Dragon Ball Super

Shin was right

Blue Vegerot > Beerus

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Who cares? All Beerus needs to do is wait out 10 minutes for the fusion to run out

Those sound effects

>SS Rage Trunks (with borrowed power) is stronger than SSGSS Vegetto because Trunks cut Merged Zamasu when Vegetto couldn't

Retards and their selective memory

Why would anyone ever doubt that?

Even if you wanna go "anime-only hurr durr", Kefla has proven that potara fusion is the greatest powerup, and Vegeta/Goku are already low-GoD tier.

> Manga Caulifla still thinks Goku and Vegeta are weak

> Manga Jiren is still a dick

> Manga Gohan is still ignored as a leader

Why is Goku such a beta

He isn't even a leader in the manga

> Manga U7 is dominating even moreso than the anime, with 6 knock outs in one chapter

> Using Anime to debate Manga

>Toeishill thought the problem was U7 dominating (they should be), and not everyone LINING UP to fight U7 one after anohter

Why are they such BRAINLETS

Jiren is just tsundere. He doesn't want to look at Goku because he knows that his opponents will be erased and he is avoiding getting close to anyone outside his universe

Nice try. Better luck next time.

Because Shin said it and he nothing he says can be true for a lot of fans even though it would make perfect sense.

2 GoD candidates potara fusing would be OP

>U7 should be dominating
Why? With the second lowest Mortal level?

And more importantly why is it a GOOD thing that they dominate even more than the anime?

Vegerot gets Hit to encase him in a permanent time-skip pocket so the fusion lasts forever fucking WHEN

>With the second lowest Mortal level?

Oh my god you must be a falseflagger at this point

Stop calling him that. It's not okay, even ironically.

The other Gods of Destruction already found SSG goku very impressive and were shocked at his blue forms power.

I wish we could see their reactions to Blue Vegito

>Vegito Blue uses Final Kamehameha
>Does 95% of Zamasu’s health bar
>Faggot kill stealer Trunks does chip damage to Zamasu to steal the glory

OK faggot.

How broken would UI Vegito be? I miss that smug bastard.

He would defuse in 2 seconds and accomplish nothing

Read the post again and look at the image, morons.

Angel level maybe

Fuck the Potara retcon honestly. What a load of bullshit.

Yeah, well fuck you, you fat chink.

I got Dragonball Super cancelled.
It was me.
I am the reason Dragon Ball anime is ending with no future plans.
I killed Goku, Gohan and Vegetables.

He’d be on or above Angel level. Vegito Blue was on a level where he was comparable to Beerus. Ultra Instinct Omen is leagues above Blue and Mastered Ultra Instinct is a league above Omen. Goku is already stronger than the GoDs with Mastered Ultra Instinct because he can compete with Jiren who is above the GoDs. Vegito Blanco would be utterly broken to the point where he may actually be able to challenge El Grande Padre.

Vegito is a Gary Stu. Hes boring.

>Vegito is Boring


>that buldge

Will the manga ever have a moment as hype as this?

Not like it mattered anyway.

>Potara retcon doesn't happen
>Vegito never really appears again because that would mean ditching Goku and Vegeta permanently, which would cause the downfall of Japan through years of never-ending riots
>Alternatively there would need to be some plot contrivance for them to defuse once again, potentially multiple times if they want to use him beyond the Black saga
>Vegito would still never accomplish anything because his power level would be so absurdly bloated that he'd constantly need to be giving out handicaps

>Potara retcon does happen
>You get to see Vegito a few more times since his existence doesn't have large consequences for Goku and Vegeta anymore
>The potential for other characters to fuse is there since the aforementioned consequences are gone
>He still does nothing though

no, its a manga. Its hard to match sound effects, voice acting and music with just black and white pages.

>hype moment
> goku gets humiliated by jiren

You know who's more boring?

Nailkamicolo. You can barely tell he changed.

It's not like they can use the Dragon balls to split them apart... right?

thats because its not a potara fusion but assimilation.

The DBS manga will forever live in the anime's shadow. This is fact.

Well then why even bother at that point?

>Super big bad boy arrives
>Goku and Vegeta fuse
>Beat the super big bad boy
>Defuse, either with the Potara retcon or with the Dragon Balls
>Next arc

Why is one better than the other? Mostly forgetting about the Dragon Balls was the best thing this series ever did, I don't think anybody wants to go back to the days where the dragon was getting summoned once every twenty episodes.

As it should be.
> goku gets humiliated by jiren

you realize this pointless arc is gonna end with a dragon fixing everything right?

Its bait, but there are probably retards who don't understand
Mortal level =/= powerlevel

He gets repeatedly raped by his wife


It's not even that prominent or big calm down.

Alright then what is a mortal level anyway? What was the point in introducing that?

Also (again), why is it a GOOD thing that the manga U7 team dominate even more than they did in the anime?


Is that a BooB?

Yeah, but at least it had a massive buildup. I don't think ending every arc with "and then the dragon arrived and defused Vegito the end" would be quality writing, especially if it only was done to satisfy a few people's obsession with one character.

Why would Zamasu steal Goku's body if he has Jiren right there?

How is using a dragonball to bring everyone back a good ending? Thats been done a million times before. This is gonna be done to satisfy fans who can't handle any type of actual consequences in the show

3 zamasus

Well, without a doubt is the strongest attack in the history of Dragon Ball, along with the Genki Dama that Goku used against jiren

Why? Cause it cut Zamasu, just like Vegetto did earlier?

Goku and U7 were blamed to be the ones condemning all of the other universes, so it made sense that everyone had a grudge against them.

Unironically better than super

Why did Zamasu take Goku's body, if he had the option to take Roshi's?

He can literally Mafuba all humanity and even Zeno

Blame Soyotaro, he convinced Toriyama to do it

It's the collective average powerlevel of the universe.
Guess why U7 is so low dumbshit. It's because they eradicated most of Frieza's army, which was made of the strongest in the galaxy, (and also because Beerus and Shin are incompetent at their job). This says nothing about individuals. A universe being weak on average doesn't mean all the warriors there are predestined to be weak. They don't fucking all share genetics.

>why is it a GOOD thing that the manga U7 team dominate even more than they did in the anime?
Because it's realistic and the only way Toei shows U7 "struggling" is via powerlevel inconsistency aka I was merely holding back, or characters flat out acting like retards and refusing to transform for example.

U7 is supposed to be strong as fuck, that's just the reality.
>dominated U6 with their weakest transformations
>their strongest champion was barely even SSG level

U7 is basically a freak accident, Frieza is weak as fuck comparatively and he managed to dominate like half the universe. That's the reality of the average powerlevel in the multiverse. The Kaioshin are supposed to be practically untouchable by mortals, anyone getting to their level is considered ridiculous but the saiyans vastly surpassed them, even reaching rookie GoD tier which everyone thought was insane. So it is perfectly reasonable that the average tournament participant is absolute shit tier with a few super powerful fighters here and there per universe. Even the fucking Pride Troopers are basically a cuck circle filled with jobbers, with three guys carrying everything.

Ultimately all the garbage battles in ToP are caused by the saiyans "holding back" so they can draw out the arc with worthless fillershit like Ribrianne. Everyone hates this arc, and the TV ratings hit rot bottom because it was boring as shit.

No shit Sherlock
Considering Toriyama had in mind Whis being only a 50% stronger than Beerus at BoG, Vegetto would beat not only every GoD but also every angel except maybe the GP, and that without even going Blue

because it "killed" Zamasu


What the fuck are you talking about, user? All I said was that compounding one of the show's biggest problems all for Vegito's sake would be stupid, I never said reviving characters is a "good ending".

The retcon itself happened due to Fused Zamasu, and has nothing to do with Toyble.

Sure thing toeikek

THAT's racist.

>post yfw junannago comes back next episode

>U7 is supposed to be strong as fuck, that's just the reality.
>dominated U6 with their weakest transformations
Hit actually beat both Goku and Vegeta.

>their strongest champion was barely even SSG level
Only in the manga

> U7 dominating even more in the manga is good because it makes sense to me
Why is this the most common argument I hear about the manga?

That it's more boring but it makes sense? DB is already ridiculous, might as well have fun with it.

Daily reminder that THIS IS CANON

Only because of the slicing motion Trunks did.

Instead of stabbing though him like Vegetto did, Trunks did an upward motion.

If Vegetto did the same motion with the Spirit Sword, I see no reason why the same result shouldn't happen.

Best boy trunks deserved it

>Only in the manga
And guess what we're discussing right now brainlet-kun?

>That it's more boring but it makes sense?
Oh wait, things don't making any sense is precisely why everybody fucking hates this show, and Toei making ToP boring is precisely why noone watches anymore.

>6-10-15cucks are still a thing

He would have just regenerated it.

The only reason Trunks' slice was permanent is because it was a genki sword.

Nice headcanon

Toyo even honors it in his latest volume

It's also the preferred version of the Future Trunks arc that video games and merchandising chose.

And I just realized you specifically said spirit sword.

But yeah, my personal head-canon is that Vegeto weakened him with the final kamehameha to a point where Trunks was able to keep up.

Why does SS Rage bother so many people but Goku falling ass first into UI or Kawaii Blue Vegeta not?

Why the fuck does he have such horrible sausage fingers in the top one? Who thought that looked good?

As canon as Jelly vegeta

Videogames always choose the Anime and movies over the Manga. Nothing new

> "everyone hates the show"
> show prints a fuck-ton of money for all parties involved
> show is consistently in the Top 10 TV Ratings
> a new movie is coming out winter 2018


Maybe toyo will add a special chapter with the Spirit Sword

Because going from ss2 level to god level with none of the training that Goku and Vegeta had is absurd and spits on everything the anime had done up to that point.

The reason the ToP sucks is because it turned into nothing but an ultra shitstinct wankfest ever since the special with little in the way of good fights. Before the special the issue was the stupid time wasting wth filler fighters that only received the boot after the Kefla (and u6 in general) elimination.

Wasnt Trunks sword broken in the Anime?

>muh vocabulary
>vomits meme words at every opportunity
Oh, autism-chan. You should ask for a Thesaurus for your birthday.

Because kakarot = carrot

That's why I literally said "I see no reason why..."

It's common sense. We already saw him impale Merged Zamasu with his Spirit Sword

Why the fuck does he have such a fat disgusting head on the bottom one? Who thought that was a good idea?

Yes, he reformed it with ki or something.

>no argument

Because is retarded. Goku UI is canon anyway and Kawai Blue Vegeta is just something Toei decided to do to make Vegeta and Goku not so far apart

Going from blue level to stronger than beerus in 30 minutes via dumb luck is so much better.

Goku got UI in 2 years, Beerus hasn't in 75 mil years. Spare me