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Which Prince has the best ability so far?

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Clearly Halkenburg, but Luzurus is not far behind.

CHAD-CHAD of course

Shame hes not the type to take full advantage of it to win.

What if the tunnel was actually Kaa's ability and activated because she was looking at pictures of her sister

Well, he could use this power in a defensive way.

I like Halkenburg's but it's such a straight ability that I feel they are gonna job hard.

What killed the hype?


Luzurus seems pretty shitty to be honest, especially since you can't control your nen beast

Is there a better troll than Pariston ?

Me too. I know that people expect him to get a stronger alliance with Kurapika and protect the Princes, but I feel his ability is so strong he's gonna get killed by Ben's guards soon before seeing what it can really amount to.


I'm going to marry Kacho to Fuu.

>Halkenburg will be killed horribly in front of his followers
>Post death nen kicks in
>All followers united under the idea of revenge

Its gonna be some shit, user. I can't wait for 2021

Who has the worst?
If excluding the dead (RIP Momo), I'd say Tsubeppa.

I'm talking about the power in itself. The ability to conjure the deepest desire of your target to set a lethal trap is a really cool power.

Ging is pretty solid too

Am I the only one who can see the insane potential of Tsubeppa's beast ? The tricky part will be to find a partner but once it's done, I can already imagine a thousand of ways to make this beast an absolute monster. The ability to give to your aura the properties of every poisons, acids or hallucinatory toxins is wonderful. At first, I thought the snake woman from the zodiacs would have this kind of ability.


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The partner probably ends up as a sacrifice

Dunno, but Tubeppa's is the one that sounds cooler.

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you can like this arc, but none of the characters are as charistmatic as pariston

No, same here. It probably won't be the most efficient but it sounds very interesting and flexible, cool shit.

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Pitou will always be the best girl

Why is MadHouse so lazy? How is this acceptable?

Are they strong ?

No. Cammy has beaten you. Move aside

I'm just randomly plopping in the convo, but: Cammy's willing to kill children because they are in her way to become King: that's just the nature of the life she was born into: a fight for the fittest to reign supreme. That's different from being a serial killer who kills for fun. Cammy doesn't get enjoyment out of killing people: she gets enjoyment out of people listening to her and giving her what she wants. She's far from a psychopath. She's just extremely bitchy and vindictive if you don't listen to her and was born into a position of power over others and no one has ever stopped her from abusing it. Yes, that means she is a pretty emotional, shitty and selfish person, but let's not act like it's on the same level of evil as someone who's a serial killer who gets hard-ons from killing people and who's entire existence hinges upon killing. Compared to the type of people where killing gives their life meaning: Cammy looks like the lesser of two evils. You legitimately just need to not get in her way and give her what she wants and you're fine. Even if you're in her way she still gives you a choice to join her just in case (RIP Owlguy-kun). For a serial killer, doesn't matter how much you plead and beg: in fact they'd probably like it more.

Yeah, the torture and kill your family thing is pretty bad, but that's actually pretty common for totalitarian governments in order to ensure submission and given she's probably been raised getting everything she's ever wanted, I'm sure she's used that threat plenty of times in order to scare someone into obeying her. If that guy would have been like "holy shit my bad, I didn't know please don't kill my family I'll listen to you from here on out," she probably would be happy that he finally came around and realized he should just obey her. Though he did break her arm so there's probably no changing her mind on that. Yes, that's bad but it's not evil for the sake of evil. It's evil for the sake of obedience.

Endgame right here fellas.
Tsundere bodyguard will get BisThicc

Togashi made him endearing, there's no way he won't have an horrible death.

I love Cammy!


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Someone post the picture of Cammy wearing a hat that says "please be patient Cammy has autism"

Not necessarily, they might just provide the nen. Like a battery.

I don't even understand half of them. Could you make a short list explaining them? I know one is mind control, and the other is also mind control but through love. Then there is the princess who kills who kills her, and that one who can make tunnels. But beyond that it's a mess of exposition.



Check the archive buddy

She seems to be trying to court Kurapika to be her "research partner".


I doubt she's aware, and hers is kind of hard to figure out even for a Nen user.

>The tricky part will be to find a partner but once it's done
Guys, SHE IS THE PARTNER. It's the ability of her beast and she uses the scientist that she is for the drugs.

Killua is cute!

Well the beasts are based on their personality so she doesn't need to be aware. Wanting a "research partner" is probably just one of her core personality traits.

So what's your nen type according to Hisoka's somewhat accurate personality test?





Pitou is cuter

Nigga, her beast is the equivalent of the "lab machinery" the 2 researcher use, and the user is obviously the "researcher"

Ben: unknown
Cammy: manipulation of body and mind at will - conditions unknown
Zhang: unknown
Tse: unknown
Tsubeppa: transmuters, creates chemicals inside body - condition, needs scientist partner
Tyson: emitter, takes aura gives happiness - condition, recieve and read tysons book
Luzurus: conjurer, b8 you and traps you - condition unknwon
Sale-Sale: manipulator, makes you sympathetic towards sale sale, contagious - condition limited range and takes time to activate
Halkenburg: enhancer, power of friendship - condition, must be loyal to Halk and strong team work
Kacho: unknwon
Fuu: not too clear yet, but limited teleportation maybe
Momoze: rip
Maryam : could be conjurer, not specified yet - creates barrier, not accessible from outside
Wobble: unknown

Sure thing, bud.

Wait this personality description doesn't match Franklin at all


Kaacho who can stop time.

These abilities don't belong to the princes, they belong to the beast The beast is joint type. It needs a partner for activation, the partner is obviously its host Tsubeppa and we know she is a scientist from her first appearance.

Manipulator, take complete control over target when certain conditions are met
Unkown, seems to be a conjurer of some type
Unkown, its shown to be hostile and aggressive though
Transmuter, requires a second person besides the host to create chemicals and drugs with different effects.
Emitter, attach creatures to other people and grant them happiness in return off aura, these people need to have read Tysons bible (or atleast parts of it) anyone with such a creature who breaks the taboo from the bible gets punished.
Manipulator, create clones of itself above other people through smoke them in some way, the more loyal they are to the prince the faster the clones are formed. Because its simple conditions the form of control is probably something equally simple
Enchancer, people who support Halkenburg in his cause are granted extra power. Basically strength in numbers.
Conjuration, she can create doors and move from space to space
Manipulator, it ask if anyone is free and if they reply and then say yes it can control them. It will keep pestering people until they say yes
Emission or Conjuration, apparently it creates a safe space for Maryam and everyone around him

Are you sure?

Not as CUTE as Cammy!

Cammy is not, even Melody is cuter than Cammy

>Maryam : could be conjurer, not specified yet

Halkenburg is a bit more than that. People who are loyal gain power. The more people are loyal, the more power everyone gains. And if they all coordinate actions they can activate some retardedly broken nen power.

They look like a bunch of jobber clowns.

Yeah he's shown to be the voice of reason and moderation pretty heavily, and not particularly emotional or expressive. Only exception is when he was mowing mafia niggers down I guess

She's a cartoon character, moron.

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It could be a Conjurer or an Emitter. It's not specified yet


>Melody is cuter than Cammy

Halkenburg: enhancer, power of political beliefs*
Fixed, better not joking like that in an explanation, some people could take you literally.

>Fuu: not too clear yet, but limited teleportation maybe
We saw it, what we and her don't know is the condition. It's probably having a photo of the target/destination.




funny how the most desirable type in series is the least desired irl

melody is cuter than cammy

The beasts use their aura already. It wouldn't say specifically that it requires "partner" to use if it meant Tubeppa. None of the others do.

Would probably make an ability similar to Knovs

It was just a dumbed down version, but Fuu's power is still not too clear. We need more information to really understand it

It's not being loyal, it's sharing the same ideals and beliefs. It's meant to represent a sort of "democratic" power, not a "monarchic" one.

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Its because most people want special abilities that can get them ahead in life.

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Ability name: Magic trick: levitation

Nen categories: Manipulation, emission
You can imbue objects you touch with your aura This will allow you to make the object levitate and you can control its movements. You can for example imbue a bigger object and allow it to fly and let several people ride it or you can transport other objects on it. You can use this ability to hurl objects at high speed at people and by using emission you would increase the velocity drastically.


That's because you can't just hulk smash your way through life.

Let the cuter one stay alive until the end of the arc.

You can't kill him if you can't find him. How can Cummy even compete?

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I'm pretty sure based Halk will find a way to protect Fuu&Kachou for some time

idk, I still think Emission is the least desirable one.