Is it good?





watch it and find out mr. mädchen

I don't know.

Hazuki is so gæy.

It's so bad it gave the author terminal cancer


Real talk though how do we fix Märchen Mädchen?

Please delete yourself.

replace every character with an ikemen and have at least three sex scenes per episode

>sex scenes

But there are no guys in the show.

There isn't enough nudity in it

if you like d*cks so much you should know what the first part of my post meant poser

You should get your brain damage fixed.

Buy the BD.

Or is it wack?

I'm really enjoying it now as of Episode 5. With Kantoku as the artist the character designs are all super moe. Well voice-acted and while it's a little cliche, it's a fun ride so far. Especially chuckled at the introduction of "Lynn Davies".


Why not?

There will be nipples.

Because that'd cost money
How do you know?

I don't know.

Ariko is going to tie Sadohara to a pole and burn her if she continues like this.


What else do we know about Kasumi?