Cardcaptor Sakura

So now that the honeymoon phase is over, what's the verdict on the new anime?

Compared to the old series, how do you like it?

Compared to currently airing anime, how do you like it?

Do you think it getting a new series was a good thing or a bad thing?

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It's alright. It's nowhere near as good as the originals but seeing the characters again feel good. Shame about the filler episodes.
It's a 6/10, but I still enjoy it.

I still enjoy it but I don't like it as much as the manga so far.

Eight episodes in and I'm still wondering why it needed a sequel. The characters aren't developing any further. The plot is barely there, and not very interesting when it is.
It's not awful to watch or anything, but I'm far from impressed.

It’s pure, I love it and I love Sakura-chan.

Seriously lacking more romance shit damn it.

8 episodes is too soon to say anything really, original anime didn't take off until Li showed up or so.

I like it, obviously it's not as great as the original but as a sequel is fine. As far as how other anime compare, I'm watching a bunch of seasonal anime but CCS is the highlight of my week with 3gatsu no lion.
I understand the complaint that it's "too slow" and I was thinking the same when I started reading the manga, but it's just an extremely slow build.

The anime is adding more cute moments but CLAMP are just extremely stingy with romance.

You are right. 8 episodes in the original had just barely introduced Syaoran, and if I think about it I don't judge the original from the first few episodes and my favourite episodes are mostly at the very end of s1, s2 or s3.

Her VA is in the credits of the next episode.

So that's why we're getting big Kero too.

New OP and ED starting from episode 14.
OP title is “Rocket Beat”, sung by Kiyono Yasuno.
Lyrics written by the same person who wrote Platinum, music from the same composer of Kobato's OP "Magic number".
The ED title is “Rewind” sung by Akiho’s VA.

>Rocket Beat
I hope it's a happy go lucky upbeat song like Catch You, Catch Me.

Never watched Kobato but this
sounds really warm and fuzzy. Actually sounds like a CCS OP.

I'm not caught up but I've enjoyed it a lot. I hoe it doesn't become a retread of the previous two arcs. Even if it does I'm the series looks great and warms my heart.

>I hoe it doesn't become a retread of the previous two arcs
There are two big mysteries and no, Clow/Eriol doesn't seem to be the mastermind this time. There might be a few parallels when it comes to the roles some characters had but it's not a retread.

It's severely lacking the charm and depth that the original series did.

Hell no, CCS was great right from capturing THE FLY. One of the best opening episodes.

I'm enjoying it so far. Animation, voice-acting and music are topnotch. The main story is interesting enough to keep me hooked. However, my only issues really are with:
A. Syaoran's characterization
Syaoran is so robotic I'm starting to suspect he's a clone. Gone is the fiery tsundere everyone knew and loved -- now all he literally does is stand around and occasionally smile mysteriously. He's pretty much playing Eriol. It's bizarre.
B. Cardcaptoring has never been easier
Yeah, I get that Sakura has become much more powerful with magic but the cards feel so much more tacked on, with very little conflict. Sakura has no problem catching any of them and most of the time they conveniently pop up when no one's around. Part of the reason the original series was so compelling is because the cards were acting up and disturbing the town, and the main challenge was for Sakura to figure out how to defeat the card and capture it in secret. Now the series is more of a slice of life with maybe 1 minute of card-catching in every ep.

That's good to hear. I was happy enough with the production values being what they are to keep me entertained even if the story started falling flat.
Syaoran matured a lot through the series, and then the timeskip can imply he matured a lot more. The fact he accepted his feelings towards Sakura helps him not be the little tsundere he was at the beginning of the series. I'd be disappointed if he lost his development for this new series.

Say, is Sakura living in a high-class neighborhood, or just that her school and her friends are all located in one such place?

That's not "development", that's called "not having emotions"

>I'm starting to suspect he's a clone

>A. Syaoran's characterization
>Syaoran is so robotic I'm starting to suspect he's a clone.
I kind of have a few issues with his characterization too but this change might have to do with either plot reasons and he'll be back to how he was after everything is resolved or it's because Ohkawa just forgot his characterization in favour of his TRC counterpart, which I think is more likely.
More than the clone though, Syaoran is actually similar to Tsubasa (aka "real" Syaoran from TRC), so while I don't think it's likely, I'm still not excluding the possibility that the one we're seeing is actually Tsubasa and CCS Syaoran is blocked in a parallel dimension or something of the sort.
>B. Cardcaptoring has never been easier
This could be because Sakura is creating the cards herself, which, other than with Record, has been suggested in the last episode too when she was mentioning wanting to use Flight without being seen and suddenly Lucid is there to be captured by her.

The anime makes it even more obvious that Sakura is probably unconsciously creating the new cards. So the cards show up around Sakura and are easily captured. I think it doesn't work as well with the pacing required of an anime though.

Him acting exactly the same as he did in the original would be no development. He still gets embarrassed around Sakura occasionally but they're already a couple so it would make no sense if he was still running away from her.

>they are already a couple
Source? They only confessed to each other, never said anything about going out

user if two people share feelings they're going out. They're kids so it's not like they're gonna have a huge lifestyle switch by this event happening. Spending time with each other is enough.

At the end of the manga (and beginning of Clear Card) Sakura literally says that now they can be together forever. In the manga version of the next episode they go on an official date. Sakura almost calls Syaoran her boyfriend in the latest chapter.

I'm enjoying it. Obviously it doesn't hold a candle compared to the original series, but it's certainly better than other old franchises that have gotten sequels/reboots in the past few years.
My only fear is that CLAMP is gonna tie in some TRC bullshit at some point and ruin the original's nice ending.
She literally asked him out in this week's episode.

>CLAMP is gonna tie in some TRC bullshit at some point
The only tie in with TRC is that Sakura gave away her star wand to clone Sakura. But she has a whole different wand in Clear Card so it's not like it's a big deal.

4 posts to get the truth. what's wrong with this place?

not even subtle kek

You all underestimate nip's social awkwardness

If Eriol didn't get his powers split in the anime, why can't he do anything to help?

Because as much as people hate to admit it, the anime us still an adaptation of the manga and so can't ignore large plot points like that. And anyway it isn't clear if Eriol just isn't powerful enough or if something else is going on.

Also according to Minori Suzuki (Akiho's va) the ED is a "tricky, cute, unique song that's a little different from CCSakura." The composer is Shirato Yuusuke.

no clamp pls no not trc bullshit

I keep telling people that they better prepare. Even at bare minimum I'm pretty sure we're guaranteed the scene CCS Sakura is in in TRC from her perspective.

what's TRC?

I wish I were this naive.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Ignore everyone else, it's pretty good if you're not too retarded to comprehend time travel. Make sure to read the manga and not watch the anime.

Keep your innocence intact user, it's better if you don't go down that road

oh, its tsubasa, I already know that I just wasn't associating
why is CSS so amazing but everything else by clamp such a bloody mess

I've loved everything I've read by Clamp.

nihao scene when

Not in Clamp's watch

Meiling is back for a video call cameo in the next episode


I want more tsundere Syaoran, but we might get it next week with potentially they bumped into Touya on their date.

Another problem is that there's no other subplot here other than this Clear Cards. The old series tossed up a lot of relationship problems (Sakura's grandpa, Sakura and Syaoran liking Yukito, Yukito rejecting Sakura etc) but in the new series everyone is happy and content. So it's a bit boring now. Hopefully they will spice up a lot of things in the second cour.

I like comfy shows, this is like slice of life with some magic on the side.

>CLAMP has made so many syaoran clones that they don't recall how Syaoron (original) was a little tsundere boy

He feels more like a Mamoru now, just sort of there. Meiling needs to get over there with Grandpa Jackie Chan to train his magic.

The subplot of what Yuna is up to just started so there's that.

I just don't know for what reason he'd act like that. So far in the manga he hasn't interacted with Toya and only very little with Kero and that's always about the cards. He still reacts to the lies Yamazaki tells and still gets flustered around Sakura.

>The only tie in with TRC
and the magical sword that Syaoran had in the last episode?

Syaoron is not the original, he's Syaoran's twin (clone) in Horitsuba

Could just be a Li family technique in this universe. It's certainly a callback but it doesn't have to be related to TRC.

please no multiverse shit
I fucking hate that crap, leave CSS alone, don't ruin it

The sword is the same he had before, but now he keeps it stored in his hand. It's obvious he trained while he was away.

>guess the reference

do tell

>Compared to the old series, how do you like it?
Old is better, Clear Card is really nice but can't quite balance writing tools like the original did.

>Compared to currently airing anime, how do you like it?
Clear Card is still one of the better made shows of the year by far.

>Do you think it getting a new series was a good thing or a bad thing?
Good for reaching new audiences. Bad for those who expected more from a sequel.

Tiger & Bunny

when are we getting a scene as iconic as this one from the new anime

CCS was always multiverse shit.

The dreams she has now are not based on actual places like in the original, I wonder if the final battle will be in a similar setting.

It's alright watching but not worth re-watching unlike the old series which was great for watching and for re-watching.

Too many UuuuHHHHHeeeeeeIiii squealing like fucking rats every 3 minutes, ffs.

newfag who hasn't watched the original spotted

Someone post the 10 minute hoee collection video on Youtube.

fucking oldfags, neck yourself


night time in tokyo with Sakura, it has to happen somehow...

I fucking missed that video so much!!!!

>I'll keep her pure forever
So she's going to kill Syaoran?

I still find it weird that she gets self conscious about "hanyaan" but not about "hoe"

I sure am glad the anime is having Tomoyo tag along as a third wheel for Sakura and Syaoran's date and ignoring any characterization the chapter it's based on gave her when she did otherwise.


She's not tagging along on the date, it's obvious they went to the aquarium again at night it because they noticed something weird when they went during the date.

Mamoru was fun though, at least on the anime

Do you think she still has a crush on him?

She had a crush on Yukito not Yue

No. Clamp believes there's only one important person for life and that's it. Sakura was confused for moon powers and Elektra complex.


Sakura wasn't attracted to moon magic. Never actually heard of the Elektra complex before but yeah, that's basically what is said in the show.

she was and later developed feelings

Its not as sofisticated

i want them to be happy.

I can hear it in her voice.

Where does it say in the manga or anime that she was attracted to moon magic? I only remember that for Syaoran. At least with Yukito. I think moon magic might have been an explanation for the one teacher but I don't remember.

I thought she was going to be sneaking


They kind of say it here

>Elektra complex
Isn't that when a girl wants to fuck her dad? Like Rika, who's dad is rather absent and she projects her desires for paternal love onto her male teacher who looks like her dad and shows affection for her that Rika interprets romantically resulting in her precocious lust?

To sell toys.

Bully the imouto!

Where did they say that Rika's father is absent?

Just like when she says "hoeee"

It's an anime only scene.


No, it wasn't.

Clamp was already in it's twilight when they nuked their reputation with the shitshow that was Holic's ending and didn't score any hit since then. It's natural they would make a sequel to their most successful propriety.

CSS!Sakura appears in a flashback in either Holic or TRC, just can't remember which one