Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Chapter 50

Spoilers are out, no translation yet.

Best girl finally gets her time to shine

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Beato a cute.


That's all, folks

>spoilering the dump
How fucking newfag are you?

literally plebbit tier

How could she survive Fragarach? I thought the servant-installed magical girls are inferior to real servants.

SAVE Beatrice ;_;

I've only done this like twice I just wanted a Prisma thread lay off me

Illya naysayers BTFO.

She's going to fucking save everybody. That's what the cup said and by all that is fucking holy that's what the cup is going to do.

No. Open your ass with a scotch tape now user.

She was cuter with braids fucking Julian ruining everything

Beato had double installed cards and fragrach destroyed the core of the Thor card making Mjolnir go berserk.

3rd magic OP.

That's very lewd.

Illya actually saved Beatrice? I thought that the manga had some balls by being willing to kill off a (admittedly minor) character in order to challenge Illya's naive idealism, but I was wrong.

>chapter 50
But this is chapter 58

Translation out

That already got challenged before the flashback. At this point it would just be redundant.

That's not really the point of prisma though, it's still a magical girl show so Illya will find a way to save everyone.

>Based Illya saving Beatrice

Is there anything she can't do how can one girl be so best.

Oh, so Fragarach targeted the card? Kinda makes sense considering servants are technically the one using NP.

I mean didn't that happen with Miyu as well?

>A whole page dedicated to Ilya complimenting Herc
I'm satisfied.

I guess. I have shit memory.

Try again.

Who was the 2nd card in the double install? She had installed Magni, not Thor

>Is there anything she can't do how can one girl be so best.
She can't make Oniichan choose her over kuro or miyu

Those two cards look identical.

This arc is really bad. Hope it never gets animated

They already confirmed they will continue to animate prisma. What's bad about it anyway, we had a lot of interesting and cute scenes at the house followed by some battles where the cups are the main focus as well as several new installs.

Berserker Illya and Assassin Miyu though. Besides, this fight isn't going to be that long in anime form.

It's going to be a harem ending, moron. Underage orgy with the cups.

When are we going to see Kuro and Shirou fighting side by side again? That was really fun.

Maybe when Sakura comes back again, though I can see being more Miyu and Shirou.

I (we?) technically didn't lost yet as she still have to save Sakura/Julian/Erika.

Get her own route

>implying that Irisviel and Sella would allow that to happen

Sakura is dead. She can't be saved, she was killed in a flashback before the series ever began

No shit. That doesn't mean Shirou/Miyu/Kuro can't fight her again.

user, they don't have just one cup but literally two.
And when Illya says she's going to save everyone, then she's going to save everyone even if it mean bringing people back from the dead.

I actually dont think shes a puppet else Julain wouldn't need to Shirou-face to control her.

My guess is she "died" and her body is going on from all the worms inside of her judging by Rins reaction

It also mean Sakura from Illyaverse is also a wormslut.

Well obviously since she was still adopted by the Matous.

Going by recent chapter it was probably something like what I assume happened to Beatrice, meaning Julius picked her up at 1HP and shoved Lancelot into her to keep her alive. Explains why she doesn't have a heart either.

The tone of the manga had gotten progressively more serious over the 3 installments. I think it would be more interesting if Illya was forced to confront the fact that she's not omnipotent and she can't guarantee a happy ending for everyone. That would allow her to grow as a character. Looks like they're going for the "magical girls can do anything!" ending, which kind of makes everyone else who was willing to commit sacrifices for their objectives look like idiots.

Well yeah that's Fate in a nutshell. Everybody is a fucking idiot. That's why mahou shoujo miracles saving everyone is poetic justice for this franchise.

>Miyuverse Shirou is a Sakurafag
>Illyaverse Shirou is a Rinfag
Poor Illya just can't win

Fluffy Shirou is a maidfag user

Search your heart you know it to be true

>Julian wants to save people
>opening his box will kill everyone on the planet with grail mud

They will also die if he does nothing so he's taking his chances at saving something rather than doing nothing and waiting to die.

Julain wants to put mankind in a crisis to evolve before they go extinct

But using his box to wish for humanity to evolve isn't very productive if everyone is already dead

So are Beatrice and Angelica, you fucking idiot. Julian is using a Berserker card to control her. They are already selling merch with Sakura as Miyu's sister-in-law (something Miyu fantasized about it too). She escaped with Rule Breaker. You know what freed her in HF? Rule Breaker.

>They are already selling merch with Sakura as Miyu's sister-in-law

Wait, Sakura already defeated?

She didn't escape with Rule Breaker, they tossed her off a bridge