One Piece

Break week is over.
Will the arc reach the final climax before we go on another break?

I want to date Smoothie!

So white and red huh?
Can't wait

RIP in pieces, Oven's trendy socks.

What do you mean RIP? He's still wearing his gay ass socks, they haven't gone anywhere

Katakuri x Luffy is the best ship.


Toei fixed his hair but changed his outfit for whatever reason.



It's coming.

>Chapter 900
>"The Ninth"


s o o n

I KNOW user

Nami's legs.

This change is really strange, almost seems like a mistake. I don't get it, especially with his sisters having the socks too.

This nigga looks like an RPG character wearing random gear he found in a dungeon and dyed to look the same color, but only vaguely
>Cape of Sizzling: +3 Heat
>Sturdy Chaps: +5 Strength, -4 Perception
>Showman's Shoes: +3 Magic
>Leather Gloves: +0, ran out of dye


they definitely forgot about his gay socks, no way this was intentional

Stripes being a pain to draw + those socks nuancing his mostly badass character design with sudden goofiness probably hastened their fall from grace.
Basically edgefags striked again.

I hope we get to see Cracker again before the end of the arc. It feels wrong that there hasn't been a Sweet Commander meeting.

Nami's legs.

We will see him, he'll be covered in bandages with his hair down in all its glory

I really hope we get some of the minor members asking who he is.

How long do you think Cracker's hair is when it's not fixed? He must have a lot, right?


They've never changed character design just because something is "a pain to draw". People tried explaining the hair with that, but now we can see they are actually going with the gradient.
So either it's a mistake or it's just because someone thought they looked stupid (but even then, when have they messed with design just because it looks goofy?)

>hair down cracker

>when have they messed with design just because it looks goofy?
Never. That's why it's clearly a mistake. He'll have his gay socks, they've kept dumber design choices, don't worry. I like the homo socks too.

I'm looking forward to at least a couple of threads of this socksgate development.

i think i found an early leak of that

Holy shit how did you get this


That break week between 899 and 900 will be major blueballing.

Something like this.


got those connections, dog

>They've never changed character design just because something is "a pain to draw"
Oh really.
What about Mogura? Perospero's lollipops? Katakuri's leg guards?
They keep changing details so they become easier to draw for animation. It's the job of an anime character designer.

>when your girl almost rides you to completion and gets off you when you're almost there

A lot.


carrot benedict or poison pink muffin?

Reminder that Marco is admiral tier


Gimme the pink any day


steering away for a moment from the socksgate scandal, op pic is being officialy used for promoting the "tea party from hell" arc. it seems that the anime is gonna split whole cake island in two or three parts

Not a character.
>Perospero's lollipops
Colorscheme, they also got his buttons wrong so not sure what happened there. I doubt it was due to laziness, he doesn't even have the lollipops by the time the tea party starts.
>Katakuri's leg guards
They changed that?


>>Katakuri's leg guards
>They changed that?
No, they didn't. You can see he has them in the opening, exactly the same as they look in the manga. I checked too. That user's full of shit.

just look at the designs in OP pic and then tell me a pair of socks was too complex for them


It's subtle but yes. The design of the white leg guard was changed, and a similarly blocky, black one was added on his right leg where there was barely a hint of a leg guard before. Also weapon design is argably part of character design.

>Katakuri has a soyboy mouth

I'm not saying it was, I'm just saying that sometimes they're willing to make the choice to get rid of details whose absence they believe won't hurt the essence of a character, because it can help them be more efficient and work faster. That's probably what happened here.

>Goku beating Jiren and Luffy beating Katakuri in the same week
Did Toei plan this?


Last year we had a 5-chapter streak during this time.

Jobber Burgess=worst yonko commander

We know you just want to remind us that Sabo exist. He is still horrible, see you next thread.

I don't want to be that guy but this visual is literally Run Piece.

actually, i think Sabo is a mistake and him eating mera mera makes him an ace 2.0


BBPfag detected.
How does it feel knowing your favourite crew will never be as loved as the BMPs?

>user has soyboy opinions

ching ching ching chong. pls translate that

>Why is his hair like that?
>Toei must have destroyed him...


KEK I didn't know nips had a sense of humor that's good shit



Sequel with the socks when?

I mean the big text is in Korean but the small text is Japanese and all Asians are nips anyway

If u post Nami you are an undeniably giant faggot

Oda missed a massive opportunity to put candy corn on Oven's outfit
Same color scheme and they'd look great as little buttons or something

Then I wont post her then

Is Katakuri the best dancer in one piece?

Will oven get his own cool open the door moment?


I firmly believe that this is setting up a rematch where Burgess will have the phoenix fruit.
Of course Sabo will still win with the BLACK HAKI FLAMES OF REVENGE.

Oven already has oven knobs for buttons.

If he doesn't I will complain.

Her tits were great but she was incredibly annoying.

Will Reiju just fade into obscurity after this arc or will she be a new, if not a little less popular, Hancock??

>"mahahaha don't worry my fellow guardsmen! i'll open this door myself with my own strength! ... nnnghh... uuuunnghh... UUUUUNNNNGGGHHH..."
>"uuh master oven... i'm sorry b-but... you have to p-push it... not pull i-"

Is Zoro going to cut diamond if Shiryuu fed his sword the diamond diamond fruit?

>shiryuu of the rain
>rainbows happen before rain
>shiryuu now has 7 swords with different fruit abilities

I don't care I just want her to leave the Germa before she does.

I love these plump tits. I also love how One Piece is turning into ecchi. Not only is it my favourite manga, but I can fap to more of its girls like Reiju, the Dressrosa sluts, this chick and based Baccarat

Careful with those Dresruba girls, user. If you poke them, they poke you back.

Did she ask for fashion tips from Katakuri?

Rude, why would Oven be the only one with a comedic introduction?

>I also love how One Piece is turning into ecchi

She'll still be remembered, maybe a bit more than Monet and Viola because of her being related to Sanji. As popular as Hancock? There can only be one.

That Cosette and Sanji?

i am a heterosexual male but i find the idea of becoming katakuri's subordinate and gaining his trust until he lets me feed him donuts inside his private mocchi cabin pretty alluring


>He continues pulling
>The hinges of the doors crack and explode
>Doors go flying and land in the snow
>Oven walks inside

Me too. I love plump tits and I hope there is an abundance at Wano. I wanna fuck Rebecca and play with her plump tits.

OP needs more delicious flat chest

but it's a kliddy manga so it's a given Oda would overdo it with plump shit since little boys have pleb tastes

Glad you saw the light user.

>Big Mom is knocked out
>Mother Caramels Soul escapes and enters the cake
>Final boss IS the Wedding Cake

>their color schemes mirror each other
>Usopp took on Baccarat in Film Gold with the help of the others
What does this mean?