Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

EP8 Typhoon











Poor Nishikata


funny face








>i'm ticklish under my armpits
>care to test that

Break up with and verbally abuse Takagi

Has anyone made a better stitch of this because I had to make a shitty one myself in gimp.

>noone posted it
Wtf guys.

I came here to see if anyone did.
Also, Takagi was lewder than usual today.

Yuki Kaji is actually great as Nishikata

He's got the perfect voice for a whiner.

The author fucked up making the 3 friends skit more entertaining than Takagi and Nishkata.

what's this transition card supposed to convey?

in my pants

What's the point of an ugly girlfriend.

Be honest, Sup Forums: would you react any differently then Nishikata if some girl started teasing you on a daily basis if you where his age?

I have low confidence so I would probably end up crying.

what is that harlot hiding under her devious smile?

oh the chuuni chapter, nice.

>Be honest, Sup Forums: would you react any differently then Nishikata if some girl started teasing you on a daily basis if you where his age?
>if you where his age?
Probably I would get some phisical revenge, some slaps or probably hit her with a soccer ball or even pulling her bra from behind and releasing it to hurt/embarrash her.

She's not ugly.

Hey user, try to rape me, I double dare you.

I would pull a juicy prank on her haha if you catch my drift.
I bet her lolimanko is ticklish haha.

I like it when she's happy.


What the hell with this guy? I thought he only teached English, but he's also the P.E teacher? I think I saw him lecturing Math in a previous episode too.

She just assumed the gender of the wind ruler... FUCKING DROPPED! Time to get with the times already Japan...gawd.

And where is the transgender representation? Who cares that they only make up less than 1 percent of the population, they should be in fucking EVERYTHING, EVERYTIME!

Ah, but seriously. Cute episode. Kind of makes me wish they would give the future spin off an anime too.

That's obviously how she tricked Nishikata into impregnating her.

I want to believe that the married spin-off is gonna be the last episode.

I would prefer more than just one episode though. I want to see more of their kid animated. Blessed with her Mom's looks, but cursed with her Dad's brains.


Posting this stuff should be illegal.

She's just texting her friend Nishikata. What's wrong with that?

Should would only do that if he rejected her. And if he did, he deserves to see that.


He married and impregnated her.

Takagi would be the one to get cucked desu

I like how this is literally canon and people still guess about the future.

Sup Forums only likes this anime because is the ultimate female fantasy: woman in total control of her boyfriend. In real life Takagi's boyfriend almost beat her to death.

Except that it does exist in real life. This occurs more often than not.

Stop posting.

She┬┤s code lyoko now

get your angry spicposting back to the dbs threads

But it's my fantasy to have a cute girlfriend who leads me on because I'm too beta to do it myself.

I'm sad, guess I'll go fap to some /ss/ to cheer me up.

>we need to defeat xana!

I kind of agree with you. I don't believe there would be someone as retarded as Nishikata in the real world.
However, there surely are many Takagis, I knew one myself, I just wasn't as dumb as Nishikata to let her tease me forever.

Also, it should be noted that girls like Takagi are more than likely just bitches that will tease you and then get with another boy.
So I guess Takagi is kind of unrealistic too.

It's because Mina is so likable while Takagi is attracted to an idiot to a degree that literally everything she does or tginks about revolves around her crush. Cocklust gets old really fast, so if that's your only character trait you're naturally going to be less exciting than a band of three friends with differing personalities.

I don't know if every manga chapter plays up the romance of her schemes, but the anime sure does. So many lingering shots and romantic music. It's really more about romance now than it is her schemes.

>I don't know if every manga chapter plays up the romance of her schemes
It really doesn't. It's way more fucking obvious in the anime than in the manga.

My PE teacher one year also taught us principles of accounts. Future Nishikata will be lucky if they let him get away with teaching arts and crafts.

Shame since it fucks with the pacing and makes Nishikata seem more retarded than he already is.

Ugly girls are desperate for cock so they're the perfect training bikes.

The fact that she's probably not a virgin anymore makes her 20x hotter in my book.

The opening has some obvious Shodoshima landmarks in it, but was it ever revealed that its set on Shodoshima? I guess the scenery makes sense but that a small town by the sea with mountains in the background could be anywhere in Japan.

He really struck gold here. I can't begin to imagine how fun it would be.

This is a girl who knows she's a hottie.

>Takagi's voice alone is enough to get me erect

I don't know anymore.

>no moment when the kaze blows takagi's skirt up and leaves him apologizing the rest of the day


What emotion is this expression trying to convey?

At first her face is conveying expectation which slowly turns into combination of disappointment, contempt with a hint of disgust.

> Takagi-san training Nishikata to be okay with her touching his sides

it does blow up her shirt and she's wearing a black top

I've be fantasizing about if its a camisole with embroidered edges or if its a full slip with a delicate lace hem

>I don't believe there would be someone as retarded as Nishikata in the real world.
Just look around you.


Takagi-san is the lewdest Anime character right now without her even being lewd.

Her laugh alone gives me an erection.

This show is lowkey my favorite one from this season alongside Yuru Camp


He's not retarded, he's just a kid.

A retarded kid.

typhoon is ch 40. Maybe they'll skip and do the pool double date, who knows.

Does anyone have her laugh?

I don't know, isn't there a chapter that sets up the date that they haven't gotten to yet?

They did the swimsuit shopping chapter which is setup for it. Was there another one that set it up?

Would you tickle her armpits?

I would hope so

With my dick.

armpitjob doujin when

>Nishikata after a few years

Keep dreaming, cuck.

I like how Takagi never gets tits, or the mangaka just can't draw breasts.

seems like most nip chicks, then. Only thing missing is the fucked up teeth

You have to go back

MUH. Why didn't she just grab his dick