My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

Worth it? This won best manga at NormieRoll Awards, so what's your opinion on it?

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I thought it was fine, read it in a bookstore for a bit

Worth what? It's pretty short.

>NormieRoll Awards
>mal link

It takes like 20 minutes at most to read the entire fucking thing. What do you mean is it worth it?

And the sequel? Which is apparently the real story.

It's good.

Better than Citrus

It was alright, I didn't identify that much with a lot of it because I'm not that weak or delicate minded; although I am just as much of a loser.

Goof manga.
Horrible OP.


I think he means "Is it worth 20 minutes?"

I could be wrong though, OP was pretty ambiguous

I wasn't aware there is a sequel? Last thing I remember was her trying to have sex with the prostitute but instead they just have a bath together.

Is that why my normie friend asked about it?
It was okay, I guess
I just really like auto biography comics in general

It's trash.


It one of the better autobio comic about a comic books authors experience's with prostitution.

>normie friend
Guess who also is a normalfag.

I liked it. I'd recommend it to fans of Watamote.

Was good outside of that weird 'gender' bit, i think the japs have a pretty different perception of that business to us and view sex and gender as more synonymous than western bullshit has made them out to be, it would've been better translated as 'sex' than 'gender' to avoid confusion

>view sex and gender as more synonymous
That's because they are.

Exactly my point

Into the trash it goes

Its actually pretty good, user. Give it a shot.

If it's clear that they are synonyms, there's no point in saying it would've been better to translate it as "sex" instead of "gender".

Apparently the new book was a train wreck though.

I absolutely adore the art style.

The point more is that because of western society the last few years separating the terms it'd be better to just say 'sex' to avoid confusion.

Not to mention 'gender' is a bullshit term coined by pseudoscientists and shouldn't exist or be used in the first place to be honest.

I will never read anything that isn't penned by Chuck Tingle.

>Its actually pretty good

Different user, but doubt.jpg

Not him but i can't read yuri unless its porn, otherwise there's no point.

tumblr shit. but good for nu-Sup Forums scum

a 6.5/10
its a good manga

Mediocre memoir

>poorly drawn memoir beats out Golden Kamuy

If there was any indication of these fucking casual awards being rigged. The normification of anime has got to stop.

jaded woman and moral degeneration > good manga

Depends on how tumblr are you.


If you like fun art and eccentric characters you might like this.

>This won best manga at NormieRoll Awards
wtf I hate it now

Yurifags confirmed for not actually caring about how yuri is 'the purest form of love'. Not surprised.

I don't know how you got any of that out of what I said because what you said has nothing to do with my post.

The original has a similar rating.


This board is intended for use by those who are fluent in English.

kill yourself you retarded newfag


die you fucking buzzfeedfag

Crunchyroll is for normalfags and ironic weeaboos.

given the akward phrasing that's quite ironic

Depends on how tumblr you are

That post was modeled after sentences composed by the great English essayist Thomas Browne, you peasant.

>Diary of a Wimpy Lesbian
Not worth it

The fuck is that pic

There are more better manga than this

The original had MLP and something else.



>Worth it?
Depends on how interested are you on reading the diary of a depressed dyke

It's a nice coming of age story, and i relate in a way to the mom problems, but less the wanting to fuck part and more the lowkey hating part.

>normalfags mad Kamuishit, Dungeonshit and shounenshit Neverland didn't win

>implying the normalfaggots aren't the ones who wanted the /u/shit tumblrite story to win

you gotta be over 18 to post here buddy, try in another 5 years when you know whats going on here.

i just started reading it and this girls a mess

which naruto would u fug

>implying dime a dozen shounen jump shit and seinen adventure crap aren't the most normalfag of manga
Berserk and My Hero Academia say hello. The only manga casuals heard about from that category was Kamui and Dungeon. Manga for women like Lesrepo, Rakugo and In This Corner are inherently niche.

>liking good manga makes you a normalfag
Sup Forums should require you install a plugin that scans your search history before letting you post. The instant it finds Tumblr, you should be permabanned.

I think she's hard to relate to, but that's what this manga is - an articulate account of an individual experience that's uncommon in most people's lives. And I think that's what got me turning the pages.

This manga clearly is a therapeutic endeavour for her and I do wish she finds a soul mate in the end.

>only manga aimed at men are good

Isn't there a sequel in the works?

Is this what you talking about?
There are 2 arrows with both words, unless whoever translated it changed them it is pretty clear at least she doesn't agree with you.

Point out where I said that. In terms of art and story, Kamuy and even My Brother's Husband were leagues better than something that passes as decent on Pixiv.

Its okay, I feel identified with the main character, all that social anxiety and desire to be hugged by someone. Some kind of raw watamote.

They weren't though, Kamuy is just another seinen manga and it won't be as affecting or impactful for people. Brother's Husband is mostly obvious and less personal than actually reading an author's direct thoughts and LesRepo has funner and more appeal cartoony art.

>comparing a longer fictional story with a 5 chapter autobiography
Might as well say Bloodborne is a better game than Yume Nikki for apples and oranges

>no female or male
what the fuck, is this some Tumblr shit?

Guaranteed everyone bringing up tumblr is a Berserk fan.

Bringing up a random series to lay blame on is a telltale sign of a huge faggot.

>comparing a longer fictional story with a 5 chapter autobiography

And yet they were grouped together in the same category, what's your point?

Well yeah. Someone being about a group seen as being oppressed is guaranteed to bring in mainstream awards. It's just how things work.

>what the fuck, is this some Tumblr shit?

Would that also work if I made a comic about Sup Forumsnon being bullied for preferring 2D girls?

It looks like some western comic shit that gets nominated for awards because it has gay characters in it.

Only if he's some shade of brown.

no, oppression narratives aren't actually altruistic towards people who are suffering, rather they are a tool to attack the oppressor group aka us crackas. Male Incels are hilarious, female incels win awards.

>Yuri is making the world everyone mad

Feels good

Is her hypotesis right, Sup Forums?

No point arguing with brick walls. If it was up to the people here, it'd be action shounen and seinen winning best manga every year.

we need public schools to teach our children about gay anal sex NOW

I really enjoyed it, and it was quite hilarious, but it's kind of overrated nowadays (particularly with the LGBT-loving crowd).

>Yuri is making the world everyone mad

More like something that isn't even a real manga winning manga of the year is making everyone mad.

I guess it's good these awards are nothing more than normie anime Oscars and have no value to the actual anime community.

Oh, and also those who white-knight the author (on Twitter etc.).

Look at the judges for the manga.

I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about it NOW

What about them?

try it, twinklet, see what happens.


Are are you going to do about it? Make a manga about your gay sex experience?


Out of all the awards, this one actually had well thought out nominees. Any of them could have won really and people wouldn't complain badly.

It isn't even a Yuri manga, it's honestly more about otaku life style-

POCs, SJWs and soyboys.