ITT: Best girl that didn't win

ITT: Best girl that didn't win.


Inner Moka was pretty cool though. Outer Moka was the only real worst girl, so I assumed she won. Never finished it though.

That said, the list of best girls who didn't win could be a very very long one that makes up the majority of anime, since best girls almost never win.

Tomoyo a shit.


Outer Moka was actually her mom. It dispersed at the end.

I'm still pissed to this day that Mizore was kissed by that faggot

Luckily she was kissed by her true love immediately after.


inb4 ichirukicucks post rukia

That was such a beautiful moment

>Kurumu won the Mizorebowl
A happy ending.

Manga >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anime




Thank god for doujins

She didn't deserve all that suffering ;_;





Come on, that's not the real end.



I don't think anybody won in that series.


she well win




I dunno if she was best but she didn't have twintails so she wasn't worst.

Brought to you by Canon(tm) camera!

You're wrong. Mine won. They even get children together.

She should have won...

Why? I mean she has the best body and she's generally boner-fuel but what else is there?

Utaha is great in her spin-off, we don't need her to "win".

>Sperm bath of a dragon
You're entitled to that opinion, but that's some tiger blood bullshit.

Nobody won user.
Not the anime, because WTF is that shit? Nobody won in the primary source.

Nah, outer Moka fucking died

Alternatively, everyone but the werewolf won

Still love that anime

Nobody won in that series.

>chihuahua coping mechanism

Worst girl thread is the other way, buddy

why the fuck did the author make her the best girl. Why are all japs such huge fucking cucks. Oh a deaf fucking girl that can barely talk and has no charisma or sex appeal, is cute just because she is weak, wins, but this godly design of a female, the pinnacle of females in animation, loses.

>inb4 she's a bully and bad person user

No, she's realistic. Not everybody is supposed to be some faggot who just likes everybody, she has her problems, but that just makes her better. She should have really won in the movie,
lord have mercy on me if I ever got close to her. If I die, I hope that my soul transends into the world of 2D, and I fuck her mind out. Bitch going to be deaf after I shove my dick in her ear and fuck her brain out. She won't be able to talk, since I smack my dick so hard into her mouth, that I'm going to break her jaw. And if she wore those cat ears, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. I'm going to give her pussy 9 fucking lives after all the creampieying I would do.

No one says she had to like Nishimiya, but instead she goes out of her way to be a raging cunt instead of just ignoring her, just because she’s an easy target. Ueno is shit and her fans are unempathetic sociopaths.

I don't know what kind of experience you've had with women, but most people are not massive cunts like her


I lol'd

have this cat Ueno


this makes me mad.

this thread really hurts

teacher is best girl tho

What doujin have you been reading?

But Tsukasa did win. The last chapter shows that Manaka really grew up, being a responsible adult and a somewhat recognized young film maker.
By the way, Tsukasa best girl. Satsuki is a miracle of the universe, and would be best girl, but Tsukasa exists.

Read the manga. Outer Moka died and inner Moka turns pretty dere for MC who also becomes a true vampire

Why would you want the best girl to win when most of the time MC doesn't deserve shit?

Hey man, Tsukune manned the fuck up.

By the end, protag went full alpha male.

She won about as much as she possibly could have.

On one hand Aoyama is a miracle and its a shame she didn't win, especially when put up against a mary sue autist painter
On the other hand that means she doesn't have to date the MC and put up with his constant bullshit
They could have at least let her land a VA job though for fucks sake I swear the writers just put her in the show to hate on her

really? or just trolling?

What else could it be?

How? It's painfully slow and too much time skippage.

she was pregnant before he turned into a dragon

The anime was complete dogshit, but if it did one thing right, it was Mizore singing. It was at that moment when I realised what a waifu was.

Also, sequel manga when?