Is this good advice? It sounds very freeing

Is this good advice? It sounds very freeing.

Only thing moving people forward is hope. If you lose hope you'll eventually realize you've imprisoned yourself in your own mind even if it feels good for a little while.

Enjoy your melanoma.

better advice would be "immediately realize you are going to die really soon so stop wasting time on self-pity and do something". Lots of choices for something depending on your prevailing sin. Laziness - something fun, pride - something important, envy - something country-wide noticeable etc etc

hope is nothing more than a phantom feeling. just a coping mechanism for the mind

It is a dead end you see.


The best I've heard. It's almost like I'm happy again now.

that's not what TTGL had taught me

gluttony - eat food

It's only a temporary solution. ;_;

how come there's no corpses to be found in the ruins in this show? this always struck me as strange

Stoicism? Maybe if you're a communist.

It's the only thing I've felt in my life.

Embracing the zetsubou should be only done as a last resort when there is absolutely no hope whatsoever for you

Sounds great.

Yes it is. Why worry if you can't change shit? Embrace zetsubou and carry on.


>Embrace hopelessness
>Become buyfag
I'm sure there's a connection somewhere.

Yes! Hope is shit! Despair is great for you!

No, that's wrong!

You happened by mistake. You have no reason to be there. Nothing you'll ever do will ever amount to anything in the grand scheme of things.

Still, you're here somehow, so roll with it and enjoy the ride.