Dagashi Kashi

Why is she so perfect?

She's a future cake. As we see her flailing about helplessly as she fails to deal with adulthood we know full well this is just the start of her misery.

does she have a small squint?
I think that a beauty girl with that makes them very cute

does the manga worth it? or the anime just skip shitty episodes?


They all have small squints.

Anime skips a lot of fun stuff and adds filler. You're better off reading the manga.


Cant remember last time I liked a girl this much from her introduction ep.

She's a fucking mess.

A mess made for fucking

She's a hot mess

I know it sounds bad posting this on Sup Forums but people as incompetent at life as this woman make me angry. She better have some good reasons for all her poor choices so far.

Is that from the manga?

It's weird but it's her voice what turns me on more than anything.

Yes and so is this.

t. Frank Grimes

Hard as diamonds.

How do you even make your dick cast a show like that?

Powerful lamp at the proper angle and special glasses, it takes a bit of practice.

wait a sec which candy is that

Black Thunder

I guess because the little imperfections make her attractive?

Ears are not the only body part that's pierced.

So she's essentially us, only sexy and female

jesus, she looks like shit. All those piercings and that disgusting fang.




Who is this boy and why is he crossdressing?


Business butt.

11/10 would bang

>bending over without support
Hotaru core muscles put /fit/ to shame.

All those curves on the right direction

I love delicious cake

Alright Sup Forums I've had enough. Would it be possible to go to Japan on lim and find a nice Oba-san. I don't care if she's a 6/10 or has a kid, I want to marry a nice Japanese woman and to love and cherish

Go back to your respective threads.

She looks very fertile. I bet her womb is literally screaming to be inseminating by a Coco-nut.

come on pochi you are fucking up
when's our hajime book?

I would berry my dick in her

and then i would her a lot until she got pregnant

Why does she have crossed eyes?

Did you recognise the VA?

I like to think Shinka would grow up and beat my ass for a living


I love this sloppy JD dropout!


Yeah, he's also got a Prince Albert.

I need to see her feet before I make any final decisions.

Looks fine to me, not missing any toes or anything.

Right, that squares it.

I cannot into Japannaise, is her name a pun?

What does her feet smell like?

Because she's one of us.


She a greasy, crosseyed nerd.

As a black man i want to know how they taste

Yes her name is literally hajime no ippo

Like fried chicken and watermelon kool-aid.

ahh yeahg

>Not missing any toes
But what I want is a quad amputee Hajime.

Of course.