Who's the better Conan?

Who's the better Conan?

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Hi arnie

>netflix presents conan the barbaritective

Conan rules with an iron fist.

The shota

Who's the wannabe Guts?

I guess I have to post this.

The slut Conan.


FUCK those pointy ass fuck chins

EXCUSE ME, refined*

FUCK those refined ass fuck chins

>Conan! Run that man has a knife!
>Conan, Why did you take the pipe off the wa-
>Did you really have to impale him with the pipe?

The one who isn't from a tired meme show that nips still eat up


I don't remember there being a character named Conan in Gintama.

what hapen with the detective conan manga ?? plz i dont now

it's on hiatus since the author is on life alert

no fuck i need more haibara :(

>meme show

WTF? You talking about One Piece right? Conan is the best long running series of all time. There's no series running as long as conan that's better.

I have started watching Mirai Shounen Conan recently and I'm amazed from how good it is

Where's my Conan the Barbarian anime?

Future boy Conan, of course.

You're absolutely right. Crayon shin chan is shit

Conan has better taste than Conan.

there is at least a cartoon


that's a big guy

Guin Saga