How will he ever recover?






the fuck






The OP page comes after the current one.

Is she some famous descendant?



She's Tokugawa's sister, the medium who put Musashi's soul in the cloned body at the start of the series.



This is bullshit


And there you have it, Itagaki has outdone himself from the Ali Jr. arc. Now all that's missing is for Retsu to get revived for this whole thing to be completely pointless.

Are you fucking kidding me? This is it?
I know this is war, and not a fight, but still, isn't this a bit too anticlimactic?
Well, at least we're getting off Mr. Musashi's Wild Ride.
inb4 Musashi comes back due to his will or something

Is it over?

...I am genuinely confused and also a bit mad.

it is such an anti-climax that I don't know what to feel
Man this whole arc has been complete horseshit

“I’ve had enough of this shit”

It was over when Motobe defeated Musashi. After that, it was only a matter of patching together a kind of conclusion.

If they can resurrect Musashi, does this mean they can recurrent Baki's grandfather Yuichiro?
I'd like to see him and Yujiro duke it out next.

>we can't have Musashi killed off outright so let's just exorcise him

I should be mad but I'm also amused. Please don't let the ride end yet.

What. I didn't really see this coming, a bit of a blueballer but to be fair Motobe and Baki had already trumped him.

Summon @ Desummon

But Musashi never even used the empty hands thing he was going to try on Yujiro.

>We have resurrected a genuine caveman, a link to prehistoric times
>We could clone and bring back Gauss, Maxwell, Euler
>Let's spend billions to bring back a sword autist who will kill a few people, almost kill caveman and then fuck off


That's what was said, but it never looked as if Musashi wasn't going all out against Motobe or Baki.
Itagaki made a huge mistake with that because now it looks as if Motobe is stronger than Baki and Yujiro. He probably realized that and ended it in a way that wouldn't again wreck his manga's power levels.

The kicker is that in the end, it wouldn't have made any difference if Musashi had killed Motobe.

Let's look at Musashi's fights against the Baki top tiers:
>vs Baki
>Inconclusive - he KOs Baki, gets suckerpunched by Baki then fucks off
>Inconclusive - fight is interrupted by Tokugawa's sister

>vs Yujiro
>Inconclusive - fight is interrupted by Motobe

>vs Pickle
>Inconclusive - Pickle flees but isn't that badly hurt

And who defeats Musashi in an all-out brawl? Motobe, who never was a big character.
If it was Doppo, you could make up some bullshit about karate being designed to defeat swordsmen. But Motobe basically went from side character to top tier, at least top 5.
This kills the power levels.


What a fucking waste

This must be the most retarded. time wasting shit I have ever read.

Was I the only one hoping Musashi stuck around so he could join in in fighting demons or aliens in future arcs?

Motobe did make Yanagi his bitch before, so perhaps his only weakness is sumo

Yeah I'm fully expecting his sheer willpower to just ignore DEATH
We still haven't gotten the thing he was going to do to Yujiro before Motobe got involved

what was the goddamn point what the fuck why did they even revive him then

The manga's PL are already fucked ever since Yujiro stopped that Earthquake

Literally the worst arc in the world.

This must be the most retarded. time wasting shit I have ever read and I love it.


>Baki is bullshit



Is Musashi's wild ride finally over? I remember putting this series aside because I just got bored of the non stop Musashi wanking.

Yanagi was a two trick pony (vacuum fist and poison hand).

Not really, it was always Yujiro and Baki at the top and then everyone else fighting for place 3 and lower.
Now? No idea. One could make the argument that Motobe > Yujiro because Yujiro couldn't finish Musashi off while Motobe could. In any case, Motobe is faster than both Yujiro and Musashi.

t-the st-strong... the s-strong is... is b-beautiful?

I mean, the entire point of Musashi all along was that he didn't belong in the world of modern martial arts, that times had changed and merely killing was no longer the point. Bringing him back was a mistake, and the only proper solution was to rectify it. It clearly stated this time and time again and never even hinted at any other message. "Shut up about 'muh real combat' and realize martial arts are now a sport, an art and an interest more than a method of war."

>inb4 Musashi comes back due to his will or something
Me too, I was like "shiit, these spoilers can't be good for me to read, but I can't ignore this." Then it's just fucking Baki.

I'm glad I wasn't the only retard who thought that.

What will Yujiro do when he hears about this?

He also used weapons and that slap move.

We went over this, Motobe by his own admission is way weaker than Baki (I think he said 6 to 10), but that's unarmed in a modern fight. Once Motobe got to use his toys he could show his real powerlevel. Notice how he lost to the sumo like a fag and destroyed Yanagi with a sword.
The whole point was that Motobe is the only guy around who still trains in the old war arts and perceives the fights like a war, hence he speaks the same language Musashi does.

I tought that was the ogre

It was left ambigous wether or not Yujiro stopped it or he just did the motion. The point is he had the balls to risk his face like that.

>Tokugawa's sister is faster than Musashi, so it's safe to say she's the fastest character in the series
>She can 1hit everybody by sucking out their soul
Strongest character right there. Could Yujiro even stop her, considering he is now slower than Motobe?

>be the strongest guy in the world
>dont ever get to seriously fight the strongest opponents (pickle and musashi)

I thought this was a vagabond thread from the thumbnail and title.

Sabuko OP pls nerf

For what purpose?

At first I thought Motobe had aged and put on high heels. Now I'm just disappointed and more than a little pissed. This is the resolution to a guy that chewed up this entire series? Itagaki can suck my right nutsack.

That's bullshit though. In the beginning, he wanted to defeat Yujiro at all costs. So why didn't he just get a weapon? He has no qualms about playing fair and shit like that (muh war art, muh defeat means death). And we can see he actually could defeat Mushashi with this, when Yujiro and his unarmed combat - well, failed. In fact, it was implied Musashi could actually beat Yujiro with his secret empty hand sword shit art or whatever that bullshit was (we will never know).

So, if Motobe is #1 as long as he uses weapons, and it seems Itagaki wants it that way, why the hell didn't he just kill everyone he wanted decades ago? Yujiro? Yanagi? Hell, he porbably could have solo'd the convicts back then if he only used weapons.

Which he didn't because... why exactly? Since he's a fucking medieval warrior, any qualms about honor or face don't apply to him, he's in there to cheat and win. And he dispatched Jack Hanma, too, don't forget that. But he got almost killed by Musashi's empty hand shit sword, even though Musashi couldn't do this with a real sword. So why even use one?

Basically, Motobe > all, if he has weapons, unless it's unarmed Musashi. Who is > all if without weapons, apparently, in spite of shitting on everyone who fights unarmed.

Any way you twist this, it doesn't make any sense.

>missing the point of the memetobe fight
Musashi wasn't serious, he knew motobe wasn't out to kill him and he even got mad that motobe didn't take the chance to kill him that he gave him.
You see at the end that he cutthrough his chainmail.

Anyways I don't think it's over, maybe some warrior instinct is left and the dead musashi body will now go berserk at full power.

>At first I thought had aged and put on high heels.
I seriously thought it was an older Musashi in drag.

>Musashi wasn't serious, he knew motobe wasn't out to kill him and he even got mad that motobe didn't take the chance to kill him that he gave him.
>You see at the end that he cutthrough his chainmail.
Then it makes even less sense because why include a non-serious Musashi at all then? To show how he would fare at 50% strength against the Bakiverse? What kind of bullshit excuse is that?

I haven't kept up with this series in a long time. Whatever happened to Kozue? I don't remember seeing her after Baki's fight with Ali Jr. Did she run off with him or something? She was acting like a massive slut during that entire arc.

Musashi wasn't serious when he started fighting Motobe, by the time he realized his evaluation error he was choking like a bitch. Go read it again, at then end Musashi admitted defeat but he was fucking pissed.
Motobe never used his complete arsenal (meaning fuck pride play like a bitch and go for the kill) because he believes that kind of stuff belongs to the old world, he felt compelled to take action when a threat from there showed up.

She got pregnant and died from child birth.

Baki hugged her a bit too hard. It runs in the family.

>Motobe never used his complete arsenal (meaning fuck pride play like a bitch and go for the kill) because he believes that kind of stuff belongs to the old world, he felt compelled to take action when a threat from there showed up.
That's not logical at all, though. Either you want to kill someone or you don't.

I got rused as well.

Itagaki made sure to show Musashi's ghost leaving his body once before and then he woke up.

Foreshadowing? He wouldn't dare, would he?

I thought that was just an afterimage of his head getting shaken.

Its okay though. The real mastery of the body means, even if the spirit is gone, the body will react. So Baki will still have to fight to the body's exhaustion.

Are you memeing me or did this really happen? I mean she might as well be dead since she has virtually zero presence in the series now.

Well don't tell me it sounds weird to you that character in Baki would hold their personal convictions in higher regard then their life, never mind being practical. That was the whole "protect" thing Motobe was going on about, Musashi was like a gun in a knife fight, granted his metaphor sounds really bad in Baki.

So, now his body will awaken its tru fightan instincts and Baki will have to fight the super meat robot Musashi or something, right?

It really did.

Baki looks so fucking done with this shit

Maybe go for the "without a soul the body will just keep attacking at full power" bullshit route?

She appeared a couple of times in Son of Ogre, most notably for the Baki vs Yujiro. I don't think she has shown up even once in Baki Dou.

Also, no Motobe in any of the reaction shots. That must mean something.

Shh, Motobe is sleeping.

Vagabond ending that we deserved

also that pose and costume make her look like a JoJo character

Thanks for letting a bunch of people die before you did anything about the batshit insane ghost your retarded brother had you summon.

To show that a non serious musashi is around motobe level and serious one can beat him in a couple of seconds.
I doubt he was serious against baki either.

What if they brought Retsu back in Musashi's body?

that would be great

What if it was Retsu in Musashi's body all along?

neither the bald faggot

Pretty sure this was the last time she appeared. She hasn't popped up once in Dou.

That doesn't make sense because Motobe wasn't even on anyone's tier list before Dou. Now, at the very least, Motobe is heads and bounds over Retsu, Gouki etc.

Boukun Tyrano-san.