Ryuuou no Oshigoto

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Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 08 [720p]

>[HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 08 [1080p].mkv

Why is this Ai talking about her cunny?

>they're talking about red ai
Fuckign kek

Go away

Keika couldn't handle the dokaan.

Why char likes to monopolizes the MC so much ?

Char won

She has to assert herself as his bride otherwise the other lolis might steal it.

Keika is so useless. Holy shit.

Wasn't this supposed to be a Ginko episode?

>she read my comment
>so nice
>love the tsun loli
>please step on me

So is this finally a loli episode and not boring crap nobody cares about?

>loli-chan peropero

A lot people reported him to the police

It's some loli, some shit and some summary of the boring crap nobody cares about.

These are my five wives.


If this show is supposed to be about the shogi lolis, why do they keep making all the older women so goddamn fucking top tier? I can't concentrate



They made Ai's clothes less frilly.



>Only get 2 or 3 minutes of screentime at the end
>Still manages to be the cutest girl in the show
No one can beat Ginko.


I like how red Ai is unaware that she's enabling more viewers with tsun fetish

This is pretty much how people get murdered socially.
If it wasn't 2D he'd be forced to resign and get the police on his ass for years.

>Blue Ai will become Tamayo when she grew up

>the second wife appeared

I want to eat her pudding too.


It's alright. Charizard is only an onahole. We all know that Blue Ai is his true love and wife.

Unlikely since her mom is so flat.

>disdain for lolicons

she won't be flat if i grope her hard


Gap moe

A complete 180 compared how ready she was for that dragon dick a minute ago.

>That moment when an old hag realizes she can't compete



How did the Meijin feel that his match was overshadowed by the Ryuuou doing a loli show?

It will get even better but he's a cool guy so he doesn't mind.

He got a kiss on the cheek he didn't ask for. He's not getting in trouble.

A literal old hag.

Useless staff. Why did they leave all the lolis inside the studio.

>ask a loli to be his bride
>lives with a loli disciple
>has a second disciple which is a loli too
>proclaimed to have a JS research group
He needs a lot of explaining to do

Post the cop car graffiti.

That's one too many user

So what is this pretentious sag trying to tell?

I want to eat Ai's pudding

Shipping younger people should be illegal.

Seething with jealousy, like any sane man would be, I'm sure.

Because Yaichi was watching you idjit


She means the shit can't think straight because her mind is full of dragon cock.

The best part is that those watching the stream barely react to all the innuendoes that come before but Char giving him a kiss on the cheek makes them go completely berserk.

Because she a shit. SHIT.

Sucking on them daily will improve bloodflow.

I loved how red ai reacted to the comments. Shit was hilarious.

It was very cute

Char is worst girl, shit white piggu

>perverted disciple
This little shit is so adorable

Fuck you

That fucking stenographer, I swear. It's like she was intentionally provoking him until he lost his temper, then using it as an excuse to go full innuendo.

Ginko a shit.

Fuck off

Wow and this was advertised by the japanese shogi association?


She wants the dick too. Another jealous old hag, nothing to see here folks.

>that slight curve at the top of her thighs
Time to let goanother tribute to nip Elsa.

The mom isn't flat and we don't have her official sizes either.

Also isn't like DNA matters in anime, in Dfrag Takao's mother has her two of 3 daughters flat as fuck despite she is a titty monster herself.
Zero no Tsukaima? 2/3 daughters were pitiful flat too.

That was a fun episode. More shows should do the nico live stream comment thing.

>ask a loli to be his bride

No-one's gonna take something like that seriously. "You can marry Papa when you grow up" is basically a meme.

>lives with a loli disciple

Completely normal in the shogi world. He moved in with his master at 6 and Ginko moved in at 4. By the same logic, his master was living with a loli disciple and a shota disciple.

>has a second disciple which is a loli too

See above.

>proclaimed to have a JS research group

That's just having his disciples friends around to play Shogi.

The real issue here is that Yaichi never fucking explains anything. He just goes "NO! IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!" or "PLEASE DON'T WRITE THAT!"

It would not even be an issue if when Ai had said she was living with him he'd simply nodded and owned it. It's the truth, it's not even a secret. If he'd just said that it was just the same as how he was brought up with Shogi, everyone would have more or less accepted it.

Same thing with the stupid commentary bitch earlier in the episode. If he'd either put his foot down, or simply left with his dignity, that would have been better than simply whining at her "Noo! You don't understand!"


Wow rude. I don't like Ginko at the beginning too. I despise violent girl characters. Now that i know her back story, how desperate she is, she's not so bad anymore.

He's too self aware that he might be becoming a lolicon

>oh by the way your clothes aren't here anymore. Go back home dressed like that.
I like this old woman.

Ginko a poop. POOP.

Matchmaking is a art.

>Worst Girl, Blue Ai

67445424 pixiv

>Completely normal in the shogi world
It was normal in the past but in modern times it's pretty uncommon.

>It's the truth, it's not even a secret.
At this point it's just a rumor and not many people actually know it. He's still concerned about what people might think.
Later it gets publicly and pretty much officially revealed, he accepts his status as a lolicon and doesn't care about it anymore.
Kill yourself faggot.

no fuck you char faggots

>Worst Girl, Blue Ai
Go jump off a shogi table, ginkofag.


>Later it gets publicly and pretty much officially revealed, he accepts his status as a lolicon and doesn't care about it anymore.
Well being called a Lolicon in his age is not that dangerous desu.

>Both Ais become more and more irrelevant since their introduction.

Yet she unironically is in a far better position than Sora for example.

They were always there just to draw attention.

They were actually supposed to play several matches against other female pros but they cut it. Should be better next week against other relevant characters.

>That spacing
Stop posting anytime.

How jealous can one old hag be?

Ginkoshitters are at it again.

Stinko a cute!

List time?


Can you hate her just because she isn't pedobait?