How does Sup Forums /feel about Ajin?

How does Sup Forums /feel about Ajin?

Objective trash. Next question?

Is Izumi a cute?

Top tier manga
Never watched the anime

Izumi is used goods.

I've heard it's largely filler the anime. Is the manga close to ending? I remember hearing something about the author wanting to finish it soon. 12 volumes seems like a nice amount.

the old guy is better and only good thing about the manga, top tier villain in my opinion

It seems like it's ending, from where the story's going and how it's scaling; but Sato's one tricky motherfucker, so there might be more aces up his sleeve we haven't seen yet.

>it seems like it's ending
Is it? I've been thinking of starting to read the manga, maybe it's a good time.

It's a good read, I like it

It's alright but it goes to shit any time it isn't an old man is a madman chapter.


Turns out that video games don't make you violent. It's just that violent people really like games.

Great manga, the anime looks like shit.

I wonder if we'll ever find out what happened between the author and the other guy.

I had a good fap to the scene where Izumi was in her underwear.

Season 3 please

Care to explain?

neat idea, shit execution

I don't know what happened to them but I notice on the spine of my volume one they credited two people but from volume two and onwards the artist took control of both the art and the story. Curious to know what happened.

Feels like a discount Parasyte in some areas but I still enjoy it a lot.

The anime started strong and went to shit faster than Sonic the Hedgehog

I dropped it when Satou defeat the swat team, the most well trained and experience swat force team in japan and yet they still don't take the shotgun away.
still angry