Darling in the franxx

>You so
>When you

Why is she so perfect, Sup Forums?

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I love her!

Ichigo a shit

If only she had long hair

nice normalfag meme

she did that one time

doesn't fit her personality


She's better with short hair desu.


Is Ichigo the new Rem?

No, because rem is trash and ichigo is perfect.

No but there are a few similarities.

>"Childhood Friend" who will never get MC's schlong
>Girl who MC literally proposed to run away and get married with, but isn't his first choice simply because he ran into the stupid half elf first

Rem is literally nothing but virgin bait.
She loses all personality and appeal the second she falls in love with subaru.
the only purpose of her being in the story after the proposal is for her to be subaru's cockholster.

Ichigo might not be in a relationship with hiro, but atleast she didn't go full "yes master" mode on him just to beg for his cock.

>not liking loyal, submissive women
get a load of this guy

Miku best girl. Sup Forums is always picking waifubait and missing obvious best girls.
You're welcome Sup Forums.


right meme
wrong girl

need I say more?

Man this show really brings the crossboarders and newfags out.
Don't you have your own board to shit up?


>stupid half elf
delte this



Any fatties here? I wanna cuck you

People quoting twitter memes on Sup Forums. The absolute state of this board.

>he shamefully jerks off every night to the though of Kokoro-san getting penetrated by thick fatty cock
>ikuno ignores him
>everyone has an unspoken rule not to bring up the time he got his asshole torn apart by a half-dinosaur rapist

>that cursor

Which memes?

Strawberryfags can’t even make properly a screenshot or it’s just a part of hardcore bullying.





I like 02 more but when ichigo was following hiro's footsteps was really cute

02 is so cute when she Darlings.

shit why can't normies stay in musical.ly



Did you edit this picture yourself?


>impying I have the creativity to make this

how does 015 = ichigo in japanese?

Why are you merely pretending to be retarded?

You post this every thread.

Dumber than a four year old.

Because 0 x 1 + 5 = 5
5 in japanese = go
I guess he just put ichi in front of it to make it sound better.

But this is my first post in this thread? I don't know moon.

hmm is that really it?

It's explained in episode 3 tho. So I ask again, why are you merely pretending? Or do you not watch the anime?

Make me.

It's high noon

15 doesn't sound like ichigo at all though. That's why I got confused. It's like saying I named someone rose because she has a big nose and it rhyme.


>missing my statement and point
Plz leave. I don't want to be rude but you are grating in my nerves.

>muh hugbox

go back to Ieddit

>He doesn't know

Never made an appeal to muh hugbox. Never go to leddeto. I'm just sick of spoonfeeding information that is given very clearly in the show.

wait what
I don't watch this show but I love to shit on the blue haired girl

wouldn't it be いちじゅうご?

Try and lick me one more time , onislut, see what happens.

/r/equesting 002 wearing Senketsu

Who will be the first to ahegao?

I HATE her!


*best girl enters the thread*



trips of truth

>best girl
>had like 2 or 3 lines of dialogue in the span of 7 episodes

I know, we need more Kokoro!

Yeah but she has The Book

>nobody made one with ichigo
it's not fair, bros

>tfw Ichigo gave me a new fetish

I love 02!

oni said she liked, though

Just wait till she cucks fatty

>implying she won't cuck him with me

>facebook memes in the Franxx threads

Trips of truth

i liked it better when there was only me and another ichigofag. dumb bandwagoners.

PLAIN AND BORING that might change soon though

really gives you a feel for onifags age group.

Shes cute though

being cute in a show with Miku, Oni and even the strawberry just doesn't cut it for me

>implying you are more desirable than even Fatoshi

I love how Goro looked visibly upset the closer oni got to Ichigo's face

>Sup Forums being jealous of normalfags
Nothing changes

What is up with Sup Forums and giving short haried girls long hair?

IM 6'5" 276 lbs and play football. I'm being recruited by Alabama so fuck off


This show is literally going to become a harem anime

i went looking for the scene to confirm what you were saying and found this

kokoro's kokoros


So when is he going to snap?

He will smile as main character "sadboy" sucks and fucks his way through the female cast


>Hiro dies
>02 says nothing, just focuses on killing Klaxx
t r u e l o v e

Ichi = one
Go = five

one-five = 1-5

Hence, 015.



Leave the Oni to me