Why haven't you watched the Moomins yet?

Why haven't you watched the Moomins yet?

Watched enough of it as a kid.
The Groke left me mentally scarred for life. Our version was dark as fuck as you can see.

no subs

I actually watched them a good part of my childhood dubbed in my language, slav btw.

because not anime

As much as you are wrong, I do wonder what made Ghilbi one day get up and say "Hey, you know those Finnish comics with the weird creatures in them? Let's turn that into an anime"

ghibli? what are you talking about?

>went to check
>it's not by Ghibli although I've known this fact for fucking years

This is some Mandalla Effect bullshit. What the fuck.

Miyazaki worked as an animator on the 1969 series. You probably heard that somewhere and got confused.

>be Snufkin
>30+ years old, with the looks of a teenager
>be the goverment's top class spy
>observe the acitivites of the mutant village
>during your work your cousin sits right next to you
>"I want your cock"

Why did little my go in winter hibernation, it was so fucking weird.

This is correct. It wouldn't surprise me if a few people from the Ghibli circle were involved in the 90's series, but I don't care enough to seriously look into it. The series director of the 90's series is the same person who just directed Made in Abyss. Ain't that some shit?

Well, she mostly lived with the Moomins. She obviously was never hibernating. Maybe Moomins thought so.

well... technically they aren't humans

This. The Jap version is more enjoyable overall but the low contrast softens the nightmareish parts a lot.

So she could suckle moomin dick all winter, of course

I specifically remember reading a few years ago that the animation studio was Ghibli, and later mentioned in a few other places as well.
I dont know. Might be my mind playing tricks on me.

>The series director of the 90's series is the same person who just directed Made in Abyss. Ain't that some shit?
Holy shit!

She was though. Unless she lied to Moomintroll about it.

I'm not 5 anymore

Started it last summer and I'm taking it really slowly.

You're 15?

Taron Egerton from Kingsman is voicing Moomin in the 2019 remake.

He's not 30 though... I think?...


Watched the first two seasons a few years ago. I like it but I'm just really bad at following episodic shows.

I read it


Snufkin's age was always a mystery but I'd say he's around early 20s since his dad knew Moominpapa when they were young, and Moominpapa was addressed as 'kid' once iirc

Maybe, I've always assumed he was like 17. Moomin 12 or 13
Snorkmaiden 12 or 13
Little My 9 or 10
Sniff 10 or 11
Stinky 16 or 20

Stinky's voice could be anywhere between 13 and 60 depending on the dub.

I remember reading(much to my horror) that Stinky is a full on adult. He's just screwy in the fucking head and he goes around doing weird shit because of that.
As for the others, the Moomingang is all around 12-16, Sniff is the oldest, I think. Snufkin is a young adult along with Snorkmaiden's older brother and My's older sister.

I meant age, I'm high

Forgot Alicia.
Also a teenager.

Dang, that's creepy...

Moomin Valley 2019 remake English Dub Cast

Taron Egerton as Moomintroll
Rosamund Pike as Moominmamma
Matt Berry as Moominpappa
Kate Winslet as Mrs Fillyjonk
Warwick Davis as Sniff
Will Self as The Muskrat
Richard Ayoade as The Ghost
Akiya Henry as Snorkmaiden
Bel Powley as Little My
Edvin Endre as Snufkin

according to the offical moomin webstie, Little My is actually older than Snufkin, Sniff and even Mymlan. She was apparently born before the other characters' parents met. Though, I've read that the moomin canon can be kinda loose with things like this and it sounds more like a continuity error.

Talking about Alicia, i wonder if she is gonna come back for the new series, since she really isn't in the books.

That sounds wrong.
The English dub addresses Mymlan as My's older sister, there was that episode when she comes to visit Moominhouse and apologizes for her baby sister.

I found the raw episode but none of them are translate from beyond 50+

talking about the novels. forgot to mention that

only the first 26 episodes are subbed in english.

I always found the Groke funny as a kid but the fucking antlion made me shit my trousers

Really makes me wonder how this is still untranslated. I'd imagine someone had done it already.

Alissa is best girl without question

where the fuck do i read the comics


>2019 remake
Why did I never hear about this?
>tfw both the Finnish voice actors for Moominpappa and Hemulen have died

This thing gave me nightmares

Hol up.

I really have to watch the Finnish version. Do people prefer that one?

finnish people do, and most swedes prefer the swedish dub, I guess. I prefer the japanese version.

No subs, but I'd more than love to watch it. it looks rad

What makes this series lovable is imo the amazing soundtrack

>Japanese Stinky: Mischievous little neighbourhood brat
>Swedish Stinky: 40-year old alcoholic hobo
Easily one of the most jarring differences between the dubs.

And then unfortunately the UK dub only covered the first season and didn't dub the film.

request it to discotek or some company

That's why they redubbed the old show so the current gen won't think the remake voices are "wrong" any more.

The whole series hasn't been uploaded to Youtube yet

English dub has.

English dub is really bad.

Eh, it's alright until the later episodes when they change voice actors. THEN it's unbearable.