How long until women finally take over KyoAni?

How long until women finally take over KyoAni?

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With how boring VEG is, they already did.

Hopefully soon, women are superior.

user are you posting from 2008

No wonder why there's so many terrible filters on their shows, they treat it like an instagram selfie

Look at all these happy, motivated and energetic people.

Overworking is nothing new to japan.

>A studio filled with qts
How can other studios even compete?

Can’t really tell at a glance Japanese men from Japanese women

All rook same

No wonder all their anime are same shit, boring and generic.

Not really.

Yes, really.

Wouldn't recreational sex work better to release stress on these work environments?

So this is why everything they produce is shit


>women in the studio
That explains why all their shows are shit.

Why are Japanese woman so talented?

Because gender quotas doesn't exist in Japan.

I even hate kyoani and know this is bullshit.

I want to have sexual intercourse with Yamada.

Because being a sexist society you either have to be actually good at your job or cute enough to please old producers

Please stop speaking about my wife in such a vulgar manner.

Why does it matter, Long as they keep it up they could have Satan in charge and I wouldn't care.

How did women get away with taking a man's shoddy manga and turning it into the best anime of all time?

>Filled with women
>Still design one of the ugliest characters in anime
What did KyoAni mean by this?

>great movies and tv series are judged by their superior storytelling and directing
>the majority of oscar winners for directing and screenplay are men
>still fill your company with women

Were you expecting sheboon lips?

Did you confuse this with ?

I'm expecting a somewhat attractive design. Violet is just pure ugly.

>posts the ugliest girl of the season

Still looks better than Violet.

What did you expect from women? They have no feel for beauty and aesthetics.

more than half a decade has passed since kyoto animation have done anything that was at all enjoyable

Violet's design is so boring compared to every other girl this season.

No wonder all they make is terajerker and melodrama.

sounds subjective

Got any evidence that it sounds subjective?

Baja was not even 6 months ago.

2018 wasn't that long ago

So much soy.

That cutie in the yellow jacket is my wife.


Well, japs put soy sauce on everything

wtf they make sauce out of soy now

That's the shittiest mobility routine I've ever seen. Fucking ant-colony mentality.

What's up with her leg?

ok, what's so ugly about her?


you either gay or blind.

This retard is the most one-note character in recent memory.

Violet has a man face. Her eyes are too far apart. She has an ugly nose.

well, if you think that...


Never change Sup Forums.

oscars are paid promotion mate

>Never change Sup Forums
Ok, I will keep on hating

There have been studies showing that women naturally prefer less attractive women in fiction.

You might be gay user, i don't know how do you saw manface on her.

fucking what the fuck user