Akko is so sexy

Akko is so sexy

Diana, pls

>useless good for nothing witch
Yea, no.

she's good for fucking


Not even that. She's every bit of useless.

You misspelled Amanda

>so useless in magecraft she resorts using a gun
As expected of a useless good for nothing.

>INT 2

Literally impossible, you need at least 3 INT to be able to speak.
Unless they changed it in later versions

I wish to lewd Jasminka.

>There's a scene in the game where Akko is forced to be tutored by Diana
Akko starts out angry and whiny but by the end of it is happily asking Diana to teach her dragon language.

How the hell did Diana manage to get Akko of all people to sit down and listen? Also, Sarah really is nothing but a big talker

I want to marry Akko and have at least 20 children with her.

Season 2

Akko i a fantastic female character and a great model for young girl

The devs are just a bunch of shippers just like everyone else.

>INT 2
Loving that idiot of a waifu?

lotte is the sexiest


Her being unintelligent is the least of the problem.

Based devs!

Why not both?

Diana, lesbians can't have children

How is that shipping fuel?

It's not fair, she just forgot to write her name on the test is all!

120$ is affordable monetarily, but 2 new games would distract me too much

I want to kiss Akkos feet tbqph

I hate that dang Diana!

Andrew is cute

damn straight, Frank

her thighs are the best

I actually just finished this anime the other night. At the end did she use the world magic to change how magic works, or jut to revive the tree?

Revive the tree, Magic is restored throughout the world

Is the game out already?

She's just a raw diamond. It's up to me to make her shine. By polishing her with my penis.

Bunny Akko is superior

What a coincidence, she also makes my penis diamonds.

>you will never fuck akko

It's possible for unintelligent creatures to pretend to speak without actually comprehending what they're saying themselves

>Akko: What do you mean? I didn't do anything!
>Akko: It's not my fault Diana doesn't know how to teach!
>Even Later
>Akko: Next time please teach me dragon language

Akko is like a dog, with enough training you could make it very loyal to you but too much and it'll follow you around all day.

There wasn't nearly enough of Bunny Girl Akko in the anime, or magical mishaps of animal girls in general. Here's hoping to S2.

But is she ready for Diana's training?

They got Akko's eye color wrong.

She's fully committed.


>that hand
>those tentacles
>my doujin mind

And she's finally here (with breasts too)

Akko and Diana are both angels and I want to watch over them from a distance and protect their smiles.

mmm diana on all fours

You're an irredeemable piece of human garbage who managed to ruin everything good about LWA. Kill yourself at the next opportunity.


>he doesn't know about the cavendish ancestral futa magic

How will Hannah ever recover?

How very wholesome of you

Is that a new pic from BlueBreed?

From Orange Peel

I'm sorry, but even Lotte is sexier than Akko

with amanda

i always fucking knew that god damn suomi was into weird shit

i've been down this road before

what does it feel like to be that dumb?

Yeah but even sexier than the both of them is the flip.

All three are pretty lewd, really. In fact, I find it hard to name a witch that isn't, really. Besides maybe Constanze I guess.

>How the hell did Diana manage to get Akko of all people to sit down and listen?
She incorporated a "rewards" system into her tutoring.


Nigga Constanze is the most sex-charged fuckmuffin of the whole cast. Like she's not just waiting to have her doll body slammed onto a school desk and anal raped in her stubborn, autistic silence.
Also all the old witches are not lewd.

Well, was obviously excluding the teachers. Also still don't see it, Constanze just looks like a grumpy dwarf with no sex appeal.

Not to mention she is onahole sized

At the very least you have to admit she's cute. And I don't see how you think she''s any worse than Jasminka.

i feel like i'm in enchanted parade era discussion

Never said she wasn't cute, just that she wasn't lewd. Jasminka on the other hand feels super lewd if you ask me. >Mfw basically no lewds though.

>artist doing Hannah x Barbara never



Not enough lobotomy ITT

you can probably commission him for that, since most of his barb/lotte pieces are commissions too

>implying that she doesnt use her army of stanbots to rape herself to sleep each night

Those bots don't look capable of anything lewd though.

We know, this was the last page of the most recent chapter

I really really like her face.

go away attention whore

and don't post your quentin meme chart, no one cares

>So btfo'd they followed me to this thread

no user you're not getting my love so easily

amanda gonna fingerblast hannah until she becomes a human rocket

Is that cunt's works still only available for patreon subscribers?

He posts them all on pixiv for free. Cherish him.

season 2 WHEN?

That's a RWBY character, anons.

>INT 2
Can someone tell where this is from? Everytime i post an Akko i get bombered with >2 INT

If you have the charisma for it you can get away with it


have you really not seen? this screen was first posted months ago
its ok to have the same int as akko, user



Maybe they'll make it after Franxx is over. its one of their most popular productions after KLK. Burying it in the dust seems like a huge waste of potential it has.

maybe when they forego that theme of "even if u dont like it now u likd it bak then and tats wat matters!!!", get a nice director nearly at the level of j. sato, get writers who actually talk to each other and bounce stuff off like they're filling in each other's holes and blindspots BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT WRITERS ON A SAME PROJECT SHOULD DO BUT THEY DON'T, then season 2 would be plausible

unless they just turn it into random unlinked SoL self-contained episodes that don't have to be watched in any specific order

Now I just feel silly. But you can't hold it against me with the ponytail and apparent half-bangs, right?

>he didnt like lotte and sucy getting dumped infavor of diana episodes

God I just want to roll my face all over her fat rolls

Sato hasn't directed anything interesting in years.

What a ridiculous misunderstanding of LWA's main theme.