Boku no My Hero Aca

Bass-playing, Stealth-interning, Chuuni-loving Based Birb time is coming soon. Will he overcome Darkshadow and the dreaded F chord?

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Rock for your soul

Not until the background in that gif is a perfect loop.


Technically, I have to accept that.

the only way we could get that to loop perfectly is if we have the original image and do it all from scratch

Is it weird that I have a crush on Tokoyami?
The bird head just makes him cuter.


He's not playing bass

>All the characters are DB rip-offs

Its insulting how Hori plagiarizes good executed ideas from Opm and turns them into trash. He should stick to his "school activity - villains attack" formula. At least in that way he entertains the fans with low quality content and doesn't disrespect other authors.

Asides from Vaccine man (piccolo) and Boros how are the other characters DB rip-offs?

Who made this, I love it.
I hope he gets his time to shine like like Kirishima did which really propelled his popularity due to his amazing arc, He's probably one of if not the most least involved in 1A.

You know he's going to use Darkshadow to play and it's going to be sick.

Sometimes I wonder if people really are this stupid.

that’s not a bass user

Silver Fang has Dr. Maki design

That's not a bass user
This was playing in my head when I saw this

Someone make this happen.



This sun will never burn out

Will Magne be a boy or a girl in heaven?

what is that expression trying to convey?


A background menacing expression. Wow

>man it felt good to pee directly into eri's bladder

Find out next time on...

I've had to do captcha things 20 TIMES in order to post

Can Google just buy this place already?

>murderer of three people

which solo is he playing?

what's with you and pee

I thought she killed more than that? Or am I mixing it up with her attempted murders.

At least you weren't range banned because if someone else, I'm not even sure google would be better

I don't know man I'm just really mesmerized by pee and my pee pee princess

Name one thing wrong with being a tranny

>main guitarist struggling with the F chord
I can't for the band to be a compelte disaster.

Name the band

user please don't start this. I understand what you mean but the moment you start this discussion and get him to reply, the entire thread gets doomed.

They don't like lolis

Come to think of it, I would have expected the instrument that's most his style to be not the guitar but the pipe organ.

>2 Girls 1 Cup

Momo looks so out of place.

Kyouka Kyouk and the Quirky Bunch

My Chemical Romance

Athena's children

>1 panel homage to one of the greatest and most influential shounen manga in the world can be compared Hori literally ripping an entire arc

Explodoking and the Extras.

Are you just referencing that video as an edgy meme, or is there some word play here I don't understand?

I'm with user on this, also that'll probably get this thread pruned , just like the pee infested thread this weekend

She's going to hell, and she'll be a girl because her soul has a vagina.

people in the bibble have done much worse and gotten into heaven

I don't give a shit about free speech, I just want the goddamn rules enforced.

Why do people post so much tumblr here

Scottie 2 Thotties


>asking this question without posting blakugou

Going against God's teachings.

I wish there was a drawfag who would draw Ochako being Cucked by Lady Justice.

Because nobody here speaks nip well enough to use pixiv


Poop, Zap, and Boom

Not that user, and I'm not really gonna argue with you because I'd rather not let this thread turn into shit like all the other times Magne was brought up, but does it say anywhere in the Bible that it's wrong? I'm legitimately curious on this. I know of all the passages on women being servants to men and stuff, and the whole no gays line. But I don't actually think there's a no transexual part in the bible. mainly since the writers never considered this.

Go back to hispachan you filthy spic

Did you draw that or did some random tumblrite draw it? Because the Nejire's cute, the Tamaki's fine but could use some work, and the Mirio looks like he's mid-minor seizure

>But transexuals are fine
Really user? Are you stupid?

>gross artstyle
>fujo Nejire
>skinny Mirio
Absolutely disgusting

>sign up
>set language english
>type in english tag to search
>click top few jap tag suggestions at top of results
>get what you wanted
wow so hard


Thoughts as in, "review this as a piece of work", or thoughts on "hey check out this tumblr cringe"? Because for the former it's a decent piece, not the best but most likely drawn by a beginner. And for the latter I don't see anything cringy/'tumblrish' about this.

Will Bakugou finally remember his classmates' names after this arc?

Hey man loopholes exist. On a technical level they're two different things entirely.

Why is bakugou trying to suck his own dick
he already has kirishima's

I have no idea, user. I haven't even read the Bible.

Pixiv is trivial. The real problem is that so much is on twitter now and nobody likes hunting for art on twitter.

>Did you draw that
Hell no.
>I don't see anything cringy/'tumblrish'
I do.

'boku no my'
you've legit just said 'my hero my academia'
you're mom gay

There is only one real "tumblr" feature, and none of those characters have tumblrnose.

He's just posing for the camera.

the nose is 10% of what makes tumblr art "tumblr", faggot.

Kurapika is a cuter girl than anyone in My Hero Academia.


Did you make that art user? do you draw similarly? you need to git gud.


Not buying into your idiotic narrative doesn't mean someone has a vested interested in it, you pathetic faggot.

Defend Amajiki's ears in that pic.

It's nice that you'll maybe see him once a year when a new chapter is released.

Why? I wasn't "defending" the art in the first place. retard.

>This defensive over tumblr art
>not from tumblr
I shiggy diggy

Oh, I can tell.

So why did you ask?

Ehh, when people say Tumblr in terms of art it usually means the piece: changes a character's race, makes them trans, makes them fat, gives them side cuts and piercings, etc. And we can't forget the red nose. This just looks like some mediocre art though. And while there's a lot of that on tumblr since the website is good for hosting your own art regardless of who you are, it's not apart of the tumblr 'style'


That art you posted is pretty low on the tumblr scale.
No skin darkening, no vitiligo, no fattening, no excessive body hair, no big red noses, no obvious tranny features, no ugliness for ugliness's sake.
Mirio's face looks a bit awkward, but there's nothing outstandingly tumblr about it. It's a far cry from pic related.

How delusional do you have to be to draw this?

I really, honestly, genuinely don't understand why they draw these things. What does it add to change skin colour, piercings, fucking MEDICAL DISORDERS? Do they think kind of art is aesthetic, attractive? Honestly baffled right now.

Local culture takes many forms. Here we have pissfags and people who care what a completely separate website's users are doing. There they make everyone fat and Blatino.

What did they do to my boy All Might?

I respect your level head user