Get out of my house

Sup Forums is for Rinfags only.
Saberfags are okay.
Degenerates please leave.


I like Rin but don't like Saber.
Can I stay?

sure, Saber is getting crusty around the edges now anyway.

Nice try, /vg/. This is Sakurafag territory.


>Sup Forums is for Rinfags only.
>Degenerates please leave.
I'm getting mixed signals.

Poor little Saberfag, your waifu is getting sidelined for improved F/GO characters these days.

>implying it isn't Ilyafag territory

How far have we fallen when we don't even recognize that the only option is Ilya.

>1 rinface
>1000 saberfaces

Really makes you think.

Never have I seen a post that reeks more of false flagging wormslut desperation.


Heil Rin!
What is the final solution to the WQ(wormslut question)?

Fuck off Illya, literally no one likes you anymore.
You've even got less fans than wormslut these days, what a fucking pathetic existence.

Mashu is the face of Fate these days, but keep trying to ride the old and busted Saberpony all you want.

Worms will always be worms, wriggling around in the mud until they are consumed by higher beings in the hierarchy.

Enjoy your 5 minutes of fame, you'll come crashing down to the ground again once more soon enough.

I will crush you like an egg.

Try again, we Rinfags have always lived in this house. You can stay in the mud outside.

Rin is a cheating whore who fucks Servants

Archer is probably Polish, how do you recover from that?
You can't.

>You've even got less fans than wormslut these days, what a fucking pathetic existence.
Oh, the sweet irony.

Oh Illyafag, what a sorry little lump you are.
Here you posted a poll where wormslut beat you, you just kicked yourself in your tiny balls.

She's better than Saber and Rin, but no. Now, take a closer look at that poll.

If anyone seriously thinks is a Rinfag, they need to be strapped down and forced to lurk without the ability to post for at least a year.


I'm pretty sure he isn't

Hey there "literally-who-fan" see


You would say that, wouldn't you.

This thread is like morning coffee.

It helps you poop?

Bitter and fills you with the rage to handle the day?


more like gween tea

Is that why she wears a skirt so much? ease of access?

There is nothing wrong with shitting oneself.

Makes it easier to change, too.


Why does Rin drink magus cummies?

Little fake girls aren't welcome.

user, semen isn't pink.
If yours is pink I recommend you see a doctor.

Good thing Ilya is a real big girl who's ready for big girl lingerie, then, unlike the pottypants Rinfant.

>being this delusional

>Good thing Ilya is a real big girl who's ready for big girl lingerie
Pedo detected.

But it's not a delusion.
F/GO is all anyone cares about these days and Saber is nowhere to be seen. I'm not counting Saberfaces, I mean the original.

>Degenerates please leave
>Saberfags are okay


This poster is not actually a Rinfag!
He's a Saber/Sakurafag false flagger trying to make Rinfags look bad by insulting all other fate girls.


At least she's potty trained, unlike Rin.

Right, she's got expensive Einzbern taste.
Opposite of Rin who has to pawn her underwear off to perverts for gem money.

Rin best girl, but the other girls are wonderful too!

Im a Rinfag & this is embarrassing.

After this part, Sakura goes Full Comical Villain.

>Its the plebeians discuss about their trash tier waifus episode


This poster has aspergers and needs to be handled with care.

And who does Illya need to wear nice lingerie for exactly? Her servant is a brainless fuckwit who rapes her without care for how she looks or what she's wearing.


>Rin poster
>A secondary

When's the Jannu Alter anime getting made?

>A secondary.
How so? Illya has no sex scenes in the VN. The only person she'll ever fuck is her monster of a servant.

It's already made, you just need to come reach up inside my anus to find it.

Rin a Cute

This destroys the Rinfag.


If your semen is pink it means you are in fact a little girl.

>Implying votes from outside the Japanese Movie Theater which showing Heaven Feel & Heaven Feel Ripoff is important.

Are you saying that only Rinfags like Luvia are allowed?

You might want to reread what you wrote.

Reminder that Rin Tohsaka is originally a Villain.

No, fat dykes like you are not welcome here.
Go back to /u/.

Basakah only rapes Rin

on what planet?

Dead end planet

>Dead end
So not relevant at all then? Thought so.

>t-that doesn't count

>Rin secondary doesnt know that dead ends are canon
Your waifu took that 20 inch meatstick inside her

It literally doesn't though. Bad ends are not real.

Is Heracles an old man? I think if he is old enough, its fine.

I guess if anyone knows the size of it, it would be Illya.

EVERYTHING is canon in Type-Moon

Yeah sure, because that makes complete sense.
Are you dumb or something?

What if I don't dislike any of the FSN heroines

Then Sup Forums is not your home.
You should revert back to what ever safespace you came from.

Then Fate franchise isnt for you.

swords, kek!

Are you trolling us with your own stupidity? Its Nasu's words.

Could you be anymore secondary?

Rinfags are this delusional.

are okitafags okay

>tfw falseflagged rin


The fuck are you quoting?

Kariya wasn't just a bum (even if he IS a chuuni) he knew the Makiri were failing and Zouken was insane. Why didn't you question what happened to Kariya's parents? That they both died early is suspicious and we know Shinji's mother was killed by Zouken. Zouken and his methods caused the downfall of the family almost as fast as the degradation of their bloodline from moving from Russia. Kariya also knew Zouken wanted Aoi's baby box, and that was why he refused to even be associated with the guy, who had manipulated Kariya to be Aoi's stud to use vulgar terms. Which is why their childhood friendship came to be, all Zouken's manipulation. When he found that out, he left, understandably.

Tokiomi considered the Edelfelt for Sakura, and we know in another world it went swimmingly. A magus' life is harsh, but giving Sakura to the Matous would have made her life three times as hard as Rin would ever have it, in even the best circumstances where Zouken ain't crazy. She would have to rebuild by herself a broken, soiled bloodline, and ruin the potential her body has as a Tohsaka.

Tokiomi did Sakura a disservice by putting her in a situation like this with poor family planning because he thought Rin would die from illness when she was really young and essentially made a "spare". Sakura really should be furious at the both of them for that sort of disregard. I can't blame the girl for having mixed feelings about everything.

Also, come on, HF is literally about how Rin and Sakura loved each other but also how BOTH fucked up and needed to have a heart to heart where both heard each other.

Rin isn't equipped to handle Sakura's pain, nor is Sakura ready to calmly express being an experiment for the past decade. Which is why things go down as they do, besides Rin falling for obvious trolling and being honest.

Sheesh. Both sides need to reread the dam toute

Kuudere, Tsundere, Yandere
Tsundere always wins.

Who are you quoting ? Stop ruining the peaceful thread please.

Don't worry, grandma just needs her medication again.

Sure, if you're 14 years old.
Kuudere is the superior choice.


Which VN is that from?

>kills the villains on her own
>tries to save Shirou and Rin at the cost of her own life
An anti-heroine, at worst.