I seriously don't get why this player is so hated on Sup Forums...

I seriously don't get why this player is so hated on Sup Forums, I mean it works just fine and accomplishes all the needed things to watch anime. So why the hate? Give me one (1) good reason

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No worries, nu-Sup Forums accept this.

>safety cone

There's your reason

Lurk more.

Let me tell you something brother. The whole playback meme is just a way for people to feel superior or right. If you enjoy watching your anime on VLC that's fine. You literally do not want to get started on the whole "Which video player should I use?" train.

MPV or neck yourself

Kissanime or neck yourself

crunchyroll or neck yourself

why tho

The newer VLC versions are just fine for anime, I don't want to install 4000 codecs and decoders on a barebones player for like 1% better video colors

>Not wanting to go through the effort for a 1% improvement
Is this the true face of nu-Sup Forums?

Because literally every other option that isn't streaming is better

>not buying BDs
>needing subtitles
You are literally an autistic NEET secondary pleb retard ironic weeb

VLC can't handle very high quality files and some video formats it can't handle at all (12bit HEVC2). Usually the bit rate drops to shit and the screen turns green until next transition.

MPC-HC works fine. VLC has some sounds issues for me sometimes.

Because VLC is the perfect definition of Bloatware, i dont need a video player with a lot of "hidden features" that dont need or barely i use. I dont integrated HTTP server, converting formats or recording my screen using vlc.

Post the pic of miku disappearing into the matrix because of VLC

>$ sudo apt install mpv
It just werks.

Only frenchfags use VLC.

>almost 20 posts in
>no one has posted the webms yet
What the fuck Sup Forums?

I started using mpv. I like that it's a 'portable' player so I don't have to install anything. Only problem is if I need to update or move the player but it has a program to re-associate everything so that's fine I guess

>watching anything higher than 720p

Go ask Sup Forums this question.

They use outdated codec packs because licensing issues, showing green screen in newer mkvs, this why bittorrent sites make .avi releases of hollywood movies because .avi "just work in vlc"

It's better than it used to be but still no reason to use it over superior players.

But I only watch KyoAni shows

It does work, but just that. Its not great. For Sup Forums thats not enough to just work. We want high quality here.


Did you try with VLC 3.0? I think it's actually quite neat, but I probably won't switch from MPC/MPV.

Use MPV or MPC-BE+madVR

But I can watch my anime in 720p, even in 1080 without any issues. Doesn't matter if it's .mkv .mp4 or .avi and so on, so what's the deal?

>resolution = quality

I letarilly use Windows Media Player. Fite me.

shit upscaling algorithms


Found the nix cultist

Well if that was the case, then I assume you watch your anime in 240p? Hell you should stick with 100p, since resolution has nothing to do with the quality

Because MPC-HC with Smooth Video Project is the only way to fully appreciate anime and quality animation

VLC is for streaming and nothing else. The color quality is worse, end of story.

Is it time?


You guys are full of shit, you haven't come with a single good argument. You probably don't update you VLC at all, I mean I rarely get any glitches or greenscreens or whatever you elitist fucks are having

I don't use VLC for the one reason that if I watch a video in it then click the skip forward button it won't play the next file in the folder. I do however use it if I want to watch something I have on my PC and not redownload it (hence the name VideoLAN.)

Proved our point. It works, but its not the best. If you want sub par quality, keep at it, but dont be mad when we tell you you enjoy eating shit.

VLC doesn't use the absolute best method of playback. Video nerds will chuck a fit to watch with the unusually washed out chroma or color bandnig you're putting up with. Taking screenshots with VLC on BakaBT is banned for this reason since it misrepresents the video files. Vanilla MPC-HC is just a system player like Windows Media Player though and elitist spergs who use it without appripriate codecs don't know what they're talking about. I hear MPV is a apparently an all-in-one solution like VLC that anime encoders say its up to 2018 standards. Never tried it, though.

>caring this much about video quality
I’m so happy I’m not autistic enough to notice or care.

same, i watched the whole movie like this

yeah, it must be nice being a brainlet

>Not watching anime on your TI-84 plus
The absolute state of Sup Forums

>look at these autists who care and put effort into their hobby. I'm so much cooler because I dont care
Grow up you fucking kid and learn that its ok to spend time on things you enjoy.


do you also stream your anime on MAL?

I used VLC before, got mostly buffing problems and switched to MPV

Its funny because its true.

Sup Forums is largely populated by kids in their late teens and early twenties.
That's the point in life where you're utterly desperate to fit into a group.
And nothing makes you feel like you fit in like hating on something together with the group. So the moment it seems ok to hate something, everyone's on the bandwagon.

>mpv > vlc
>mpv android > vlc android

This but unironically

>i-it was shit in 2004 so dont use it
Modern VLC is fine. Most of you probably use dogshit monitors anyway.

I use a 50" tv.

Those "glitches" are just a meme. Every other player crashes playing corrupted files or skips the affected regions but VLC interpolates everything to keep the video smooth. Watch an episode with only 90% of chunks downloaded. Other players will die or fast forward all over the place but VLC creates a surreal monster movie in the missing areas.

>size = good
Next you are gonna tell me it's a 4k TV as well.

Good one was about to post this.

>60 posts

Why would you care? People always will find I reason to bitch about and pretend they are better because they watch in highier quality,use better player, watch better anime. I am using VLC myself, player like any other.

Case in point...

it's a high end tv, my dude. i don't know the technical details, but a turbo quality autist recommended it to me. i didn't get a budget tv.

what's the point in watching anime on a monitor sitting curled over your desk in an office chair when you can sit on your couch and watch it on a TV?

>Sup Forums told me my TV was good
>Sup Forums told me MPC was good
Sasuga independent-thinker san

>so was expensive, so it has to be good
>but I don't know why
Imagine actually living your life this ignorant.

uses wrong matrix for RGB conversion (results in wrong colors)
uses point upscaling for chroma planes
introduces strong banding
all the other bugs (including some that haven't been fixed in years) make it equally unsuitable media player.

who are you quoting? when did anyone say anything about Sup Forums?
i'm not a NEET or an autist, i don't have time to care about things that you're neurotic about. it looks amazing to me.

>expecting neo-Sup Forums to know old glitches
The sole fact that there's a thread supporting VLC on Sup Forums RIGHT NOW already shows how newfags rule this board
dumb frogposter

nice ellipsis, faggot

>watching anime on a monitor
You're joking, right?

Next you'll tell me you use PC speakers lmao.



There are threads defending dubs, defending streaming, spoonfeeding, and constant generals and even Naruto threads.
This isn't your elitist Sup Forums anymore kiddo

That only happened once okay?

>caring this much over 22 minutes of media
>getting elitist over how unnecessarily optimized their 22 minutes of media
LOL, you nerds are pathetic. Sad! Literally laughing irl at you losers.

gee I wonder

Guys, I think it's time to put my VLChad days behind me but I have a mac. What's the best option?

You're acting like you're better than others for doing that. You don't get to play the victim now that they're mocking you in return.


T-that's just a bad encode okay? ;_;

a u t i s m


hazuki is a dumb autist

MPV is the best option for UNIXfags. It's just the default Linux video player updated for modern systems.

>screenshot from the windows vista era

>tfw to stupid to configure madvr

This looks too sharp and pixelated. What renderer are you using?

mpc-hc looks better, but i'd watch either without complaint.

imagine caring about something so inconsequential.

>he can't differentiate vista and 7
git gud

>try playing the Madoka movies or any effect-heavy BD rip with VLC
>video is too heavy for the player and it gets delayed, then freezes as it catches up
>open said files with MPC-HC
>no issue
There. MPC-HC is overall much more efficient. VLC is really the poor man's choice, and only a pleb wouldn't see the difference because he doesn't watch BD rips
Now, I need another player (computer?) that allows me to play BD remux.

It's just contrast and brightness? I bet half of the monitors people use can't even show the difference

>chocolate tastes better than shit but i'd eat either without complaint
>imagine caring about something so inconsequential

>It's just contrast and brightness?
Are you fucking blind? The VLC is comparatively blurry as shit.

2/10 bait, got me to reply


Ad hominem is not an argument.

Hey guys,
I use VLC.