What can we do to put an end to the reign of terror of the Colors gang?

Take Kotoha's hat and tell her she's bad at video games.


What are they looking at, anons?

muh dick

Is yellow the real lider?

needs a money edit

I have disabled the brains of the team. I leave the rest to you, Sup Forums.

What are they pointing at?

you had one job.

You'd have to raid the entire town, especially around the shopping street, there's evidence that their activities are being funded, supported and covered up by innumerable parties, ranging from shop owners to average citizens.

It's actually much worse than that, apparently even the law enforcement is in cahoots with them. There are also rumors of a certain "Major" being affiliated to the Colors. We may very well end up having a military coup on our hands.

Yellow is like the typical advisor that tells the king what his next strategic move should be and who then acts amazed at the kings amazing strategic intelligence when he gives those orders.

Fool! Saito is the sworn enemy of the Colors gang

Only boots on the ground can stop the Colors' campaign of terror.
And only Kotoha's boot on my face can stop me.


That's why he was assigned to the look over the train station, so that he doesn't have a chance to investigate further into their web of organized crime that is behind the Colors. The chief of police is helping the colors.

Deploy the Cock™

>touching and stepping on poop

fucking disgusting

Video games really do corrupt young minds

Really makes me wonder what JK Kotoha will be like. Kind of lewd.

"Colors" is a great name


I have no idea, there are too many galleries tagged "Mitsuboshi Colors" on sadpanda for me to check which one it comes from

Not buy their BDs.

Looks like the japs have executed the plan flawlessly.

>no anal with yellow

>japs have shit taste
And no one is surprised

I really liked that entire scene. panicking Yui was cute.
I wish Kotoha would do that to me.

When did they show that close-up of Sacchan's shoes?

What would with Sacchan be like?

She's a real dick. Not surprising they're mean to her. She gets what she deserves.


Like having your dick being sucked by a vacuum.

The sameface is uncanny.

>Local gang member not so tough after being molested

I want to caress Kotoha's soft ass.


I want to fuck Nono's hairy cunny.





How would you even feel that? It's a fucking pack of tissue paper, not a rock


>Final episode/Manga chapter
>Saito has enough
>Starts unironically beating the colors the death
>He gets more "did nothing wrong" threads on Sup Forums than Squealer for all eternity

Convert to black & white?


Moka has a huge butt.

I like smol butts.

Sacchan is a fucking brat, so she probably put a rock in the middle of the tissues.

Smol yet soft.

I want to slap it so bad.

Are loli butts soft?

That was unnecessary.

You mean necessary.



I want them to keep doing unnecessary things.

Snake, try to remember the basics of CQC

They're so soft that you'll go insane if you touch one.

I want to lick one

You'll die.

Everyday is such a pain to go through because I know I'll never be able to fuck Char.

I meant Yui, but actually it's the same for Char.

That show would be so much better if it got rid of the hags and focused on Char.

post the other screens of rock-it lawnchairs. i just need them

especially this one without the subs pls


Post more cute Sacchan.

>cute Sacchan
That's a tautology.

No, lolis don't have much fat there. lolibutt is bony. thighs are very soft though.


>implying I want to stop them
Saito go home.


There's no such thing

i just watched the halloween episode and why is this bitch just with a bunch of guys at the starbachos?

user, it's not uncommon for women to have male friends if the guys bathe and aren't total creeps.

>with a bunch of guys
You just answered your own question.

This shot aroused me a lot.

Sacchan looks like an angel here.

well, which one is it?


They are clearly sex friends. All of them.

I cannot teach him. The boy has no self awareness.

Was this necessary?

My dick is telling me it was.

will I get in trouble for kissing loli ankles?

That and this made me feel weird in my pants.

How do I stop it?

I want her butt to attack me.



You need a real loli who loves you to find out if you are a pedo or not. most of the time all the bad feelings drain away and you just want to protect them. Losers never find out though because kids are scared of them and don't want to play/cuddle.

Stop? You should be embracing it.

>real loli


Sour grapes.

Oh yeah, you have a very good point. I should totally forget about this "3dpd" stuff and go hit on 3d little girls.

>hit on little girls


Stop letting the thread get derailed. There's a report function.

Nono you're very sexy.

She's not as half as sexy as the colors.