them. also: calling snk, nge or madoka "originals" clearly shows that you have no clue what youre talking about.


Literally none of those are ripoffs.

Blatant Madoka ripoff.

Why did they turn Kyubey into a prancing la-la homo man

Going by just the first three episodes, Kabaneri was poised to be an actual Attack on Titan killer, but I've never seen a show lose steam so hard afterwards.
Last ep was just horrendous and if you watched it back to back with the first you wouldn't think you were watching the same show.
It's like someone came up with a really good idea for a setting and characters, and left the story to a dart board.

Kabaneri is at least an "admitted clone", though.

Rahxephon and YuYuYu are the thinking man's Evangelion and Madoka

More like EVA and Madoka for hipsters.

I do like YuYuYu, though.

Kabaneri was just made by the entire SnK staff crew because they were bored waiting for the signal to start making Season 2 of SnK. I don't think it was meant to kill SnK, just kill time for the staff.

Please, YuYuYu has way less depth than Madoka.

It has likeable characters. That's got to count for something

When will we get a series like Attack on Titan or Kabaneri but without the main character having some sort of super power?

I don't really get why people compare YuYuYu to Madoka so frequently, especially when both have completely opposite themes. Madoka is about self-sacrifice while YuYuYu is about how self-sacrifice is bullshit.

Just because they're both mahou shoujo series with a dark twist, doesn't mean they're on the same boat.

im@s ripped off xenoglossia

you gotta understand. if two shows share a subgenre, then one of them has to be a ripoff. especially when it comes to NGE and Madoka, since we all know that they invented mecha and mahou shoujo respectively.

Devilman Crybaby ripped off Eva

>Dragonball z

>One piece

RahXephon isn't at all comparable to EVA. For starters, whereas EVA puts its mindscrews and 2deep4u symbolism mainly into the movie, RahXephon has it going from get go.

Didn't EVA rip off the Devilman manga first?

devilwho? Anno invented mecha and christian symbolism in anime. what the hell are you on about?

Glad we agree, user.

Anno basically founded modern Christianity

Wow.... I guess RahXephon might seem that way at first glance but the other two are nothing alike.

Bleach is more a ripoff of Yuyu Hakusho

Another soul who remembers Xenoglossia. High five!

The sad thing is that if Faust ever gets an anime adaptation for some reason, people will say it's a Madoka ripoff unironically

They are both very much the same and nothing alike. And Raxephon wouldn't even exist without eva.

pretty bold statement.

Pick one.

So you want walking dead: the anime, with giant zombies?

Anno Domini - The Domain of Anno


If Madoka hadn't happened, then all of those dark magical girl shows would not have happened. It's a clone that rides on the popularity of the original.

Actual dbz ripoff coming through

>but the other two are nothing alike.
Kabaneri is literally attack on titan. Like you have to be blind and delusional not to see that.

>Post clones

It can't be a clone if the only similar thing between the two shows are the fact that they belong in this dark magical girl subgenre (which wasn't invented by Madoka, by the way) and nothing more. That's like saying Madoka is a Princess Tutu or Utena clone.

No, it wouldn't exist without Raideen.

Which is fun, because most of the franchise consists of retellings of the exact same story. They just kept getting more and more retarded as time went on.

>Going by just the first three episodes, Kabaneri was poised to be an actual Attack on Titan killer
I kinda disagree on that. Aside from the seemingly higher production values nothing it delivered was that much better than SnK: even comparing the first episode of both shows (which were awfully similar), SnK just leaves a much bigger impact with the dread of the titans and the iconic death of Eren's mom. Kabaneri was your run-of-the-mill zombie story with a somewhat likeable and nerdy MC, trains and cute girls. It worked well enough as an action flick (until fucking Biba was introduced) but it just didn't have what it takes to overtake a juggernaut like SnK, be it in its premise or its execution.

>and cute FIT girls

Good thing we'd have you to correct us uncultured swines

none of this would be a problem if people would at least acknowledge their own ignorance. its almost always the people who have no idea what they are talking about who happen to be the ones to call something a clone or ripoff.

Pretty interesting pornography intro

90% of all harems that came after this

Kabaneri had a chance to be better than Snk if the director didn't go full retard. The first three episodes were literally 10/10, but suddenly someone ate copious amounts of shrooms and decided the gritty apocalyptic steampunk zombie show would work better as mecha-lite pell-mell disaster, shattering any atmosphere and investment they had by introducing plot-devices that seemed to completely undo the first six episodes. All the over-the-top bullshit annihilated any sense of tension and realism and the main villain's motivations were so retarded it gave me an aneurysm.

How the FUCK did it get cleared for a second season

Why are japanese untalented?

something being original doesnt make it good. if you take ideas and make them better, then the superior product doesnt suddenly lose its value becasue you borrowed a concept. i dont get why americans are so fucking autistic about this.

Nah, Yahari rips off WA2

Oh shit I'm sorry

Popularity and sales if I had to take a guess

Sorry for what

Hard to believe it was once topping the charts. It dropped like a block of lead after episode six and just kept falling down, and every time you thought it couldn't get any worse, it just kept KEPT HAPPENING.

It's honestly one of the most infuriating anime series I've ever watched, simply because it could have been great if not for the writing suddenly becoming fan-fic tier after episode 6.

I sincerely doubt the second season will go over well. The well's already poisoned.

Unless they get their shit together especially in the early episodes, it'll probably flop

Or Samurai Zombies.

>Kabaneri was poised to be an actual Attack on Titan killer, but I've never seen a show lose steam so hard afterwards.
That explains why the newly released BD is in the bargain bin at Walmart

>"Yūki Yūna is a Madoka ripoff"
Somebody that obviously hasn't seen YuYuYu and is saying it's a ripoff because people call it that on the internet.

But Yuki Yuna is Evangelion rip-off not Madoka

If Madoka would not exist, all of the magical girl genre would be precure and maybe some experimental stuff. But thanks to Madoka we have YuYuYu, Selector, Daybreak illusion and Magical girl rising project. Those shows would not have happened if there was no Madoka.

Madoka wouldn't have happened if there was no Nanoha and if you don't believe that, you can ask the director Akiyuki Shinbō himself.

>Those shows would not have happened if there was no Madoka
so youre one of those famous time-travelers who explore different dimensions and timelines to find out which events have a certain level of impact on the future?

No I am not, but you are a retard.

like mecha wouldnt have been a thing if it hadnt been for MSG, right?

Getter robo is blatantly ripping off Gurren Lagann.

Yes, real robot mecha was kickstarted by MSG. Sure it might have poped up later since it is logical to make realistic mecha at some point. But super robot shows would have lasted well into the 80's or the genre would have gone quiet in the 80's. But it is different for Madoka and it's clones. There may have been darker magical girl shows before, but once one got super popular, everyone wanted a piece. Thats just how the industry works. Some new big thing comes out and everyone instantly copies it, just to cash in on the new fad. One has to be really naive to think that there is no relation between popular things and lackluster clones of those things.

BTW why is FranXX not next to Evangelion?

Haven't watched it yet (im waiting for it to end) and Rahxephon is the more famous eva clone.

Looks like a chinese bootleg.

Character design only, thankfully they're nothing alike.

I've never watched Yahari before, but you're telling me that Yukino is a total bitchcunt 24/7? That's not the impression I got from what I've read about her.

ripoff of ripoffs
>Black Clover


>people still in denial Madoka is responsible for the flood of dark mahou shoujo shows

I'm going to fucking shoot myself

Daybreak Illusion was already in the works before Madoka even aired, you drooling retard.


>not kamen rider ryuki

Genei was going to be released before meduka but it was in production hell.

>madoka invented edgy mahou shoujo guys, I swear it, I've watched 20 animays

Yes samefag, I get what you are trying to say. You dont have to try so hard. But leaving out daybreak, Madoka still started the edgy mahou shoujo boom. Saying that it isn't so, is just retarded. I bet the reason daybreak even got out of development hell was because madoka was a hit.

welcome phoneposter. its time for you to download 4chanx.

But im not on a phone.

makes it even worse that you call them samefags

Because plebittors prefer Yukino

But it is so obviously a triggered samefag, who keeps posting the same thing over and over again.


then why does 4chanx show that all posts are from different IPs?

Also, Isn't kabaneri made by the same studio anyway? Does it really count as a rip-off?

I have a theory that everyone who posts the word "studio" on Sup Forums is retarded. One of these days I'll check the archive to see if my theory holds up.

I didn't know fist of the north star had stands

RahXephon is more of an "another take" on Eva. It's deliberately similar and therefore more of a parody than a ripoff.

トップをねらえ is literally エースをねらえ copy+pasted. They didn't even change the fucking title. One of the worst acts of plagiarism in anime history.



>Gainax Pose
How come gainax always gets away with blatant ripoffs, clones, and copies its unreal

entry level fans watch show -> theres a lot of them -> they are the vocal majority -> it spreads to people who join the conversation and community later -> rinse and repeat

pretty easy to explain