Hunter x Hunter

So how is Marayam going to pull defeat out of the jaws of victory and die while he has a magical safe room?

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What killed the hype?

>calm chapter
Are you ready for death in the next one?

I whacked off 18 times to this pic. Going for the 19th now. Wish me luck, fellas!

What is the best nen category and what is the worst nen category?



What do you think is Sun and Moon's nen category? If the seals are made of aura it seems like emission to me but I want to hear other opinions.

I'm just randomly plopping in the convo, but: Cammy's willing to kill children because they are in her way to become King: that's just the nature of the life she was born into: a fight for the fittest to reign supreme. That's different from being a serial killer who kills for fun. Cammy doesn't get enjoyment out of killing people: she gets enjoyment out of people listening to her and giving her what she wants. She's far from a psychopath. She's just extremely bitchy and vindictive if you don't listen to her and was born into a position of power over others and no one has ever stopped her from abusing it. Yes, that means she is a pretty emotional, shitty and selfish person, but let's not act like it's on the same level of evil as someone who's a serial killer who gets hard-ons from killing people and who's entire existence hinges upon killing. Compared to the type of people where killing gives their life meaning: Cammy looks like the lesser of two evils. You legitimately just need to not get in her way and give her what she wants and you're fine. Even if you're in her way she still gives you a choice to join her just in case (RIP Owlguy-kun). For a serial killer, doesn't matter how much you plead and beg: in fact they'd probably like it more.

Yeah, the torture and kill your family thing is pretty bad, but that's actually pretty common for totalitarian governments in order to ensure submission and given she's probably been raised getting everything she's ever wanted, I'm sure she's used that threat plenty of times in order to scare someone into obeying her. If that guy would have been like "holy shit my bad, I didn't know please don't kill my family I'll listen to you from here on out," she probably would be happy that he finally came around and realized he should just obey her. Though he did break her arm so there's probably no changing her mind on that. Yes, that's bad but it's not evil for the sake of evil. It's evil for the sake of obedience.

Marayam will release the room at the most inopportunate moment and they'll be fucked.

There will be some rule saying he has to go to the banquet or is disqualified and then he'll die in the banquet.

Calling it now: Halkenburg will be the last one alive despite not doing anything for the whole death match. Everyone else will kill each other until he's the last one left.

Fuck off, wan pisser.

>I think the Cammy spammer is really getting to me, I feel like I'm losing it every time I see her image in these threads, he really is overdoing it with his spamming of same words/images. It might be the first time I actually block certain words on here.

No, but I'm ready for three or four expository chapters.

>not being conjurer or manipulator

Depends what you want. They all have their unique specialties. For instance, Enhancer techniques are probably the best for fighting, but the worst for utility. When that guy always asks what Hatsu you'd like for the real world, Enhancer techniques are rarely picked because it's limited in scope, even if it's the best at killing dudes.

Tse will trick Fuu into opening a door into Marayam's room.

Emitters and Manipulators


Best is enhancer (aura and training go hand in hand) or transmutter (usually means your the smartest fuck alive)
Worst is manipulator

Die, waifufags.

Hanzo will kill him the same way he did with Momoze.

It's Emission.

Whatever helps you do the thing

Whatever doesn't help you do the thing

You can't keep using the ability forever, it's gonna drain all the kid's nen

Marayam dies during the banquet, trapping the room in nen space. Eventually everyone leaves the room but they leave one of the princes' bodies behind, unable to retrieve it and fucking up the king's thing with the coffins. Succesion war is ruined.

People always shit on Emission, but I think Transmutation is worse. If nothing else, you can Emit clones. Transmuting your Nen into whatever substance is a lot more linear and restrictive in design space.

Tse doesn't give a fuck, but using Fuu's poser sounds like a neat idea.


My guess is that we either follow Halkenburg's confrontation with the King or get a Kurapika lesson with an assassination (or attempt).

>using Fuu’s poser
I would also like to ‘use’ Kacho if you catch my drift.

How can Marayam lose when Bisky is there?

Marayam will die while she's getting a a massage from Vergei.

If you're a fighting autist, the top three categories are best and bottom three are worst. Unless you can offscreen steal powers like Chrollo, then it's the best for everyone.

If you're trying to serve as specific niche like an exorcist or something really useful like Koltopi, the bottom three are best and the top three are worst.

He won't do anything in the next chapter because he's busy confronting the king, but after that or after the attacks become direct he will actively try to protect the weak princes for sure.

>Transmuting your Nen into whatever substance is a lot more linear and restrictive in design space

>turn aura into electricity
>can use it a number of ways

>turn electricity into a sticky/springy substance
>have duct tape ability with many applications

>turn your aura into a dragon
>have dragon at all times
>can also make that shit fly (with emissions)

>turn aura into explosions
>be walking block of TNT that knows and has mastered CQC

I'm not following you here. Transmutation is only bad if you have no imagination, but that's true of any non-enhancer category.

I lOvE cAmMy!

Best is Conjurer in my opinion. It can cover anything from offense/defense/utility/miscellanious and give all kinds of crazy advantages. It also seems the one that can go "joint-type" for teamwork.

Worst is probably manipulator:
You either control animals or seem to have at least one serious restriction if you want to control people, and in anything but a 1 vs 1 you'll probably get shit on.

how strong is Gone?

>turn aura into electricity
only if you're immune to shocking yourself to death though

Right now? Weak as fuck.

> linear and restrictive
You must be joking.

Walls of text. Visual media is all about the show not tell approach, and togashi is fucking horrible at that.

>Marayam will die


Can an Enhancer give his enemies cancer by enhancing cell multiplication?

I like how that copypasted bait is getting copypasted replies now.

That's because your'e not cretive anough with manipulation. You can control inanimate objects like Morel or Kalluto - both have very versatile powers.

You seem to forget that manipulators don't only manipulate people but also matter (like Morel). You can imagine a manipulator with the ability to manipulate ice, water, wind, blood, fire, light, etc...

>seeing the King outside the banquets is forbidden
>Halk goes anyway
>doesn't mind being disqualified
>despite it being a death match
>Halk's own Nen Beast works on his own conviction to change Kakin.

Halk is death. The King will kill him.

Yes. Only wobble is allowed to be the child prince to leave
>but Kacho!! And Fuu!!!!
Oh my dear user

whole pages of text narrating the thoughts of background characters with no relevance to the plot

Morel is strong, but Kalluto is probably still fucked in a group fight with his "die from a thousand cuts" ability.

So Manipulators are from Avatar? It seems like more of a Transmuter thing to me.

postem, i wanna see what the majority of this thread's nen type ends up being.

I cannot see how any of those, or any substance, could be cooler than the other things you can do with the other categories sans Enhancement. And even in those that you listed, they are boring as shit. First of all, Killua can only withstand being charged because of his training. The ability to have sticky or bouncy aura is neat for fight choreography and would be useful on a day to day situation, but it's way too mundane. Compare that to some of the crazy shit you can do with Conjuration. Or being able to control people. Hell, even with Emission you can Emit things like teleporting gorillas. Having an instant adhesive on hand at all times is a huge step down. The dragon is basically just raw aura. It's a lance to hit things with. It's no more exciting that punching, but you can do it from farther away and it looks like a dragon. And Little Flower isn't even a large explosion. It didn't even instantly kill a dude when it hit him right on the face. And you have to be so close to something that even if you did generate a large explosion, the debris would be liable to kill you.

Transmutation is the most boring outside of Enhancement.

Yes, but he'd have to have studied biology and experimented for years.

You know that we had incessantly threads since the chapter was released and that you are replying to a made up shitty bait that has been posted in most of those threads, right?
>Visual media is all about the show
Sorry, you are clearly too stupid.

He's right though, it usually gives the worst disadvantages and the best advantages at the same time, exceptions aside it's the most unbalanced category by far.

This, only irrelevant things after irrelevant things like introducing the third main force of this competition, how is that crap RELEVANT? The minor role the spiders have is relevant, not this crap.

I'm not doing it again, but I got Transmuter all 3 times I did it in the past.

Togashi tends to stay away from elemental abilities like that, but controlling water would be Manipulation. The big wave Leol used probably used some of that. Transmutation is explicitly when you transmit your aura to have the qualities of a substance. If you controlled water from a pond or something, it wouldn't be your aura.

>you will never walk with such confidence

If you don't like the plot, that's one thing, but a guard learning Halk's ability and planning to assassinate him is literally what the plot is about right now. Any character targeting a Prince is by definition a relevant character to the plot.

Vincent was the ultimate Air Nomad, too bad he's gone.

I got Transmuter, this time. Normally, in various tests, I get Manipulator. But I have never seen a quiz I thought did a good job of adapting Hisoka's personality test.

Oh, that's my post, glad to see it being used as one of the copypasted replies.

I don't remember the post you are replying to, but it's very likely another copypasta.

>ben's soldier analyzes a nen beast's ability
>OMG why so many words, why is he talkiiiing


You can only give your aura the quality of a substance. That's it. How you use it is wide and free, but the applications do not go beyond "making my aura like X."

not this retard again

Be honest.

You could summarize everything the solider analyzed and reported into a single 1/8th panel bubble of nen beast qualities while asking for backup and move on.

Why didn't you wait until you all the way in the room, Vincent? You probably killed that maid before you even finished closing the door. You could have at least looked around first.

Reminder that getting caught was part of her plan

Stop blabbing about concepts you don't understand.

It's this guy spamming the thread with copypastas. This is another copypasta for example.

A manipulator would only be able to control stuff around himself, and since Hatsus are usually hyperspecialized, he probably would only be able to control Earth with a certain purity or concrete, not both. And controlling metal would definitely be a separate ability.

A transmuter would be able to turn his aura into substances with the properties of elements, like hot or cold or hard, but he would have poor control over said Aura.

For example, if Morel was a transmuter, he wouldn't need a Pipe, but he would not be able to make aelf-sufficient clones. At least not that many.

Damn, these threads are really becoming JoJo tier.

>show not tell
Isn't an iron clad rule.

>Transmutation is the most boring outside of Enhancement.
I just don't agree and enhancement isn't boring so much as it is incredibly straightforward.

But so what if you have to train resistances for stuff like electricity. It's become one of the more potent combat abilities so far. Bungee gum being "mundane" isn't a slam either as it's got so much utility by itself it blows your whole "linear and restrictive" argument out the water. Little flower isn't supposed to be a literal nuke, Genthru has to be able to withstand his own explosion as well. Maybe if he were like Silva who transmutes those orbs of destruction but those two have different experience levels.

The whole point of the system of Nen isn't about one category being better than the other. It's about creating an ability that both suits you, and if we're talking about fighting, synergizes will with your skillset and fighting style. Transmutation lets you create aura with properties that it's now up to you to refine and find more uses for. But by itself you get a lot of options wheras stuff like Goreinu's gorillas needs two categories to be useful (manipulation and emissions) otherwise he'd just be creating waypoints in space and couldn't move them. Plain emissions is just shooting aura or putting aura into stuff and throwing it which is again, not boring just straightforward.

what conditions do you think he needs to fulfill to get a hatsu that powerful?


Wrong general, bro

Yep. Yesterday I tried to talk with the spammer, the guy is mentally ill and incompetent, he's not even able to be aware of what he's doing. I wouldn't be surprised if he's actually 12, or at least I actually hope that he's just a 12 years old kid.

Airbenders and cartoon firebenders are transmuters
waterbenders, earthbenders and movie firebenders are manipulators

As I mentioned in a previous post, what I meant by "linear and restrictive" was that the only thing Transmutation can do is give your aura the quality of a substance. Make your Nen like X. What you do with that X can be insanely versatile, but all a Transmuter can do is give their Nen properties of a substance. Compare that to a Manipulator who can control people or objects or animals. Compare that to an Emitter who can Emit clones, shoot Nen bullets, or all the shit that APR does. Compare that to a Conjuror who can creative items that can basically do anything they want once they decide what they want it to do. And now return to Transmuters who can only do "my aura but like X."

That's what I fucking meant and already explained.

What spammer?

I usually get either that or specialist. Well, manipulation is the closer I can get to ESP.

Are you ok?

nigga you dont need to mince words. there's nothing wrong with stragithforward, but enhancer and nen bullets are just boring

There where a lot of retarded debates going on yesterday, which one where you two?

>Make your Nen like X

>make your aura into Chains
>make your aura into smoke
>make your aura into a mascot
>make your aura into a control node

Every single nen category outside of enhancement is "linear and restrictive" by this definition. If you're not looking at the applications of transmuted aura you're missing the point entirely because every single transmuter outside say Genthru and Silva has greater utility with their abilities that's rivaled only by people like Morel and his Deep Purple.

Like I said, I don't see your point because there's a reason Transmutation and Conjuration are on the same side. They have the idea of "make my aura into X, now let me do everything I can with it".

I don't think having armor piercing bullets that can be fired from your hollowed out fingertips is boring. Or being a volley ball player with a killer spike that has the force of a cannonball.

Are copypastas being spammed, one of them is even one of my old posts. It amazes how you didn't even notice that when you are always here, cammyposter.

I think the worst for Transmuters is that because their auras aren't deattached, they're not that free to choose their skills as ex. a Conjurer. Want to make electricity? Be shocked. Want poison? Be immune. Want freezing ability? Avoid frostbites. Want explosives? Make sure to not make it potent enough that you can still cover your hands in aura (which also decreases aura output).

Of course it doesn't affect shit like Bungee Gum or Dragon Time.

magic powers, people aiming to become (pirate) king, restrictions and conditions to take out stronger enemies, autistic fanbase, gay fanservice
im in the right thread famalam

Cammy needs to settle down and have a baby already

>Airbenders and cartoon firebenders are transmuters
Firebending could be either emission+transmutation (emit aura with properties of fire) or conjuration, which then use manipulation to control. Airbending is just manipulation.

You forget Cookie-chan. She has everything planned out.

>with no relevance to the plot
"None of this matter"fags always make me have a good laugh.

Emission. As all best characters.

don mai, don mai!
with 24/7 ongoing generals you will always get copypastas and shitposting. its part of the deal

>Biscuit will never look at you like this

You're confusing conditions for making something not boring. Conditions are cool, but at the end of the day, Franklin's bullets and Phinks' Ripper Cyclotron are boring. There's nothing wrong with being boring. But they're boring.

I get Enhancer as usual. Always the same when I do these tests.
Forever a tard.