Tfw you wake up back in 2009 Sup Forums

>tfw you wake up back in 2009 Sup Forums

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Do I get back all the life choices I lost in the last 9 years?

God no, right in the middle of Sup Forums turning to shit in 2007 and becoming good again in 2011

Ouch. Now I'm sad

Buy Bitcoin

Get wealthy enough to watch jap porn cartoons for the rest of my life

Goo goo gaa gaa

Gay men?


user you're confusing 2009 with 1999

Can accelerator beat gilgamesh?

>2009 was almost 10 years ago
>we live in a time where saying ETA: 2020 isn't a joke for "X release never" anymore
just fuck me up


Maybe this time I wouldn't drop out college and also start a webcomic.

>tfw that was last time i had fun in Sup Forums

What was it like being in 2009 4ch?

I just am here for 1 yr tops.

Did it have better memes?

>starting a webcomic


>1 yr tops.
Lurk for two years before posting

Collage course work had a screen cap of loveless on it

>21 again
I'd close Sup Forums and hunt for JKs.

>I'd close Sup Forums
Heh, no you wouldn't. See you in 2018

You need to go back to college.


At least I'm in Japan now and JDs are still valid targets.

I didn't come here to feel this.

Mine it you idiot, so you don't influence the market.

user.. you can do that now

Time to spoil absolutely everything


>you will never meet Girugamesh guy and answer his Girugamesh in slow-mo while turning into a pixelated mishmash

>you are 9 years old
Feelz good being young.

if yes, please send me back

No god, please no, 2009 was a very miserable year for me.

>2009 was 31572350123581 days ago

2009 is 9 years ago. Almost a decade. Jesus fucking christ.

Send me to 2006 so I can take Japanese at school

>Lurking here since 2014
Am I old enough to hang with the cool guys?

>Start learning moon you fucking fag
is what i'd say

You're never old enough to be as cool as we are

Fuck you, user.
9 years, mostly wasted.

Even my buddy whos worth 8 figures as a self-made 26 year old and my buddy who just got his assignment to fly F35s have regrets. Use your shame and regrets as fuel for self improvement instead of an excuse to spark a bowl and jerk off to your waifu for the 7th time today.

I wasn't even born yet at that time


fucking engineering programs and their opt-out composition courses.

So many decisions and opportunities wasted in 9 years.


>Not SR71
I'd have regrets, too

Still relevant

I wonder how many series and movies I've seen in these 9 years


*holds up spork*

There is just one thing I would do again.
But, probably, I would fuck up everyting again.

/ɐ/ was already dead at that point

it was the best day ever to the point I remember the exact date and I can't believe it's been more than 6 years

>increasing supply doesn't influence the market

You'll only be one more guy that mines, just don't sell. But if someone went and bought over 1-10k coins at once it might influence it enough to change the course you know right now.


>mining without selling
>increased supply

Enjoy your T-N.

Oh god yes!

Ha ha, time to post about how much fun we h- Oh.


You don't get to mine "in secret", it all goes on the blockchain.

I know you fucking retard, I'm saying a 0.01% increase doesn't make a difference especially when it doesn't get exchanged
I'm sure you've heard of people losing dozens of thousands laying on their hard drives, one man can't influence the market without an entire farm

He was unironically disappointed when he was assigned to an F35 instead of an A10. As an avionics engineer, I felt the strong urge to slap him upside the head.

*insert sad comment and sad anime girl image*
Us 4channers are depressed, right

I didn't want to feel like this tonight.

Ha ha my emotions are too chilled to do anything but present a facade of irony when confronted with anything approaching sincerity

Get the fuck out and go back to tumblr, or gaia since we're in the 2009 thread, you underaged piece of shit

May I ask what happened?

>in 2027, we'll have this exact thread, but with a current meme like Gohan Blanco

>it has already been 2 years


garbage. I don't miss the Umineko rp threads. What the hell was that shit?

Likewise you won't appreciably influence the market buying 10k bitcoins for $50.

>ETA: 2020 isn't a joke for "X release never" anymore


except the amount that exists at any given time and the amount being traded between people are vastly different

How the fuck did we have so many tripfags back then and how the fuck did most of them just stop tripping one day? Not that I'm complaining about the latter.

I'll give them props for Yugioh season 0. They're still the only ones to have completely subbed it. Yay for pointless TL notes


IIRC quite a few of them got their codes leaked, and just dropped it after that. I remember Lanced Jack, Taiga, Holic, and YotsubaC. God what a bunch of faggots. Glad they're gone

Sell oil, buy Apple. Assassinate Trump.

I namefagged back then until someone was like "Wow, I see your name here every time I'm on. Do you do anything else with your time?" and I realized I didn't.

Tripfag drama could be fun, like that time Taiga was jilted at the airport


>10 years old now
Gonna find JS-gf.

I just wanted to witness the Accelspammer shitstorm

I feel like i would fuck up everything in even more spectacular ways if i get back. I am such a pathetic lost cause

I'm still not entirely convinced that actually happened. Still the threads were pretty funny.
>that time the mods changed everyones names to lanced jack or Taiga

Noone ever considers that outcome, do they? Interesting perspective.

>reanimedia is still alive

I started coming here.
What a mistake.

>TFW I know I'd only be capable of making some things better
I'd still give 10 years off my life just to correct this

Too old.

>9 years
What the fuck are you...

>would have to watch my dad die again.
I'd just kill myself the moment I went back.

Should I feel shame if I do jerk off to my waifu?


>The year I started browsing Sup Forums
>Was a meme lord faggot who said shit like TROLOLOLO YOU MAD in school
It's a wonder that I was never bullied, I would kicked the fuck out of 17 year old me

You know those rage faces that are all over Reddit and 9gag? Well we liked those

I'm sorry user.

i would attempt to befriend moot and prevent this timeline