The fuck?




There is something fishy about these scans.

Some bonus page

Ishigami a cute, A CUTE.

> /ourguy/ chapter
Holy shit, give the link

That's all there was
Also according to the bonus page color page next chapter to celebrate 2 years and two million copies

>wo million copies
Wait didn’t they just celebrate 1 million copies not even a year ago? I guess this manga is starting to really pick up steam.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we get an anime announcement this year.

> more Kaguya Darkness
Plz no lewd Miko.

No, Darkness chapters come out in Young Jump Gold instead of the regular magazine, it's not that kind of announcement

Great, thanks user. Miko is still pure.


what a cute Fuji in the last panel.

I'll draw a lewd Miko myself, in a week or two.

I'm counting on you.

Give me a cute Ishigami x Miko lewd art user

Nice, so we are getting something for the real chapter 100.

>qt Ishigami
>coins, Miko and shit
What the hell is happening here

What happened to Ishi and Miko? They look happy.


Fuck off, piece of shit.

>Ishigami is playing a game with Subject-F's breasts resting on his head as she comments and backseat-drives
>Miko is staring from behind a corner, tears in her eyes, not dissimilar to someone else we know...

The only NTR we'll see is Maki (whether she succeeds or just continues to suffer herself). At least this isn't as delusional as everyone wanting Kaguya to lose Prez though.


More student council together, nice.

It can't be NTR without someone stealing someone else's lover.
Maki wasn't NTR'd, she simply *lost*. Likewise, if Miko doesn't win an Ishi, she can't be NTR'd by a Fuji.

I think they might be playing tiddlywinks, or some nip equivalent.

Fair enough, NTR probably wasn't the best term. My point is that just like all the posts about Kaguya losing, I can't see Aka giving Miko a bad end like that. Ishigami x Fujiwara would be possible if Miko never falls for him, but that's incredibly unlikely with all the hints Aka's dropping, and that part about Miko crying wouldn't happen.


Kashiwagi has moved far beyond such childish notions as "true love", and onto more serious, adult concerns, like taking it up the bum

Why Fujifags like NTR so much?

they're dirty, deviant scum with no standards, just like her

Wait.. people are seriously discussing who Ishigami will end up with? It's obvious that he will marry Hayasaka

Ishigami is unfortunately too accustomed to suffering to end up with best girl.

Nah, only Fujifags.

Is that a fang on Fuji? The ones cute tomboys usually have?

So here Ishigami thinks everyone thinks bad of him or hates him on the inside. They seem to be playing some kind of fortune shit this time. What's revealed is that only 1 person there hates him.

Here Mikoshit is embarrassed because she's the only one.

Full raws fucking when?

What the hell is Kaguya thinking about in the second page

The small difference in coin design from each year.

>Here Mikoshit is embarrassed because she's the only one.
Huh, so she really does hate him so far? Thought she was faking it after the race, can't wait to see it change for real then.

now that the dust has settled, where would you rank maki and her introduction among the other characters?

Kashiwagi's still better than her.

Easily the best introduction, mostly thanks to the buildup from all her early appearances. Kaguya, Miko, and Hayasaka are all still better imo, but it took them much longer to get that great.

FUCK! Why does this artstyle reminds me so much of A-size classmate?!

Ishigami's introduction is still better though.

It was pretty hilarious how unlike he was what we were expecting

Especially after all the speculation in the previous threads, having his first words being that he wanted to leave threw everyone on the thread off.

This makes me wish I got into the series a little bit earlier. I first read everything a few weeks after he was introduced, so I missed all that speculation and can't really imagine anything different. Even without it though, that chapter was great and I'd only consider Maki to have a better introduction.

I read it as "fucking raw when?" for a moment, and I was about to tell you to slow down.

Nah, she does think he's a waste because he spends all his time gaming.

Honestly I want Ishi to end up with anyone, but Miko.

ditto. it would feel too forced, and their personalities... it would end in early bitter divorce if it even got that far.
but does he really deserve hayasaka? IIRC they do have similar views on love, but I'm not sure they'd really match up for the rest.

I like him with Fuji, but I just really don't care for Miko and Ishi can do better than that.
I would only like hayasaka and Ishi, because they are both best boy and girl.

Yeah, Fuji x Ishi has always felt like a good fit. Their personality differences are quite complementary, while they do share a few passions.

>tfw I somehow read those as tfw when I first saw that page
It didn't even occur to me that it was wtf. I've been here too long.

What chapter was this?

Raws when?

Where to get spoilers now that mangasmap is dead?

I wouldn't wish a relationship with Fujiwara on anyone.

I don't remember specifically. somewhere in the middle I think

>ditto. it would feel too forced, and their personalities... it would end in early bitter divorce if it even got that far.
For them to get together now, maybe. But Aka's made a point to show that deep down, they're very similar. They have similar views on romance and both love justice, but Ishigami's usually too scared to act on it and Miko's too inexperienced. Yeah, they both have flaws that make them incompatible, except both of their character arcs are all about them getting rid of said flaws (Ishigami's constantly thinking about wanting to turn over a new leaf and even follow Miko's example about studying, and Miko joined the council in the first place to learn from her mistakes). They may not be a perfect match now, but everything's pointing to them becoming one.
Agreed. Ishigami wants a loving relationship, not a lifelong babysitting job.

All it takes is to learn how to redirect all that energy. Once she's hopping all over the place like that between her job and her kids, it actually becomes a positive trait.
And you can't tell me she's not built to take care of all nine.

Trying to control Fujiwara in any form or fashion sounds like a full time job. By the time he actually gets anywhere with it, I doubt either party would be particularly in the want for a relationship.

You don't "try to control". It's the same with my ADHD kid. You redirect. Deflect, not block, basically. You just find them things to put their energy into (since he's just like his mother, now his mother's the one who's calmed down by burning all her energy on them). In Ishi's case there's game design and testing at his father's company, and she'd probably have more than enough energy to spare despite running around everywhere all day doing sales and marketing as well.

Fujiwara's problems are a lack of grounding and direction. She has nothing concrete to spend all her energy on so she's bouncing off the walls.

>Kei is getting better bit by bit
>Miko has been part of the student council for 30 chapters and can't stop being shit

Chapter 70

I always felt that romantic potential and character growth was the biggest factor when considering relationships in these sort of manga. Before Aka made the Iino end obvious(naming the chapter after Ishigami when it was about Miko's letter and with Ishigami nowhere in sight. Really Aka? ), I considered Hayasaka to be a more fruitful end than F. Even if they never interacted, it's the fact that there was a potential setup based on romance topic. Hayasaka since the beginning wanted someone to love her like with Kaguya and Prez. This was coupled by the fact that Ishigami was shown multiple times that he was able to be a great love interest by giving love advice to the nameless boyfriend and to Kaguya. Meanwhile, F really has no strive for anything. It's not a bad thing, I think she's happy just the way she is while the rest of the cast still needs to grow.

Not trying to defend Miko, but she's not been in the focus for most of those. But yes, she could be done better.

You could also say though that F has not had any arcs where she could grow in. She's just been the chaos factor, but we don't really have much chapters that actually focus on her properly.

She tried to defend Shirogane from Kaguya despite being scared of her. She also doesn't hate Ishigami as much as she claims to.

hate is less of an impediment to love than mild disgust.

It did take a while, but she's been great recently. She improved a lot in the Sports Festival when she defended Ishigami in the flashback and cheered for him, and everything she's done since the recording has been amazing.

Thing is, I don't think F has any need for a character development arc. As of right now, there hasn't been anything before that suggests she needs one other than pic related which I still don't know if it's hinting anything or a joke based on how she perceives Kaguya/Pres. New things can come up which suggest otherwise but for now, I believe F to be perfectly content while the characters that need the most development are Kaguya(flashback arc,family arc), Iino(needs to change her views on how true justice is attained), and Hayasaka(family and her search for love).

>Fujiwara wants to be eaten: war of handholding and eye contact.

Fujiwara would be the easy type of girl that sleeps around when they get out of school.

> everybody is talking about Ishigami and Miko page
> nobody is talking about Prez x Kaguya page


Prez x Kaguya's story is over assuming worst case scenario that they never become a couple in the actual story.

I'm sure it's something great, but it's hard to react to that one without a translation. Don't really need to know what's going on to see Ishigami and Miko being cute.

I love Prez and Kaguya but as a couple thery are kinda... boring now .

Without knowing the context it's hard to say what's going on except that it's cute.

> IshiMiko blush
Because is cute as fuck?

they havent had "couple" moments as of late, is mostly more of "we keep being awkward with each other" while the ship tease with Ishigami and Miko is going strong, sadly is just one couple the one Aka is teasing.

>being this happy

What have they done to /ourguy/?! did he got a GF?

> Ishigami and Miko
> one chapter is "HATE YOU"
> another chapter "The only" one who can protect her now is me" and "Good luck Ishigami"
> now "I HATE YOU" again


Yeah, I don't get why Aka is making them flip-flop alot instead of slowly building it up. Then again, we don't have the full chapter.

What is Fuji's expression trying to convey

Is the new tsundere level.

It's just Miko being tsundere. Ishigami never seemed to hate her (the one time he said he did he definitely didn't look like he meant it), and it's becoming increasingly clear that Miko's hatred for Ishigami is mostly just an act too. She's not going to drop the act just because the readers know about it. And from , she doesn't even really hate him here.

>the one time he said he did he definitely didn't look like he meant it
An user said it was mistranslated. It was supposed to say that he thinks Iino hates him.

>Miko when she confesses to Ishigami
>Ishigami's reaction


But i want kissu the confession.

This is some top level delusion.

you better delete this pancho.

That makes even more sense.
I'm not saying she likes him already, they definitely haven't gotten that far yet. But it's obvious that she doesn't hate him nearly as much as she pretends.

Fujiwara is pure

Fujiwara understands the pure true love inside everybody's heart.

One day, will we get a spinoff manga featuring their married life and their baseball team?

Hey guy, how do I evolve my Fujiwara into her final form?

>Since when did the Shinomiyas buy a baseball stadium?
>Something about the new head making the whole team part of the family or something.

Why do I get the feeling she's a shotacon?