Code Geass

Which one is best girl?

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Lulu is the only correct answer.

How about Nunnally?

Which one has the bigger titties

Probably CC.

Kallen is my favorite.



I seem to remember a chart showing that Kallen has the second-biggest bust in the series, with Milly being first.

Movie fucking when?


The witch one

Ah, found it. It's from an official magazine.

1. Milly
2. Marianne
3. Kallen
4. Inoue
5. Cornelia
6. Villetta
7. Cecile
8. Rakshata
9. Euphemia
10. Shirley
11. Chiba
12. C.C.
13. Shirley's roommate
14. Sayako
15. Kallen's mother
16. Nina
17. Nunnally
18. Kaguya

No wonder Milly's so perverted.

> C.C. 12th

Flat and used goods



The one whose life mirrors Lelouch



Why they didn't keep this color scheme in the actual show? It's much nicer.


The same reason they removed C.C's empress dress.

Post Empress pics

Which would be more open to anal?


There is surprisingly little decent porn of Geass.

Kallen is an actual character at least.

If this dress doesn't show up in the final movie, I'm going to riot.

The Mutuality artbook has bunch of other fun unused designs, like Lulu with an actual crown instead of the silly hat.

Just look at this fabulous fuck.

Not bad but I prefer a superior Zero

This one.


Nothing wrong with that, user. She can make any look work.


I hope movie 3 is all about these 3

when you had too much pizza your dress starting to malfunction

Same, the CC/Lelouch/Suzaku triumvirate was badass

It most likely will be, seeing as how the last movie is covering only the last 7-8 episodes. There should be a lot of new content to tie in with R3.
Very nice. Got sauce on high res?
Unholy trinity was the best part of the show, we need more.

Here you go.

Why do they all look so boring and expressionless when CLAMP draws them
The character designer guy is much better artist

Code Geass? More like Code GAYASS.

Did they all bang?

They're just design sheets for costumes.

Yes but I'd like to add Nunally because they are just so perfect family.

Nunnally is best girl.

>12. C.C.

And we got too little of it.

Thanks user.


they're both best girls and are only meant for each other!

I don't know what you're talking about

We all know Kallen belongs to Gino.


Doesn't Gino belong to Anya?


Post best girl


that Knight of 0 outfit hnng

The one that stayed loyal to Lelouch over the course of the entire show even after he got ratted out.

Objectively best girls


It's the best.

The 99th emperor and empress of the holy britannian empire.

These two take over the world while Kallen is stuck with Gino. Feels good to be a CCfag

>i'm NOT gay, i'm NOT gay, i'm NOT gay, i'm NOT gay, i'm NOT gay, i'm NOT gay, i'm NOT gay...


Lelouch does have good taste


>implying Lelouch doesnt just fake both

Since C.C. is too obvious my other favorites are Anya and Kaguya

Lel those edgelord claws are hysterical

I prefer Nunnally.

* take fuck


That's Clamp for ya.
Sure, Kallen can be his concubine.




CC is stupid useless slut. Kallen is best girl.



Old man Sup Forums, tell me stories about Code Geass. What was it like back then?

The absolute best

The best thing about Milly is she's perverted as all hell.



>R2 was 10 years ago

It was pretty wild. Everyone and their cat watched Code Geass when it aired. Sup Forums was a very different place ten years ago, I doubt any show could reach CG's memetic status these days.


Those size can be perfectly paired per two and we'd get perfect size relationship

Well that leave room for no one actually considering his whole entourage was full of traitors

Sad to see the lack of hype for the movies and R3. Hopefully it picks up when it starts airing, but something tells me it'll never reach its peak again.

She's the purest


#4 Inoe is truly the best girl.

Is Nunnally pure than?

>Evil Anglo Empires: The Anime