Is Akane marriage material?

The Sybil system has't paired her up with anyone, so apparently not. But that's probably because her match is a fugitive

Season 2 worth watching btw?


Watch the second season, and then take the degree to which the movie doesn't stack up, and tripple that for season 2. If all you want is something, anything even, that's remotely cyberpunk, you might want to try it, but it's not nearly as good as season 1. Until you've watched every other good sci-fi/psychological show, don't bother.

I meant to say, watch the first season, and then look at how much the movie doesn't stack up. Dangit.

Sybil system is so retarded.

Go away Kogami

Just noticed she's wearing Kogami's shirt

Sometimes Urobutcher is too much of a dick.

Kogami picked a life in exile just to play with Makishima a little. If someone is willing to pick exile over her, she's not exactly appealing.

is there gonna be a season 3 where they destroy the sybil system?

Why would you want to destroy the perfect system that helps make everyone good citizen's life easier and safer?

Ugly but moe, moe but ugly.


Psycop ass threads on Sup Forums while it was airing were the best. I’ll never forget the thousands of shotgun arguments

I miss hyper oats and endless debates on physical or ebooks. Of course physical will always be superior.

The plot doesnt fuck around and goes really fast and I prefer Kamui over Makishima as an antagonist. (maki is great but hes kinda overrated)
Also, the main antagonist has an actual plan about Sybil instead of just "chaos lmao".

Only moe-Akane

What would a date with Akane be like?


just imagine you're dating maggie gyllenhaal

Why are there hardly any Akane lewds?

>locking up people before they do the crime because they are a bit angry

I want lewds of the lesbian doctor voiced by Sawasihrou.

It really pisses me off.
All the girls in this are top tier yet we hardly have any doujin or lewds.

She's devoted, serious, loyal, and cute. Too bad she's a boot licker who needs to be purged along with the rest of the system.

Getting scanned and turned into pizza.

You’re one of the very few people I’ve seen to say that


>"chaos lmao"
I hope you're beeing retarded on purpose. His plan is people exercising self-determination, and for the driving force in humaninty to be the ego, not super super-ego.

No, she's retarded.

She's bi.

She's more a woman living in the present, rather than in books like Makishima Shogo

And it took me this long to realize


Oh, it's been a while since I watched. Sybil matches you with a marriage partner? She is only supposed to be 19-20 by now so maybe it's just too soon for it.

It's alright.

She's redpilled as fuck and still doesn't lose hope in the future where people finally can get their shit together. She's top tier, you can't find better than Akane.

What's the context of using a regular gun over the space vaporizer?

just finished s1 and have to ask: why was this popular? the pacing & animation were poor, the plot was badly thought out at times & outright absurd at others (OATS), and the world-building was shoddy & lacked direction. also the ending was shit; Akane is such a pathetic cuck that it blows the mind

It's normal to hate what you can't understand.