Danchigai chapter 52

Don't let your imouto bathe alone.

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Some ppl saying there isn't a blood relation between them, any truth to that?

fake news

Remember to tell your sister you love her.

I want to rape your sister and make you watch


because i love your sister so much yet you block my advance even though you are my best bro

But she is not as cute as mutsuki or yayoi

Don't bully Satsuki!

It's like they've never heard of the internet.

looked all good, thanks once again user

Ugly sisters deserve their brothers love too.

*Ugly sisters deserve their ugly brothers love too.

But user piracy is a criminal offense in Japan.

>too dark to see when the flashlight is shining right at her
sure, totally

>Pants on head retarded.
Don't bully Yayoi, she's only a little dumb.

I recommend her good anime, that has to be enough.

Thanks as always OP. Waiting for ch79 to be translated (best Yayo chapter by far).




Yayoi yayoing?

>another chapter ending with Yayoi a shit being the punchline

Like clockwork.

I give her hugs and squish her mushy cheeks. Does that count?

That's nice user, but telling her you love her is on a different level.

Got it. I'll make sure to do it when I get back from my classes.

Good man.


How popular is Danchigai in Japan?

Popular enough not to get axed, but not popular enough to get a second season.

There's functionally no difference between sharing your recording of a show via physical media and sharing it via torrents or what have you.

one is more traceable?

Not popular enough to get doujins. Or even fanart.

Remember to post results.

there are literally hundreds of thousands of incest hentai manga and doujinshi, you don't really need them.....

>you don't really need them
But I want them.

I don't think I could fap to Danchigai. Incest jokes aside, I read it for the cute sibling stuff.

>implying incest isn't cute sibling shit

It's lewd sibling stuff.

He should have fucked them

Aneki will be a mascot in the olympics

>but not popular enough to get a second season

Satsuki likes anime too much. It can't be healthy!

Yes, Haruki. Do it the genji monogatari way.
She already looks more like Mutsuki than Uzuki, soon you'll have a lovely young bride who likes the same stuff as you do.

Just got back. She was asleep by the time I got home. Will have to tell her tomorrow.

I expect you to post results next thread.


Don't forget, Haruki, even if she wasn't your little sister what you are thinking of doing would still be a crime.
Now go back to acting like newlyweds with Mutsuki.

Getting pranked is a crime?

It entirely depends on the prank.

I like the way both siblings get along so well talking about anime and games

Genji monogatari, user. You raise your bride to be the way you want her to and you end up with a perfect bride.

Go to sleep next to her so you can tell her as soon as she wakes up.

Haruki is a good onii-chan. I'm sure he wouldn't report it even if she did rape him.

is family business