Post the first subbed anime you watched or else the fury of this angel will chop your head off

Post the first subbed anime you watched or else the fury of this angel will chop your head off.

what a strange anime to start with. what was i thinking?

You already posted it

How the fuck am i supposed to remember it?

Not by choice. I prefer the dub.

Dokuro Chan was number 2.


Shinsekai Yori

Green Green or Amenaideyo

Primarily because hormones.

Mermaid Melody

Shouldn't have started with that, now you'll spend ages searching for something to match that high quality

Lucky star

Shugo Chara

it really has been tough finding a sub to match it. Even for dubs It's been hard for me to find something that tops Yu Yu Hakusho, which was my first dub experience
I was truly spoiled

Probably Death Note, I think everything I'd watched before then was on Adult Swim.

ah yes, that anime was amazing

Zettai Karen Children

I was looking for something else when i stumbled upon it

take a guess which word got it into the search results

Dokuro chan was actually the first. Found it on youtube. I then watched sword art online haha.

JP voice is pure sex.

Not really. I started with DN and Bleach. And still watch mediocre anime daily.

is either ninja scroll or akira I don't remember which was actually first though

>Green Green

My brother of African-American descent

Green Green was like my third or fourth, first was "Ultimate Girls".


the one you posted or ikkitousen, but I use the word "watched" very loosely

>white windows

Excel Saga

Either this or this I forgot.


Does it count if I watched Sailor Moon dubbed in swedish with finnish subtitles?


Attack on Titan.

Can't remmber off the top of my head. But, Dokuro-chan was the first (and) dubbed anime I watched actually, this had the effect of always hearing Dokuro when Haruhi spoke incidentally.

The point is, that at no time did anything seem wrong or "off" about the english voices, it didn't even occur to me at the time they should be speaking Japanese. So if you ask me the whole dub vs sub thing is pure mental conditioning.

>nichijou anything

Never forget.

Since the dub ended at episode 78


If you ask me about sub vs dub I'd say dub if available because here in Italy dub is usually well done, probably the best dubs along with japanese, and I want to support the local dub agency. English dub really sounds off to me.

Anine seemed so mysterious back then.

first subbed cant remember
first dubbed wasback in the mid 90s, i remember getting up extra early one day before school (hopin for snow day so check news) news wasnt on yet was like 4-4:30 am. Sailor. Fucking. Moon. on broadcast tv in the sticks so no cable. Popped my first boner that morning in front of the fire as she frenched tuxedo mask(well his non tuxedo mask form dunno his name.) Didn't know what a boner was(no sex ed as of yet and folks had never taught me.) After that I kept getting up early, just so I could watch some crudely animated anime girls.

Pokemon DP

Soul Eater.

Chobits. Shortly after I watched Dokuro-chan and Shinobuden. Then Naruto, I think. I watched a lot of anime during that time.

One Piece. I started downloading Kaizoku Fansubs' releases. Had no idea how to use bittorrent back then. I thought the file I downloaded from the site was the actual video file but it wouldn't play.

Either Dokuro-chan or Diamond/Pearl, but I'm leaning towards the latter.

Kaiji, on a hacked Nintendo Wii.

Higurashi, gave me a trauma and a fetish about fucking twins.

Voltes V

I think it was a hentai that I'd never be able to identify today, but that aside, Eiken

I used to watch anime on my wii to using wiimc

Death Note

Kino no Tabi

Yep, that's the one. Nothing yet comes close to its windows SMB support.

Rozen Maiden when I was 14. It was at that point I realized that 2D > 3D

Blue Exorcist