Today is Rie Takahashi's birthday!

Today is Rie Takahashi's birthday!

Say something nice about her!

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She's one of the cutest and probably most fun seiyuu. I love you, Rie!

I want to rape her voice.

An adorable dork!

your weird legs are barely noticeable!

One of the only seiyuu I follow because she's such a loveable weirdo.



Rie is such a cute !! ACUTE !!

How old is she anyway ?

she's a reverse trap!

What is google ??

It's almost unnoticeable that she's pretty bad at doing spontaneous laughing.

What do you think about loli Rieri?

thats one big mouth

Hmm, yes I see very interesting

For You

>new episode of Takagi drops on her birthday
Like pottery.

I'm going to deflower Rie Takahashi!

With all the roles and breaks she's getting, I won't be surprised if several producers and directors already beat you to it.

the best Mashu

>Implying she didn't participate in 1 female, rest males gangbangs in high school.

She looks like she smells

She has a weird laugh.

You shitpost like you smell.

What the fuck is going on with those legs?

Like my semen


Best ASMR seiyuu.

Happy birthday.


>can't wink without blinking

It's cute that she's still trying

She had too much cake.

Fat. FAT!

>tfw looking at her list of jobs
>most of the things are way too recent, apparently nothing from before 2013
>don't even recognize most of them
Am I out of touch or are the children wrong?


Peek a boo

Wanna pinch those cheeks

She doing peek a boo with her panties?

She hasn't done a lot of noteworthy titles, no.

>most of the things are way too recent, apparently nothing from before 2013
>23 years old
>Years active 2013-present
It's okay grandpa. It happens to all of us.

don't worry, they're all trash