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Fuck man I made a thread without knowing about this one, dammit

It was cute.

An actual good episode?

Traveling abroad

A-part was probably too japanese for me, B-part was pretty funny and heartwarming


enjoy the matsus

It's okay, your work is appreciated anyway.
Let's see if this thread can get going smoothly.

Predictions for who gets an ending theme next episode?

>Matsu-kos are yesterday's business, Matsu-mis are the new trend.

I felt disappointed by Part B. It was predictable that we wouldn't see the sextuplets in any other situation because of how long the decision making took. By then I knew nothing would happen.

I was in the thread "anime men will never understand" and posted osomatsu there. An user then replied with "anyone can enjoy it, but only massively depressed women with low self esteem can enjoy it to it's fullest."
Do you think this is true? I have decent self esteem if I do say so myself

They do seem to be the ones that project yet stick with the series the longest even knowing they'll get let down.

Oso confirmed hottest matsu.

Same, though there was a chance to bait and switch when Matsuzo came home if he had picked three of them ahead, but breaking the neetdom status quo is impossible anyway.

Status quo is fine, but that doesn't mean they need to sacrifice good content. They could've easily made a fun story out of this but chose the lazy, safe way out.

They'll never fulfill your expectations to see something progressive at this point. Those hoping to get actual story about the guys' missing years and past should abandon hope too.

Pun aside, I wish they stopped using that dumb face in licensed goods like it was sexy or something.

This show sucks now

Is Kara the coolest then?

Second half was surprisingly great. Felt just like something from season 1 and didn't undercut the sweet moment with Matsuyo.

It just looks kinda sleazy to me, which fits Oso perfectly.

I didn't get the"Banana" skit. Were they Girlmatsus? Seemed like different characters, prettier too.

Even dumb, fun episodes like Iyami Cart would be nice again.

That ep is such blessed. I love it!

he sure is

First cour mostly sucked, but the second half has been pretty great.

Choro is reading Nietzsche

What do you think of CG Matsus?



Girlymatsus and the -mis are all the Matsus, they've just been mixing up the women roles for them a little more.
These ones were Karami, Jyushimi, instead of Karako et. all

The first one is actually really well done, I'm not a huge CG fan but I could get behind this

Which of the two are better? I personally couldn't stand the girlymatsus, even f6 was better than them

When are we gonna get Source Film Maker Matsus?

Are the ones in the video mmd? They look like it


They are exactly MMD models.

Matsumis just seem to be contained to one skit unless the show decides to drag them out more for something else. So far I would say that's a plus over the Matsukos.
It also should be more immediately clear they're the same characters dressed up, so that'd eliminate some fanwank over whether or not they can be shipped with the guys. In fanart you can do whatever anyway so it shouldn't be a big deal

They are, but I want some SFM Matsu videos

Dismembered or not, I still love him


why is Karamatsu so fat

Because he secretly has low self esteem and binges to comfort himself/or if he's bored

Matsu neck!

Is S2 funny yet? S1 was so good but I dropped S2 6 episodes in due to being so awful at comedy.


Matsus shipped with the nameless example neet when

Depends what your style of humor is.

He looks like re-use of the happy guy that was at the mixer in Star of Hope. He'd be cuter than Atsushi.

Should I bother watching this episode?

Only if you want to, nobody's got a gun here.

It's cute.

aren't you able to make your own decisions, big boy?

I expected a comedy but then I get a heartwarming skit of a mother that loves her useless sons too much. This feels.

Yes, but what's so bad about asking for an opinion?

nothing, actually. It's a nice episode. Definitely one of the nicer ones this season.

Choromatsu cuteposting was Matsuyo all along

pathetic desu

With how nihilistic the ending to season one was, I'm honestly not surprised.

I hope s2 has a better ending, but I doubt it will

Did Tottimi actually become an idol or was it just all in her crazy head?

I appreciate the choukei and kinnuku moments I can get, even though we'll never get a proper skit.

If they pull something that level of torture porn again I'll honestly be angry.

And so Choromatsu gets more screentime yet again.

And also more KaraChoro shipping.

Expect that again since they want to hammer down that they'll never grow up.
At this point it's better if there's no s3 so people stop putting in their futile hopes for such change.
And when the heisei era ends in 2019 maybe we get a new kun where there's no expectations for them to get laid.

Tight ass goggles mate

Wait how come it's ending in 2019? I don't know much about how nip eras work

Current emperor wants to retire, if I remember correctly

Are the new girls actually the Girlymatsus or what?

Akihito will retire April 30 of the year, and his son will pick up the duty. They haven't decided the new era name yet.

They're the Matsus playing girls but different ones this time.

I don't think so, it's counted as yet another AU.

It's not that the status quo has to change, it's that it just plain wasn't funny in the end of s1. They could have still made it funny but it was just depressing to watch.

I'd suggest the hikkikomori era, seeing as how the young population has that problem

that's not how naming works

I see it less as ship pandering and more like Matsubara doesn't want to write Kara in scenes where he's on his own, so he has to put one of his favourite tsukkomis there the whole time so he doesn't have to be creative.

Did the ending change? I don't remember hearing the girl before.

Yeah, no. I'm pretty sure it is ship pandering.
Pic related wasn't necessary at all.

The fucking balls on Choromatsu to throw in his own card in there.

Kara was always paired up with someone when it came to his scenes.

Chibita, Jyushi, now Choro.

I guess it's Choro cause he is now being waved around everywhere this season.

Inb4 this show panders to fujos all the time!

Matsuyo reminds me too much like my mom. Sometimes you really can't get past wanting to love your kids regardless what age they are since they are all like your babies. As for Choro being the one to talk with the mother it makes sense since he is the only one that will talk about these issues. I mean they could have done Kara, but it would been very odd.

It's a version B to the ending. The season 1 endings with the sextuplets each had an A and B version. Thing is, we got four episodes left versus five other matsus so somebody's gonna get left out.

I thought he was doing it all as a psychology gambit, it was clear he wanted Oso out of the way.

Thats an extremely common phrase in Japan used to show graditude.

I don't think he really expected her to pick him since he freaked out when she brought him up afterwards. Still if I had to pick three to the facility it be Oso because is the most fine being a neet. Ichi since he can hardly function and needs help. Last would be Jyushi just because he is pretty much special needs. The others just need to get off their ass.

Isn't the answer obviously Oso (as much as I like him characterwise)? We could've had a fun skit of Oso causing an uprising in the facility (which turns out to be a scam anyway, so it's for the best), and a B plot with what goes on without him, but staff had to be fucking lazy.

I was happy to get a Matsuyo skit at last, but then it turned into The Choromatsu Show again.

Kara did have some pretty funny moments where it was just him, like his Christmas skit and the flower fairy side plot.

>kara matsubara meme
Just fuck off already. I hope we can see more of other matsus and not just kara all the time.

Shush man, both fujos and antis gotta read into two characters even standing near each other as being bait and pandering. They will not go for your words of common sense.

We're more bitching about Choro being inserted into everything right now than anything else

isn't it that one artanon that posts about kara being fat and wronged by matsubara brah

This picture creeped my out when I first saw but now I keep laughing at it

Because Japanese humor needs a straight man most of the brothers besides Todo are pretty much boke. Very rarely will they make the others tsukkomi who only do it when it directly affects them which is pretty out of character for them. Still even when they do change it up to someone like Ichi everyone complained about in this thread.

That's the husbando affect
The reason, at least I think, that anons complained is that it seemed a bit ooc for ichi, and choro would be more likely to behave that way (such as in s1 ep3). That and it had already been done before

They'll redirect the complaints to be about Totty and claim Matsubara's just raging about people not loving him.

>About people not living him
Are there people that are really enamored with totty? I can't see him as the greatest character with any sort of attributes so no wonder he's not a favorite

Because it was ooc and if you switch with any of the brothers you get the same issue besides Choro who has been know to be uppity about this shit and shown to bring up hard issues. As much as I want Kara to be a character. I don't want him to be stuck wit the role since it wouldn't be any better. Still I would love for the director to do something better with him then just him saying an English word every now and then.

Probably. It's pretty annoying to see the same bitching every thread when it isn't even a real issue.

This, it's always Choro and Totty.

I think an issue with all of them by this point, but especially Kara and Ichi is that they're just walking catchphrases by this point. Staff really wants to avoid the brothers going on adventures or showing sides of their characters we haven't seen before - they feel more like mascots than characters at this point.

I know a few people who absolutely adore Totty, yes. Some very much mischaracterize him though.



>Matsuyo admitting that the others would probably be better off and maybe even change if Osomatsu wasn't in the picture but she can't bring herself to get rid of him because she loves him too much
Damn, if that isn't the most relatable thing. Even though Kara is my favorite, I'm stupidly attached to Oso and couldn't imagine the show without him.
I wonder if this is leading up to something for the finale though?
I'm always keeping my expectations low for this anime and wont get my hopes up, but it feels suspicious how much they've been hammering in the fact that Oso is the "worst" one this season.