Favourite Shinmai Maou waifu?

Who is your favourite girl from the series and why is it Mio?

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Mio is only good for impregnation.

>not Chisato
Pleb taste, OP.

Kurumi and Chisato gave me fetishes for both extremes.

That's not what that word means.

Kurumi is the worst girl ever!

Isn't this girl basically like Stella from Rakudai?


Mio is the best girl

i want mommy i want mommy please


Chisato gets me so hard

gtfo chisatofags

Only reason I cared and tried to watch the show. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much screentime in season 1

Zesto is besto.
Chisato is an incredibly close second though.

wait she also made a contract with basara? Fuck me that's hot.


>not both the hero sisters

S3 when? This show is basically porn


Everybody would be dead if it wasn't for Chisato's contract.

Well the TV version of the OVA comes out on Sunday and it ends with a cliffhanger. Will we get a season 3 i believe so, the only problem is if the studio wants to go for R18 or anime original.


btw was chisato a virgin?

Her LN sex scene comes out on April 1.

And all the girls love her for that. Chisato also got Zest a job at the school as an English teacher and allowed Maria to attend the same school as Basara, Yuki, and Mio. Basara is gonna have tough school life if you know what i mean.

NEXT WEEK the ova comes out i cant wait!!!!

did anybody get the Shinmai maou no Testament Ecstasy BD yet? i want to see the art book and uncensored version of the poster.

I have never seen this illustration.

Any news about the BD set that came out last week?

Next week we will see Zest in her swimsuit with Chisato.

Mio went from tsundere to turboslut / deredere imouto and that's why she is so good.

I wonder if there are people who fap to Mio?

Impeccable taste.

That poster comes with the new OVA in a month.

She won't even breed the most OP kid.

i want to see the art book from the BD set.

i know people are selling it on yahoo JP but still no scans or clips from the CD videos or art book yet.

need scans asap!

How much

That would be correct, OP.

She's not my favorite, but I definitely fapped to her

Who would breed the most OP kid?

Chisato will breed the most OP kid.

Mio will breed the most OP demon kid, chisato kid will have no chance

>Sling Bikini on Chisato

That'll be enough until the full version of the OVA releases.

i must contain myself until the ova comes out.

Chisato will breed the strongest kid by default due to her being Afureia. Mio and Maria's kids will be about on par with each other.

any idea when to expect to see it online and which site will get to upload it first? Any recommendations

but is Chisato the strongest among the 12 gods?

What has her name being Afureia anything to do with breeding the strongest kid? Chisatofag

downloading this shit.

12??? i thought there are only 10 omg plot twist

Because she's the most powerful girl in Basara's harem.

12 or 10 idk what i meant was is she the strongest among the gods? i remember they lend some power to Chisato when she was watching Basara.

Next week? You mean 5 weeks?

TV version of the OVA comes out next week a.k.a. the one shown in theaters. The one that comes out March 28 is the BD extended version.

There's 10 Gods in the series. We've only met 4 of them. Afueria, Ornis, Raphaeline, and Reginleif. Chisato gave up most of her power in order to watch over Basara in the human world.

Maria's mom has got it going on. Shame it's pretty unlikely that she'll end up joining the harem.

Why do people say Chisato will breed the most OP kid? It should be Mio !

Actual sex scene when?

I hope Marias mom will join the Harem !!

himado generally has it up right after it airs. It'll be up on ohys eventually around 5:30 am on sunday.
Uncensored version of the theater version, but the BD is a director's cut of the movie.


Celis will join the harem too so it's already quite big.

Celis joins the harem? OMG this is some very big news!

>Celis joins the harem? OMG this is some very big news!
Well it is implied in Vol.12 that she will move into the Toujou's house and witness the debauchery that is going on here.

Will he have enough semen to satisfy his harem?

I hope he a harem as big as Isseis from DxD

Issei best MC

>Waking up early on a weekend to watch almost porn

What has my life become?

Hi everyone!
I have now scanned (yes, proper scans) the first chapter of novel 11.
I have also translated (poorly and fairly inaccurately in some places) pages 6 to 34.
Those pages contains Maria's sex scene, as well as Kurumi's. Kurumi's is not 100% done though. There is like a page or two left to translate.


Other people were translating the old chapters, right? Before it became a secret club you had to pay for.
Where are those people?

Thank you

You have a purpose my bruda

Let's not turn this threat into a pointless debate.
Thank you very much for the translations thought!


I fucking love Shinmai, best harem anime

Basara is so goddamn lucky, I wish I was him

When I think of Basara (and Issei from DxD for that matter), I think one thing: "He's a lucky bastard to get all those hot girls, but I don't envy him for all the shit he has to go through to earn all that pussy."

Just self insert dude, you will never be 2d and its not like theres any 3d girls that look like any of the Shinmai girls

I know and that's what I do, I just wish that that was my life

Do people really fap to that stuff?

Do I fap to thought of having sex with a cute, busty redhead with a super tight vag? Yes, I do indeed


Superb. Pic gets me diamonds every time.

Maria, hands down.
>Read the sex scene where he fucked Maria in loli form
>No illustration
All of my hate.

Come on guys, did anybody scan any of the art work from the BD bundle that came out last week? At least post some Chisato pics from last week please.

i need to see a better scan of this Chisato pic in her bikini.

BD box set omg, i need to see an unboxing video of this set.

must read now!!!

Chisato was my undisputed favorite but I've taken a liking to Mio a lot. She's great to self-insert as.

who would you choose in this situation?

Chisato isn't in that image, thus I do not have to hesitate between her and the sexy red so I can easily pick Mio.

i choose all the girls i really don't have a favorite at this point. This story provides amazing character development and by development i mean horny girls wanting MC dick that they don't mind sharing.

i choose Mio for the tits and Yuki for the ass.

These two pics desperately need highres scans

pinning her down so basara has an easier time fucking her in the ass


All great girls but this. Zest and Chisato are neck and neck.